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Bouquet of 21 white roses 60 cm high in a stylish package to order

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  • Product Code:  Букет 21 біла троянда 60 см
Bouquet of 21 white roses 60 cm high in a stylish package.It's hard to meet someone who doesn't respect the color white. It i..More
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Delivery at the specified time + - 55 minutes - 100 hryvnia. Free shipping does not apply to promotional offers. For this group of goods, it is 100 hryvnia.
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A photo report of the delivery of a bouquet of flowers (composition) is made by the courier directly at the place of delivery. You can order the service when placing an application, it's free.

You can also order a photo of the finished bouquet before sending it. 

The photo will be sent by the salon manager via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or email.

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Bouquet of 21 white roses 60 cm high in a stylish package.

It's hard to meet someone who doesn't respect the color white. It is problematic to find a young lady who does not appreciate roses and will refuse a smelling gift. If you love your wife or fiancee to the point of unconsciousness, then by all means find an excuse to buy 21 white roses in a beautiful design cheap in Kyiv. Do not waste time on market trips – contact the online store "Kvitochka".

Competent florists will arrange a bouquet that has no analogues in the world. This gift will turn your head, allow you to declare yourself, raise your social status and forever conquer your heart. You can always ask to make changes to the basic compilation from the directory. The original step is to complement the present with fruits or sweets.

A special benefit from cooperation with the studio is the availability of its own delivery service for roses and other compositions. An experienced and responsible courier will save at least three hours of precious time. His work is indispensable if you are on the road and did not have time to return from a business trip for the holiday. Be sure to study the catalog - it has a lot of unique and alternative offers.

Do not be afraid to spoil your beauties, give bouquets to mothers and grandmothers. The service flowers with delivery in Kyiv is profitable, attractive, without alternative. It is impossible to keep such an assortment in an ordinary tent: only an order through a virtual gallery will allow you to surprise and conquer.


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Гладченко О.

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