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Story of the Internet-shop of flowers "Kvitochka"

Modern floristry is not just a business service

About us: online flower delivery shop Kiev KvitochkaThis is the eternal creative search, creative, original packaging, additional accessories... is very important For us to understand what the customer wants and do your best.

Appreciate the professionalism and responsibility? You are interested in ordering worthy of bouquets? Kyiv and its residents have long been convinced of the practicality and comfort of this service.

How did the idea of creating a service for the delivery of flowers

At the flower market, we have more than 15 years. Of course, during this time, has accumulated some experience. Now not have difficulties in the creation of many complex compositions, there are less skips questions: "but can we do this?", or "in time by the deadline?"...

The client receives competent advice on composition, tips on caring for her. There are no estimates for the production of any of your floral and decor ideas You will receive IMMEDIATELY. You ask why? It's simple: You order takes a professional florist. And if You have even a small idea of what you want to see, do not hesitate - You will provide most of the information at the first communication.

About us: flower delivery service in Kiev Kvitochka


The idea of creating a service for the delivery of flowers came by itself.

It all started with the fact that our customers in flower shops wanted something more - not that stood in the window. The client wanted to make an order for an original bouquet according to the photo. We created the directory, but rather a photo album with pictures of our work: the bride's bouquet, wedding flowers, bouquets and gift baskets, funeral arrangements...

Time-consuming process that is out of date... there was a site that we began to add all the work: simple, original, creative, grouped them in the same directory, but in another, more convenient format. Some of our buyers have to order the bouquets according to the pictures on the website. Convinced of the convenience of ordering this, they are less likely to come into the salon and started to order flower delivery to the home, at work, in a restaurant... People who value their time, have entrusted us with this service. Some customers wanted to surprise you by booking a delivery of flowers to your loved ones, family, friends. At first it was at the local level, and flowers delivered florists.


Service now for the delivery of flowers has become more popular. We have set up this service. Floral arrangements delivered couriers, but the orders, as before, take the florists. The client is not required to remember the intricacies and rules of drawing up of bouquets. It only indicates a reason for delivery, calls the amount available.

Bright, colorful illustrative catalogue with images and descriptions of songs will help you make the right choice. Engaging content will tell you about each product offering, You will have enough time to make competent and informed decisions.

О нас: About us: a flower delivery company in Kiev and the region Kvitochka

Our couriers know is the city centre and suburbs of the Ukrainian capital.

Do not worry about traffic jams or in the evening. The gift will be delivered to the apartment office, a Bank, any operating point.
About us: flower delivery company in Kiev KvitochkaViolets and roses, gerberas and chrysanthemums, irises and tulips: fabulous plants will help to restore the relationship, to make an offer, to alleviate guilt or to win. Always in the presence of classical names and extensive network of vendors helps to surprise with the presentation of exotic, rare and fragrant bouquets.

The accuracy and fragrant variety of flower bouquet delivery

Looks nice and touching song with the bears. Will manifest originality, if the lady will receive flowers in a box for the hat. Do not waste time and effort coming up with something of their own.

Experienced professionals will perfectly do the job, they don't need to give hints and redundant requests. All will be held at the highest level. The Ordering of flowers delivery in Kyiv is comfortable, affordable, no alternative in many cases.

The best in the capital

About us: flower delivery service in Kiev Kvitochka

Who to contact who will not fail and will help in the later hours? You have no need to waste time and energy looking, it is not necessary to load an Internet request for the delivery of flowers. Our company a lot of time and effort spent on creating a flawless image. All rehearsed, and the recipient will be happy with not only the gift, but the talent correctly present, to say beautiful words. You can be sure in our professionalism.

About us: flower delivery service Kiev Kvitochka

Internet-shop of flowers "Kvitochka" is an attractive price and European service. You will appreciate the list of benefits, only on our

  • A growing range of products.
  • A quality product from the best greenhouses.
  • Punctuality.
  • Competent advice when choosing a bouquet.
  • Any method of payment.
  • Reasonable price policy, reasonable rates.
  • Boundless positivity.
  • The specific needs of the client.
  • The lack of supply disruptions.

And remember: flowers don't have too many. Give them as a gift during the holidays and in the usual grey weekdays. It is foolish to scrimp: beauty and warm relationship is priceless!


It is very important for each employee of the Kvitochka flower salon that you use our flower delivery service not for the first and not the last time). & nbsp;

We value your trust and try to become a reliable and worthy partner.

Don't overstate the price. The cost of bouquets and compositions depends on the number of flowers and plant varieties. Updating promotions. We provide discounts.

We love creative individual orders.


We offer free delivery in Kyiv from 9-00 to 22-00 Kyiv time, in the range of 3-4 hours (for example, from 10-00 to 14-00).

Free delivery does not apply to promotional offers and bouquets (compositions) worth up to 500 hryvnia. For these groups of goods, it is 100 hryvnia.

Flower delivery in Kyiv at exactly the specified time + - 15 minutes, night, urgent, within the city - 200 hryvnia, in the region - from 290 hryvnia.

Delivery at the specified time + - 55 minutes - 100 hryvnia.
Photo report

A photo report of the delivery of a bouquet of flowers (composition) is made by the courier directly at the place of delivery. You can order the service when placing an application, it's free.

You can also order a photo of the finished bouquet before sending it. 

The photo will be sent by the salon manager via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or email.

In the online flower shop Kvitochka there are discounts for partners and regular customers. You can get a discount coupon from the manager. It is valid for all your purchases and has no limitation period.
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