Flowers delivery to Kiev: we guarantee excellent service

We will collect custom-made bouquet and composition of any complexity. We have been delivering flowers in Kiev and the region for more than 12 years.✔️ ️PRICES are present. For DISCOUNTS, refer to the available.✔️Couriers have medical masks and gloves, delivery is still possible to the door and in person. We are always happy to provide a QUALITY and SAFE service!
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A bouquet for the teacher; the best gift, an indispensable attribute of the first week of October. Remember your teachers, even many years afte 
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The benefits of service for the delivery of flowers in Kyiv

The departure of the courier with a bouquet – no longer a luxury and even superfluous: it is necessary to calculate all the bonuses of such a choice. After all, flowers are good, as long as they breathe freshness: in public transport, stuffy city streets, the chances to keep the originality of the composition melt quickly. That's why the corporate transportation orders is a logical necessity.

    But the use of this service is much broader objectives targeted delivery:

    Flowers in a basket with delivery in Kyiv around the clock

  • Time is working for you – searching and selection of original songs takes a lot of effort and working hours. If everyone would do their job, the result is tangible: the customer quietly does her thing and I am sure that the best bouquet will be delivered on time and with due gallantry. So online flower shop "Quote" saves time for their clients.
  • Professional approach at all stages – as we all know, the essence is in the details. You can buy a song from the most beautiful blossoms, but to shake her in the way. Courier car "Quote" equipped with racks and mounts for the carriage of bouquets of different sizes and configurations.

  • Express delivery of flowers Kyiv and suburbs – without exaggeration, a lifesaver for forgetful clients, and meticulous, and for large originals. Just in case "need it yesterday" or "to dinner" is our signature and best deals.

    Call, will discuss and will surely find the best option.
  • Exclusivity - from salon floral service people rightly expect a creative designer to do with the case. Thanks to the talents of our florists, even the typical compositions have a special and individual with the accounts of many well-known in the capital of the people. Made with love, delivered immediately.
  • Corporate orders – at the anniversary celebrations of the birthday of the management and leading employees, General holidays, the flowers have to be selected and delivered without delay. With such partners we have special conditions of work and the most loyal suggestions.

Basket with exotic orchids, a lush combination of roses, seasonal harvest delicate peonies with the same service going in all the districts of the Ukrainian capital on the periphery. When you make bouquets of, Kiev or another destination you must immediately inform the Manager to calculate service cost with our discount.

Faithful friend and assistant - flower delivery Kyiv!

How to make peace with the capricious girl? What if the trip was delayed until March 10? What to do if you forget about the birthday of the only mother-in-law? All will help- hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv, where there is a problem of large distances, the constant bustle and lack of free time.Impeccable service will save you from the embarrassment and save from shame.The preparer will take into account your wishes, will pick the best option for a birthday or a professional event.

Service "Flowers delivery" helps out on weekdays and holidays, the service works flawlessly in any weather and season. A person has no need to visit a pavilion or outlet. A virtual service eliminates many problems, saves time and effort, eliminates the problem of barriers and obstacles.

Any gorgeous bouquet of flowers in Kyiv is a major size and volume. And deliver such beauty is not always convenient.The priority of using a specialized courier who will do everything responsibly and professionally. Plants will not be damaged, You will have a question "as the flowers drop off".

Additional features of flower delivery in Kyiv

  • The radiant colors and unusual combinations bouquet is a hit preference for generous clients. Discriminating customers it is essential that their gift was custom and arrived to the destination at the right time:
  • Meeting or seeing off at the airport, the birth of first child – this is where round-the-clock flower delivery: Kyiv and the surrounding areas. There is no doubt that those to whom it is addressed fragile gift, get it nice and immaculate.
  • A romantic date, favorite family holidays with feast – couriers will deliver not only perfect flowers, but Goodies, soft, or Christmas decorations, elegant hat boxes with a lovely fragrant buds and even personal notes beautiful ladies.

Order flowers to Kyiv and a round-the-clock flower delivery shop "Kvitochka"

The flowers are present in the lives of people from the moment they learned to speak, became attracted to the beauty and feel the need to make pleasant gifts. Centuries will pass, but nothing can replace the scent of roses and the tenderness of daisies. Eternal natural gift makes us happy during the holidays, helps to get over the grief and to smooth acute angles in relations.
  1. Urgent flower delivery in Kiev

    Benefits of the service
  2. How to create an application and find out the cost of the order
  3. Payment methods
  4. How come plants?
  5. Who we are useful
  6. Warranty

Frequently asked questions

How to preserve the freshness of flowers?

The easiest and most obvious method: buy fresh flowers. These remain longer.

    And a few simple tips:
  1. Do not place the bouquet in indirect sunlight (e.g. near a window), near radiators or other heat emitting items;
  2. The rose stems need as deeply as possible to dip into the water, but the chrysanthemum, lisanthus, tulips, irises, freesia - no way! From as much water as they rot.
  3. The water in the tank should be changed on the net certainly cold every day.
  4. Update sections daily: recut the stems, making the corners sharp as possible.
  5. If for You it is important that the flowers stood for a long time, choose the most resistant. This will help the florist.

How to order a bouquet of flowers in Kyiv and how much you need to pay for its delivery?

You can place the order on the website, by calling, using the services of Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram. We are always connected. Flower delivery is done by couriers around the clock.

From 8: 30 to 22-00 free delivery without reference to time (time range - 3/4 hours). In exactly the specified time in Kyiv - 100 UAH.

Delivery area is 200 hryvnia, in the city - 120 UAH.

More information: about the night, Express delivery of flowers in the city You will find on the page Shipping and payment.

Handbags made of flowers - urgent delivery of bouquets Kyiv

I like to order flowers to Kyiv, not knowing the address of the recipient?

You provide the phone number that the Manager will call the recipient and agree on a place and time. After that, You pay for the service, and we are carrying it out.

⭐ How to remain anonymous?

Anonymous delivery to our service - it habitual. It is about 30% of the total number and does not require additional payment. The customer's name does not appear in the application form. Can be sure: none of us do not know who the sender is.

As delivery of bouquet to turn into a surprise?

More than 60% of deliveries carried out without warning. It enhances the effect and gives the sea of positive emotions. The courier will call the recipient, while at. Such unexpected attentions remembered for years to come. Especially if there will be a reason (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.). Trust our years of experience: the excitement of the most vivid surprises!

For the sake of admiring eyes of the woman, astonishment of colleagues and business partners so carefully selected ideas of compositions, the majority of customers. Add a touch of sidenote: the doorbell, on the threshold of a courier with elegant roses, this 100% cotton wow! Agree, this is not the same as to hide the bouquet in the next room.

Is it possible to attach a note, a postcard to the flowers?

Of course! This is an important point. Write a short text: "a good day", "dinner tonight?", "the most amazing girl!", Yes, anything! Congratulations on the birthday: in verse, in prose... It's free. If the card must be original, handmade, it is paid extra and is inexpensive - 50 hryvnia.

How to order a photograph of a flower delivery?

When ordering in the Comments box or the Manager on the phone. The service is free. Photo of the happy recipient with a fragrant gift, we will send via e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.

What is the guarantee of quality and delivery?

All customers and recipients of bouquets from Kvitochka must remain satisfied with the quality of service. This is the basic rule of our work.

We are interested in how to become a regular customer and can recommend. Carefully select suppliers, florists and couriers.

Before you send a bouquet for delivery, will send You his photo. If necessary, adjust the composition and design.

The most delicate of garden flora is delivered smoothly, with constant control of quality and safety of live goods. The large volume of purchases and timely delivery enable us to keep competitive prices and high standards of service. Any one song does not wither on the way to the destination and not lose presentable appearance: the machines control the humidity and temperature in any weather overboard.

All information submitted by You when ordering is confidential.

Why is the product special? Does this mean that the flowers are not fresh?

Promotions for bouquets and arrangements directly depend on the volume of our purchases and prices offered by the supplier. We can assure You that it does not apply to the shelf life and quality of plants. The agronomist is often difficult to "guess" the bloom of any one variety of flower. This leads to a fall in the value of some species and, consequently, a sharp increase in others.

As you can pay for delivery

    Bouquet and its delivery You can pay:
  1. Not leaving the site by credit card. You need to fill simple application form and select one of the payment systems. Payments are completely safe You enter your information is secure and confidential. Enter your email - You will receive notifications about the order and payment.
  2. The card "PrivatBank".
  3. Cash to the courier: pre-or immediately upon receiving.
  4. For organizations - clearing. The Manager writes out an invoice. The necessary documents are brought by the courier, or transmitted by mail.
  5. Transfer to Webmoney.
  6. QiWi, mainly living in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  7. Western Union, Money Gram, RIA, PrivatMoney, WelSend, Meest, Sique, IntelExpress.

Where imported plants and flowers?

    The site presents the plants of local manufacturers and those that are imported from other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. The range is quite large, so focus on the most popular types:
  • Roses. Huge and gorgeous buds are roses from Ecuador and Colombia, they are the most expensive. Relatively inexpensive and original varieties from Kenya. From Holland they imported less due to high prices. Some local roses inferior in quality Ecuadorian, but there are some interesting new varieties which have the superiority over imports.
  • Chrysanthemums brought from Holland. In season (summer-autumn) very beautiful varieties we buy in Kiev farms.
  • Tulips: Holland, Poland, Ukraine. We offer winter and in March, a lot of varieties, large juicy buds. They do not compare with the Dutch, but they are higher.
  • Peonies and hydrangeas we get from Holland. Bouquets of peonies are among the most expensive and popular at the same time. Price reduced in may to July.
  • Irises, Alstroemeria, daisies, matiala... Local greenhouses. Out of season - Holland.
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