101 rose: the value and why you should give

  • 07 November 2018 23:40:39
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Bouquets of roses - the most popular. This flower, starting from the history of ancient Rome, was given as a sign of sincerity of feelings, the rose was and is proof of true love, infinity of feelings. The online flower shop "Kvіtochka" offers buyers a huge variety of compositions with roses. Among them is a bouquet consisting of 101 roses.

The value of the number 101 in floristry

Floristics has its own numerical symbolism:

  • 1 rose - recognition in love and gratitude for the meeting;
  • 7 - crazy passion;
  • 24 - the giver wants to say what he thinks of her lover 24 hours;
  • 50 - recognition in feelings tested for years of relationship ...

    101 roses in Kiev or any other city is a special gift. It means that the beloved is entirely: with his soul, with his heart he loves and expresses in a bouquet all his gratitude for meeting with his half. Whole - 100%, but florists made a more beautiful number of roses - 101. Flower shop "Kvochtochka" is a shop where they can make a composition from a huge number of flowers of any shape. Most often, 101 roses form in the shape of a heart, on a maroon or red background the name of the beloved is formed with white flowers.

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