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101 rose in a hatbox in the shape of a heart to order

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101 rose in a heart box.To give a beautiful contemporary bouquet – it means to give the person a real life joy. The flowers g..More
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101 rose in a heart box.

To give a beautiful contemporary bouquet – it means to give the person a real life joy. The flowers give not only on major holidays or during luxurious events. This is often done as a Declaration of love, and just to make a nice person, make him happy and cheerful. It is possible to buy 101 rose in a hatbox in the shape of a heart.

Our specialists are able to create not just bouquets and bulk composition, flower shapes composed of natural vibrant beauty. To do this, each plant carefully pre-prepared, cleaned, to keep and not spoil the appearance of the bouquet. The process of drawing up the roses carefully and gently placed the flower to flower at a certain angle to ensure that the buds were tightly, but not crushed, do not create inconvenience to each other. The lower ends of the stems are cut at one level to be from all sides were smooth, compact, and volume. It is important to create the required shape. Heart of 101 roses in a hat box with delivery in Kyiv is a popular gift that lovers in order of men with their beautiful ladies.

The resulting bouquet is firmly linked to the specific technical tape, is wrapped in packing material. The bouquet could be preserved as long as possible, and to easily move the lower ends of flowers dipped in a special container – a hat box. This interesting elegant cylinder performs several functions:

  • is a beautiful stylish addition to the bouquet;
  • is a convenient stand with a smooth flat bottom surface;
  • he gives the opportunity to the lower ends of the rose constantly in the water to retain its freshness as long as possible.

A bouquet of 101 roses in the shape of a heart in a hatbox in order very convenient for those buys flowers and gifts in advance. Box with a flat bottom allows for the delivery of a bouquet of 101 roses round the clock in Kyiv to carry it in the car (at least in the trunk, at least in the cabin) without the fear that the flowers will be crushed and loose form. The bouquet can be put on the table or floor in any room or utility room and it is perfectly idle all the time waiting for the moment when it will be necessary to present congratulations man.

Order cheap bouquet of 101 roses in a box in the online flower shop Kvitochka any buyer is a commercial company, enterprise, individual.

Buy flowers with delivery in Kyiv to order - a couple of clicks.


Букет просто чудо! Доставка была в Коцюбинское, срочная. У мужа был день рождения, захотела вдруг сделать ему такой вот сюрприз. Большое вам спасибо.

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