Bouquet of 101 roses to buy in Kiev, delivery

101 rose mix of red and white flowers height 60 cm.101 rose in heart shape - perfect for declaration..

3 190 грн.

-25 %
101 rose (red, white, cream) with a height of 60 cm.There is no person who would refuse a gorgeous b..

3 590 грн.
2 690 грн.

101 red low rose. Height - 60 cmTruly charming, generous gift with a rich aroma — a bouquet of 101 r..

3 190 грн.

101 rose mix red and white in a hatboxA good presentation of gifts will be an additional bonus for c..

3 590 грн.

101 rose with a heart inside, height 70 cmBouquet of 101 rose in the shape of a heart say about your..

3 790 грн.

Bouquet of 101 red roses 60 cm roses bright red and white colors. Color matched for contrast.101 ros..

3 190 грн.

-23 %
Heart of 101 roses of red and white. Height - 70 cm, manufacture - Ukraine.What girl does not love g..

4 390 грн.
3 390 грн.

101 red roses height 70 cm101 rose to buy in Kiev can be expensive at any time of the day or night. ..

3 890 грн.

101 rose mix, red and white, height 60/70 cmPure white color symbolizing the purity of the bride, wa..

3 190 грн.

101 rose mix red and white, height 60 cmA bouquet of roses can be the best gift for women!No lady ca..

3 190 грн.

101 white rose 60 cmDecent selection of bouquet for any occasion is an interesting challenge. A deli..

3 190 грн.

A large bouquet of white roses in the amount of 101 units and a height of 60cm. This bouquet uses ro..

3 490 грн.

Bouquet of 101 roses favorite varieties are 'Grand Prix' of a height slightly less than one meter. A..

5 990 грн.

-13 %
101 rose in a box heartStylish, luxurious, expensive... It is a bouquet of 101 rose in the shape of ..

4 590 грн.
3 990 грн.

A bouquet of roses of the variety 'Freedom' (country of origin Ecuador), 100 cm 75 piecesElegant cho..

6 290 грн.

101 white rose, height 70 cmStylish, chic bouquet of 101 roses and classic white shade. A universal ..

3 590 грн.

Difficult to come up with such a large gift that would impress their excessive luxury and a clear co..

5 190 грн.

A bouquet of roses, folded in the shape of a heart. Rose varieties are 'Grand Prix' and 'Avalanzh' i..

4 990 грн.

-13 %
101 bright rose hat box..

4 590 грн.
3 990 грн.

101 crimson rose 60/70 cmRoses are flowers of love, it is no coincidence that they are often referre..

3 590 грн.

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Bouquet of 101 roses to buy in Kiev, delivery

You've probably seen in various TV series and a romantic melodrama to a situation when a guy gives his sweetheart a big bouquet of red roses, which by its size, sometimes covering half of the girl. Watching this scene, involuntarily start to think, what if to give his lover such a gorgeous bouquet? However, before you make this crucial step, you should read more to understand what are these bouquets, what they mean, and how we are made what we will discuss in this article!

The mystery of the giant bouquet of roses

Seeing as the girl presented with a huge bouquet of roses, you can be sure that there is 101 rose. But why 101? The fact that such an expensive gift only give to girls who are 100% loved, valuable, and desirable companions, with whom a man wants to bind his entire life. Based on this, men wish to Express my sincere feelings for a girl, and as you know, max is associated with the number 100, which pushed florists for bouquets of roses, with the number of flowers in 100 pieces. But there came the difficulty, the fact that the number 100 is even, and an even number of flowers lay only at the funeral. Thus, it was decided not to complicate the situation and add the bouquet another rose, making the number is odd, and therefore suitable for donation to a living person, as the number 99 doesn't look so substantial and significant as 101.

But why roses and not other flowers in the amount of 101 things? The answer is simple, the roses have any appearance, size and shape of the inflorescence, which is solid and looks nice as separately, and in large quantity. In the world there is virtually no other colors that are harmoniously focused and looked in such large bunches, and thus make sense of a monolithic structure, not a floral mess. Moreover, roses have a wide range of color variations that can be combined with each other, making bouquets of various shades, giving them either the seriousness or, on the contrary, simplicity and visual lightness.

Where to buy bouquet of 101 rose?

If you live in Kiev, I can safely recommend to buy such an extravagant bouquet our store. Here you will find a variety of roses both domestic and overseas production which correspond to all canons of floral beauty. Furthermore, our shop has experienced designers specializing in the creation of a harmonious bouquets and floral arrangements, including rose. Given this fact and the fact that we have a delivery of bouquets in Kiev, we boldly declare that we are the top store in the entire city that you can trust with a responsible order.

Separately it is necessary to warn fans of the savings to decide to make your own bouquet of 101 roses, buying flowers on the wholesale market. Flowers bought in the 'artisanal' retail outlets do not have a clear standard, and differ in form and size of inflorescences, which will bring an imbalance in such a large bouquet. Moreover, roses bought at ordinary market are of different lengths, and you have to cut them yourself, which also takes a lot of power because your arm is tired already 30 flower!

When is the best time to give a bouquet of 101 rose?

This type of bouquet can give no reason, however, so as not to be spoiling his companion with such expensive gifts, it's best to give this kind of bouquet in honor of the following cases:

  1. Offer hands and hearts;
  2. The birth of a child;
  3. Pregnancy;
  4. Morning after a stormy love;
  5. Birthday.

If you want to impress not only the girl but also on the people around her, arrange a bouquet delivery to her place of work, you will be able to help our shop. Our flowers delivery across Kiev is carried out in specially equipped vehicles, under the strict control of specially trained courier that will deliver your order in the best possible way, otherwise we will refund your money. Please order flowers to Kiev with the help of our store, and show your date its true value to you!