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Blue-yellow bouquet with hydrangeas in a box to order

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Blue and yellow bouquet in a box. Consists of chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Height - 45 cm, diameter - 40 cm. February 2022 ..More
2 590 грн.
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Blue and yellow bouquet in a box. Consists of chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Height - 45 cm, diameter - 40 cm.

February 2022 has changed a lot, we have changed our values and look at the world differently. We are united by one goal, and patriots, military personnel, volunteers have become the color of the nation. Some holidays turned out to be more significant, they need appropriate gifts for them.

Now patriotic bouquets in boxes are in great demand. You can buy bright and worthy beauty inexpensively in Kyiv in the Kvіtochka studio. Branded plants and specialized containers are involved in the preparation of chic gifts.

You will be pleased with the assortment and the ability to make adjustments to the version from the catalog. A yellow-blue bouquet of hydrangeas to order is in great demand; they like to give it to doctors and nurses of hospitals and rehabilitation centers. After a long bed rest and injuries, it is difficult to search, there is not always a chance to leave the hospital.

In such a difficult situation, courier services and delivery of living beauty to the threshold of the institution or anywhere in the capital will be useful. Efficiency, punctuality and safety of petals on the way are guaranteed. Well, if you need to leave urgently, then the ordered gift will be transferred to the happy owner at the workplace on your behalf. E

it's elegant and romantic! If you need service and are interested in a huge selection, then you don’t have to torment your gadget with the request “buy flowers Kyiv online with delivery”. The manager of the Kvitochka studio is always in touch and will help lovers, business travelers, guilty guys, secret agents who are not used to advertising their person.

Be sure to invest in relationships and thank people for their invaluable help. Flowers were and will be the perfect gift!


Цей оригінальний букет вирішив подарувати своїй лікарці, яка ставила мене на ноги після важкого поранення. Було багато вільного часу – знайшов сайт «Квіточка» та підібрав саме цю красу. Дякую за те, що швидко доставили квіти. Вони були чудові та сподобалися всім. Приємно мати справи з професіоналами.

Марія Степанівна

Дякую за оригінальний букет, що підготували майстри «Квіточки». Мені дуже своєчасно, швидко доставили квіти. Цю красу порадила менеджер, за що я вдячна.

Саня, Толик, Миша

«Квиточка» создала уникальную композицию, которая помогла поздравить нашего любимого волонтёра с праздником. Спасибо, что доставили свежие цветы – Олеся была рада такому подарку! Рекомендуем всем этот сервис!

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