in addition to the bouquet of products as a complement to bouquets and compositions

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, 200g sold on the website of the online flower shop 'Kvitochka' solely as ..

238 грн.

Helium balloons of different colors (pastel, crystal), metallic paint, medium size. Diameter 30 cm...

55 грн.

Raffaelo candy 150g to buy in online store colors 'Kvitochka' in addition to the bouquet. Flower del..

148 грн.

Yellow helium balloon with a pattern simulating a smile. Diameter - 30 cm..

65 грн.

Helium balloons in the shape of a heart, frosted, glossy, different colors. Diameter - 30 cm..

75 грн.

Recently become popular gifts in the form of baskets of fruit and sweets. Our site is decided to be ..

1 190 грн.

Humble heart on a stick as a complement to the bouquet...

30 грн.

Gift baskets are always able to brighten any celebration, make it unique and memorable. A vivid exam..

790 грн.

-10 %
Bear of roses 3d white with heart 40 cm height, 40 cm width.Any celebration will be remembered for a..

1 990 грн.
1 790 грн.

-15 %
Bear of roses 3d raspberry with heart 40 cmBroke my head over the Duma, how to surprise your beloved..

1 990 грн.
1 690 грн.

-9 %
Bear of roses 3d purple 25 cmSometimes you want to present to the darling something special. It's ni..

1 090 грн.
990 грн.

Crown candy 150g, jelly beans assorted with delivery in Kiev in addition to the bouquet. Express del..

147 грн.

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On our website are provided and goods are delivered by courier along with bouquets of flowers. They are always in stock, so it is not necessary to clarify their availability to send along with flowers. Prices are all relevant. If you can not find what you wanted - please contact the Manager of the flower shop 'Kvitochka' and make the personal order. Can send photos by e-mail or viber whether the goods should be delivered along with flowers, we will arrange what you need.