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Bouquet 51 white roses + orchids in a hat box to order

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Bouquet of 51 white roses + orchids in a hat box. It is not easy to please a noble beauty, for whose heart hundreds of guys f..More
3 190 грн.
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A photo report of the delivery of a bouquet of flowers (composition) is made by the courier directly at the place of delivery. You can order the service when placing an application, it's free.

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The photo will be sent by the salon manager via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or email.

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Bouquet of 51 white roses + orchids in a hat box.

It is not easy to please a noble beauty, for whose heart hundreds of guys fight. Only chic gifts and an original approach when choosing them will help the cause. If dozens of bouquets have already been donated, then it's time to buy cheap 51 white roses in a hat box.

The most fabulous and professional compositions are collected by the masters of the Kvitochka studio. A flight of fancy and intuition prompted a smart decision: roses are complemented by cute orchids, and the entire collection is packed in an elegant hat box. But that's not all: the store has its own delivery of roses in Kyiv . Unearthly luxury will go to the workplace of your beloved or right on the threshold of the apartment. Agree, to receive such a gift at 8 in the morning is cool.

The service is beneficial for everyone who has left the metropolis or is tightly chained to a working point. This is a life-saving service for everyone who, on the birthday of a loved one, does not have the opportunity to see him in person. The option "flowers to order" is a time saving and a chance to choose something exclusive, unusual. Only diversity and creativity will help melt the ice in the heart of an impregnable queen.

Our flower delivery service in Kyiv works without interruptions and weekends. The lady will receive a live product in perfect condition. Without skill and ability, only the elite can do such a task. It is a mistake to conduct independent searches and purchase plants of dubious quality.

The online store "Kvitochka" is a positive, growing choice, consultations, branded buds from the best nurseries in the world!

Сергій П.

Цього року вирішив підійти до свята коханої дружини нестандартно. А почав все з букета. Цю красу знайшов на сторінках сайту «Kvitochka». Мені швидко доставили квіти, рослини та оформлення вразили всіх друзів та Олену. Дякую.


По рекомендації друзів звернувся до «Квіточки». Мене вразив асортимент та якісний сервіс. Кур’єри швидко доставили квіти, не підвели з часом. Кохана була вражена творчим підходом та бездоганністю кожного бутона. Дякую!

Игорь Овчинников

Девушка обожает белые розы, в этот раз решил разнообразить живой подарок. Купил букет в студии «Квиточка» по совету начальника. Спасибо за подсказку, замечательный сервис, советую его всем романтикам.

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