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101 red rose height 70 cm to order

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101 red rose height 70 cm, diameter of 55/60.A huge bouquet of 101 red roses - I guess every girl would not refuse to receive..More
8 990 грн.
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101 red rose height 70 cm, diameter of 55/60.

A huge bouquet of 101 red roses - I guess every girl would not refuse to receive such a fabulous gift at least once in your life. After all, such a gorgeous gift is the direct evidence that the girl was really a way for the elect that he is ready for a lot for her. Literally, ready to fill it with flowers, and this is not a dream!

Why bouquet of 101 red roses is a good gift?

Girls best friend is not just diamonds, but flowers. Very rare to find a woman that will say that doesn't love flowers and will refuse bouquet. Moreover, such a luxury! What are the advantages if you buy custom 101 red roses 60 sm in the online store Kvitochka?

  • A lush bouquet of roses - a gorgeous gift for the birthday of your, your personal anniversary or Valentine's day.
  • In this gift you will emphasize the critical importance of his beloved.
  • One hundred and one rose - a wonderful way to Express your love to the girl through a comparison with this bouquet.
  • For example, when you give flowers, say that the rose is the most beautiful flower on earth, but even the 101 most beautiful flower in the world can compare with the beauty of your darling.
  • Or that your love is as vast as the bouquet.
  • And order 101 red rose 70/60 sm with delivery in Kyiv - is a good way to ask the girl for forgiveness, if you are seriously offended. But be sure to add a cover memo and immediately assign the date to redeem yourself already at personal meeting.

How then to dispose of so many roses, each girl will decide on their own. The song you can leave whole bouquet can be disassembled into several smaller bouquets and place them throughout the apartment. And it is possible to strew their bed or the bathroom and make a chic romantic photo shoot. And the petals fading buds can be added to the bathroom or to use for handmade.

Why book 101 red rose in "Kvitochka"?

The most basic advantage of cooperation with the Internet-shop "Kvitochka" is that you can cheaply buy to buy 101 red rose in Kyiv. In addition, we produce:

  • hour shipping on the capital region,
  • are able to deliver flowers in any location of your choice,
  • add a cover letter or additional present.

It is also possible separately to buy 101 red rose in Kyiv inexpensively, and we will gather them in an exclusive arrangement, or you can strew them bedroom your lady.


Эти розы ну просто отпадные! Мне родители сделали подарок на день рождения. Доставка была в офис, все просто в шоке были как увидели, думали от тайного поклонника, так и думают до сих пор...а розочки очень красивые, я таких не видела раньше, новый сорт наверное.

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