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51 Dutch scarlet rose sweetheart 100cm buy with delivery
51 Dutch scarlet rose sweetheart 100cm buy with delivery

A 51 red rose heart shape

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  • Product Code:  51 алая роза в виде сердца 100 см
51 red rose, heart-shaped, height 100 cm, diameter 45 cmOur store offers to buy in Kiev heart of the 51 - meter Dutch scarlet..More
3 590 грн.
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51 red rose, heart-shaped, height 100 cm, diameter 45 cm

Our store offers to buy in Kiev heart of the 51 - meter Dutch scarlet roses. Such flowers are among the elite and has been for centuries considered one of the most decent options. Because they are often involved in the creation of unusual compositions.

Bouquet heart of red roses foot: description

Classic bouquets never go out of fashion, however, often want to stray slightly from the Canon and purchase original floristic composition. In the case of roses is especially important, because these flowers are usually presented mostly in romantic situations. Since ancient times happened that the red rose is said about the strong love in relation to the receiver. If you want to sharpen this focus, it is logical to pay attention to the type of composition "heart", which will make romantic message maximally unambiguous and, moreover, original. The composition worked out by competent florists in view of what has been achieved by a truly original and harmonious shape. To be sure you can and the photos that accompany the product page on our website.

We offer the heart of the 51 Dutch red roses with a height of 100 cm to order in Kvitochka. A similar number of colours are just amazing and just shows the seriousness of your intentions. However, such composition is still cumbersome, despite the volume, it is fairly easy to transport. Also, it will be easy to find a place in the house. Because it is possible to ascertain the perfect balance between a strong aesthetic impact and a certain "practicality" of such a gift. In some cases the heart of the 51 roses are given away and not romantic purposes (however, in this case, you must be sure that your intentions will be interpreted in the right way).

Original bouquets with delivery from the online flower shop Kvitochka

We have tried to create the widest range: we offer not only the hearts of red roses with delivery, but many other floral compositions (refer to the catalogue). Guaranteed freshness of the flowers themselves and the ideal state of the composition during transportation couriers invariably careful. Delivery is made in the shortest possible time, because we are often approached by people who need 51 rose urgently to order in Kyiv.


Заказывал у вас доставку цветов на годовщину свадьбы. Спасибо за хорошие розы и красиво сложенный букет. Жене очень понравилось.


Не первый раз обращаюсь к вам за букетом. Нужно было срочно отправить цветы супруге, заказал 51 розу, попросил оформить на свое усмотрение, уточнил что на годовщину нашей совместной с ней жизни. Спасибо, девочки, что сделали как нужно: сердце получилось очень выразительное, красиво.

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