101 pink rose to a height of 60 cm with delivery to Kiev

Product Code: 101 розовая роза высота 60 см
101 pink rose height 60 cm
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101 pink rose height 60 cmThis bouquet of 101 pink roses is sold in Kyiv and suitable for a variety of events:surprise on the birthday of a dear person;anniversary gift;present to colleagues at work;gift for any other ev... Read more...

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    101 pink rose height 60 cm

    This bouquet of 101 pink roses is sold in Kyiv and suitable for a variety of events:

    • surprise on the birthday of a dear person;
    • anniversary gift;
    • present to colleagues at work;
    • gift for any other event or significant event.

    Our company is ready to make you such a unique composition that each recipient will bring a lot of positive emotions. The height of each rose will be 60 cm You can choose the most suitable shade of pink color in accordance with what you wish to convey to the person you give the gift of flowers:

    • A pale shade will help to Express your tender feelings.
    • Dark pink shade of gratitude.
    • Shade close to the color of the coral will give your passion.

    Via the website or by phone to order flowers delivery in Kiev, around the clock , our operators receive your applications, so you can not worry and to call at any time convenient for you. Our experts will clarify for you all the necessary details.

    101 rose to buy in Kyiv inexpensively , our company can every customer, repeat customers are always provided with great discounts, which allow them to save twice as much.

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