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Bouquet of 11 red roses high to order

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A classic bouquet of roses varieties "Grand Prix" of the Ukrainian producer in number of 11 pieces. Bouquet of 11 red rose..More
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A classic bouquet of roses varieties "Grand Prix" of the Ukrainian producer in number of 11 pieces.

Bouquet of 11 red roses the classic varieties of the "Grand Prix" will surprise any girl and woman with its elegance. Any woman dreams about such gift.

Red - strong, bright and attractive color. Usually red roses are given to those men who want to admit a woman to the seriousness of their intentions to become the sole conqueror of the heart of the beloved one. No wonder many poets and artists used the red flower as the symbol of true love and fidelity. The most popular bouquet of roses with a height of one meter is used on Valentine's Day, to say once again the beloved of his devotion.

Also plays a role and the number of colors in the bouquet, which in our case, eleven. It symbolizes the desire of the giver to move to a new, more Mature stage of the relationship. For example, the man was initially only sympathy, and then finally realized their love and willingness to start a serious relationship.

Buy недорого11 high red roses in Kyiv is possible in an online flower shop Kvitochka. Delivery is available daily, so you can present a gift to the happy object of your attention, as soon as such a desire. Often, it comes suddenly.

Traditionally scarlet and red roses symbolize passion, love and sincere feelings. Give bouquets of red roses for lovers, why they are so popular on Valentine's Day. Rose varieties have been invented in Holland, but is grown and has a huge popularity in many countries, it is velvety, has a special refined flavor.

Order bouquet of 11 red roses in our salon at any time as this item is always in stock, with different heights of the stem and size of flower. Note that the higher the leg of rose, the bigger the Bud. Courier delivery of bouquets in Kyiv is available around the clock, so call anytime, we will be happy to execute Your order qualitatively flowers.


Розы всегда актуальные цветы, особенно красные, яркие и насыщенные.


Спасибо за быструю доставку.


Сюрприз удался! Огромное вам спасибо

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