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Flower delivery in Kyiv from the online bouquets store Kvitochka

Flower delivery in Kyiv round the clock and free during the day. Prices are relevant. Couriers are equipped with medical masks and gloves. Urgent delivery of flowers in Kyiv - in one/two hours. We provide high-quality and safe service!


It is very important for each employee of the Kvitochka flower salon that you use our flower delivery service not for the first and not the last time). & nbsp;

We value your trust and try to become a reliable and worthy partner.

Don't overstate the price. The cost of bouquets and compositions depends on the number of flowers and plant varieties. Updating promotions. We provide discounts.

We love creative individual orders.


We offer free delivery in Kyiv from 9-00 to 22-00 Kyiv time, in the range of 3-4 hours (for example, from 10-00 to 14-00).

Free delivery does not apply to promotional offers and bouquets (compositions) worth up to 500 hryvnia. For these groups of goods, it is 100 hryvnia.

Flower delivery in Kyiv at exactly the specified time + - 15 minutes, night, urgent, within the city - 200 hryvnia, in the region - from 290 hryvnia.

Delivery at the specified time + - 55 minutes - 100 hryvnia.
Photo report

A photo report of the delivery of a bouquet of flowers (composition) is made by the courier directly at the place of delivery. You can order the service when placing an application, it's free.

You can also order a photo of the finished bouquet before sending it. 

The photo will be sent by the salon manager via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or email.

In the online flower shop Kvitochka there are discounts for partners and regular customers. You can get a discount coupon from the manager. It is valid for all your purchases and has no limitation period.

Flower delivery: Kyiv chooses the Internet-shop "Kvitochka"

If You are looking for where to order flowers delivery to Kiev and ended up in the online flower shop Kvitochka, You have found a suitable service. We do everything possible and even seemingly impossible-the original for its customers. Flower delivery works wonders. But! The necessary experience, professional approach and fresh beautiful bouquet. All this is in Kvitochka. Your beloved will tell the long-awaited "Yes", and the wife finally forget about prolonged fishing.

Order and delivery of flowers in Kyiv around the clock

Weather conditions and traffic jams is not a hindrance if you need urgent flower delivery Kyiv - big city in which people are looking for fast service. Delivery of bouquets in Kyiv urgently arrives, the flowers in this are composed perfectly.

Our couriers know how to present a bouquet to give a correct advice about care. Through years of experience, they know all the areas, find a way out of unforeseen situations.

Flowers delivery to Kyiv: rules of order

Sometimes difficult to understand the range. Describe to the Manager everything You want to see in the bouquet: its size, color scheme, composition, budget... Florist will listen, clarify the right moments. Doubt the quality? After assembling the bouquet You will get a picture with him. If necessary, your unique gift to fix, Packed in a stylish design material. Give us the necessary data at the time specified, the courier will deliver the bouquet to the address and hand it to you personally.

You will receive a notification about the successfully completed the delivery of flowers. If the recipient site will not be there, no worries: our staff will solve the situation in a positive way.

FAQ on ordering flowers

⭐I can to the flowers to make the note card?

Of course! This is an important point. Write a short text: "a good day", "dinner tonight?", "the most amazing girl!", Yes, anything! Congratulations on the birthday: in verse, in prose... It's free. If the card must be original, handmade, it is paid additionally.

⭐How to pay with flowers?

  • Credit card. You must fill out a simple order form for delivery of flowers in Kyiv (region) and select one of the payment systems. Payments safe, Your input is protected and confidential. Enter your email - You will receive two notifications: the order and the payment.
  • Card transaction, cash to the courier: pre-or immediately upon delivery.
  • Cashless settlement. The Manager writes out the invoice, the courier sends the documents when you deliver flowers or mail.
  • Transfer to Webmoney.
  • QiWi, Western Union, Money Gram, RIA, PrivatMoney, WelSend, Meest, Sique, IntelExpress.
  • More information: night, Express delivery of flowers in Kyiv, in the city You will find on the page delivery and payment.

    ⭐How to order a photograph of a flower delivery?

    When ordering a bouquet of flowers to the Comments or the Manager on the phone. The service is free. Photo of the happy recipient with a fragrant gift, we will send via e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.

    Hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv and region

    Clock work - all our bouquets delivery. Kyiv requires a fine selection, professionalism, reasonable prices, and all are residents of the city want to around the clock. We will provide You with it!

    Internet-shop of flowers "Kvitochka" provides the service "flowers delivery Kyiv" for over 12 years. Florists with many years of experience have their secrets and tricks. They invented new and creative methods to design floral arrangements. Taking custom orders, our designers create real masterpieces: delicious and unique!

    The years acquired valuable experience. Was made a careful selection of producers and suppliers of floral products. Service order flowers with delivery across Kiev and region in Kvitochka were brought to perfection.

    In the end our company for ordering and delivery of flowers is distinguished by the following qualities:

    • Many years of experience.
    • Efficiency.
    • Precision and punctuality.
    • Clock connection.
    • Reasonable prices.
    • Pleasant and resourceful couriers who know the city well.
    • Providing convenient channels for communication with the Manager.
    • Select the desired payment method.

    FAQ for freshness and origin of the flowers

    ⭐Why bouquet special? Does this mean that the flowers are not fresh?

    Promotions for bouquets and arrangements directly depend on the volume of our purchases and prices offered by the supplier. We can assure You that it does not apply to the shelf life and quality of plants. The agronomist is often difficult to "guess" the bloom of any one variety. This leads to a fall in prices of some species and, consequently, a sharp rise of the cost of other.

    I like a little longer to preserve the freshness of the bouquet of flowers?

    The easiest and most obvious method: buy fresh flowers. These remain longer.
      And a few simple tips:
    1. Do not put bouquet in direct sunlight, near radiators;
    2. The rose stems need as deeply as possible to dip into the water, but chrysanthemums, tulips, irises - no way! From as much water as they rot.
    3. The water in the tank should be changed on a clean and cold every day.
    4. Daily, recut the stems, making the corners sharp as possible.
    5. If for You it is important that the flowers stood for a long time, choose the most resistant. This will help the florist Internet flower shop Kvitochka .

    ⭐Where imported plants and flowers?

      At the online flower shop Kvitochka feature plants local producers and those imported from other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. The range is great, so focus on the most popular types:
    • Roses. Huge and gorgeous buds are roses from Ecuador and Colombia, they are the most expensive. Relatively inexpensive and original varieties from Kenya. From Holland they imported less due to high prices. Some local roses inferior in quality Ecuadorian, but there are some interesting new varieties which have the superiority over imports.
    • Chrysanthemums brought from Holland. In season (summer-autumn) very beautiful varieties we buy in Kyiv farms.
    • Tulips: Holland, Poland, Ukraine. We offer winter and in March, a lot of varieties, large juicy buds. They do not compare with the Dutch, but they are higher.
    • Peonies and hydrangeas we get from Holland. Bouquets of peonies are among the most expensive and popular at the same time. Price reduced in may to July.
    • Irises, Alstroemeria, daisies, matiala... Local greenhouses. Out of season - Holland.

    FAQ for the delivery of bouquets of flowers in Kyiv

    ⭐How to order and how much for flowers delivery to Kyiv?

    The ordering flower delivery can be made on the website, by calling, using the services of Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram. We are always connected. Flower delivery is done by couriers around the clock. From 8: 30 till 22-00 flower delivery in Kyiv is free of charge, without reference to time, the region will amount to 250 hryvnia. In exactly the specified time in Kiev - 100 UAH.

    ⭐I like to order flowers, not knowing the address of the recipient?

    You provide the phone number that the Manager will call the recipient and agree on a place and time. After that, You pay for the service, and we are carrying it out.

    ⭐How to remain anonymous when you deliver flowers?

    Anonymous flower delivery for our service - it habitual. It is about 30% of the total number and does not require additional payment. The customer's name does not appear in the application form. Can be sure: none of us do not know who the sender is.

    ⭐What is the guarantee of quality flowers and timely delivery?

    All customers and recipients of bouquets from online flower shop Kvitochka must remain satisfied with the quality of service. This is the basic rule of our work. We are interested in how to become a regular customer and can recommend. Before you send a bouquet for delivery, will send You his photo: if necessary, adjust the composition and design.

    ⭐I can order flowers without warning, like a surprise?

    More than 60% of deliveries carried out without warning. This reinforces the effect of the delivery of colors and gives the sea of positive. The courier will call the recipient, while at. Such unexpected attentions remembered for years to come. Especially if there is no reason. Trust our years of experience: the excitement of the most vivid surprises!
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