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Our company is not only engaged in the manufacture of custom-made bouquets and compositions of ANY COMPLEXITY, and FOR ALL CASES. For more than 12 years we have been producing flower delivery in Kiev and the Kiev region. The prices are current, To receive DISCOUNTS when ordering flowers, contact the salon manager. We will be happy to provide a QUALITY and SAFE service!

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Whether it is worth to give flowers? Many prefer to use another souvenir, set of towels or other "necessary" things. 
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Ordering flowers and flowers delivery in Kiev from the salon 'Quote'

The purchase of flowers is quite a serious task that requires a serious approach to the analysis of preferences give to the person and find the appropriate form for the expression of their feelings. We will not consider in detail all the floral nuances (which are not necessarily the most important thing — sincere desire to enter into resonance with the preferences of the person), but only describe the most common options. Before you offer you to place an order for service of flowers delivery Kiev, will give some useful tips.

Фотография доставки цветов в Киеве

Options of bouquets for delivery to Kiev and region

Note that you can donate not only bouquet (although this variant, being a real classic, never becomes obsolete), but also a basket, a box or a special item (for example, if we are talking about the wedding gift), in which the flowers are attached. Interesting design is a great way to make an original gift without undue experimentation.

Of course, if we are talking about the expression of passionate love, it is better to give preference to a bouquet of roses (which can be not only red). However, here we must consider an important caveat: some of the girls from roses are crazy, and others actually do not accept them. Because that must be purchased only if you are sure in the preferences bestowed by the fair sex. Be sure to pay attention to devoid of the traditional pathos variant with pink flowers speaking not only about passion, but also tenderness and sensitivity.

Фотография доставки цветов в Киеве

Extremely popular spring flowers, namely tulips and irises. It should be noted that they are suitable not only as romantic but also friendly gift. They can also give close relatives and even colleagues at work: in fact, these flowers are absolutely 'universal' in stylistic terms. Do not forget that the same tulips can have virtually any color, that opens countless possibilities. For example, as a gift, perfect bouquet of white tulips.

More 'practical' and even presentable option — send flowers to Kiev with a more durable frame. Has already been mentioned, baskets and boxes, which provide easy transportation. Such a scenario would be extremely picturesque and is ideal if you want to stray slightly from the usual clichés. Also, it will probably be appreciated more practical ladies.

Доставка цветов Киев: 101 роза

Flowers delivery to Kiev: nuances

All the nuances concerning the ordering of bouquets, payment and delivery, specified in the relevant section: Here we only briefly summarize this information.

Flowers delivery to Kiev around the clock

Occurs delivery of bouquets in Kiev around the clock: you can contact us at absolutely any time. Ranging from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening the flowers can be delivered free of charge, ranging from eleven p.m. to eight a.m. the service will cost 180 UAH. Note that if you want Express delivery (within two hours) to the price is added to 150 hryvnia. If we are talking about going to remote areas (more than fifteen kilometers from Kiev), added eighty hryvnia.

  • Payment. To pay for the goods you can by any way convenient for you: available an extremely wide range of options. Among the latter: electronic payment, payment by card, Qiwi and Webmoney, cash or Bank transfer.

If you are interested in ordering bouquets in Kiev will be glad to cooperate! If you have any questions please contact us at the telephone number listed in the appropriate section: our managers are always ready to advise a potential client.