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The Bouquets and arrangements of 25 roses from "Kvitochka"

Roses in a hat box Nocturne

995 грн.1 475 грн.

It is a worthy bouquet to gift a special memorable Day. Arrangement contain..

25 roses of the Grand Prix

1 295 грн.1 595 грн.

25 roses Gran Pri, height 60 cm, dense packing.No joyous occasion is comple..

Bouquet of 25 white roses

995 грн.1 255 грн.

Bouquet of 25 white roses "Avalanzh", height 60 cm.Bouquet of roses "Avalan..

25 low of red roses

1 195 грн.1 670 грн.

25 red roses, height of 50/60 cm Bouquet of 25 all low rose's delivery in K..

25 roses "Miss piggy"

1 290 грн.1 690 грн.

25 pink peach roses "Miss piggy", stem height - 60 cm...

25 red roses in a hat box

1 395 грн.2 075 грн.

25 red roses in a hat box. Carton size: height - 18 cm, diameter - 15 cm, t..

25 red meter Dutch roses (Freedom, Ecuador)

1 825 грн.2 390 грн.

25 red meter Dutch roses (freedom, Ecuador).Red meter to buy the Dutch ro..

25 red high roses

1 885 грн.

25 red high roses. Height - 80 cmBuy bouquet of 25 red roses high means to ..

25 white roses 70 cm

1 075 грн.

25 white roses "Avalanzh" height 70 cmBouquet of 25 white high rozvi can pr..

25 white roses in a box

995 грн.1 795 грн.

Carton size: height - 20cm, diameter - 15 cm, the total height of the bouqu..

25 metre crimson roses (Ecuador)

2 595 грн.

25 metre raspberry Dutch (Ecuadorian) roses.Kvitochka gives the opportunity..

25 meter white roses (Ecuador)

2 595 грн.

25 meter white roses (Ecuador).Bouquet of 25 meter white Dutch roses delive..

25 spray roses

1 655 грн.

Beautiful pink bouquet of roses with a height of 50/60cm of 25 branches. Ex..

25 meter Dutch pink roses

2 590 грн.

25 meter Dutch pink roses.We all remember the once well-known song about pi..

A box of roses + "Valentine"

995 грн.1 490 грн.

A box of roses in quantity of 25 pieces "Valentine". The height of the comp..

Roses in hat box Holiday

1 075 грн.

Roses in a hat box in quantities of 25 pieces. The height of the compositio..

25 Burgundy and white roses in a hat box

1 075 грн.1 495 грн.

25 Burgundy and white roses in a hat box. Height 25/30 cm, diameter - 20 cm..

25 roses in a hat box

1 195 грн.

25 roses in a hat box.I want to please his beloved, but no time? There is..

25 high Dutch roses

1 890 грн.

25 scarlet Dutch roses, height of 70 cm. At the mention of the Netherl..

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The Bouquets and arrangements of 25 roses from "Kvitochka"

What is the symbolism of a bouquet of 25 roses?

25 roses represent the presence of a large love of the giver. It can manifest itself in sympathy for the person of the opposite sex, and feelings to a relative or simply close. That is why a bouquet of 25 roses is considered the most versatile. Can give:

  • Beloved mom that never left the cradle in the first years of life. The same one that has always supported in difficult times and gave wise advice. It is always important to hear about the love of a son or daughter, therefore a bouquet of 25 roses combined with warm and sincere words, will be the perfect opportunity to speak about their feelings!
  • Unique soul mate, a smile which makes you go even on the most reckless acts. To show the limitless power of love will help our beautiful flowers. Put them all afraid to say in person. We are sure that she will understand everything, because the language of flowers - the most sensual and bright.
  • As well as hundreds of other women and men from the environment! Remember, giving a bouquet of absolutely everyone, because the flowers are so unique that can convey the message even without words!

What colors can be used for a bouquet of 25 roses?

For starters, it is important to determine the color of the new composition. This will very much depend, because only one color of roses can say a completely different thing!


Passion with a very sensual performance is a red rose. Maybe for someone it will seem trivial, but it is absolutely not true. Red rose an iota has not lost its popularity, and the effect of it still so vivid and evocative. If the giver should say about boiling feelings, then this flower will make the best of it!


Tenderness and innocence. White roses have always evoked such feelings, and therefore intended mate in the early stages of the relationship, and the favorite and unique mothers. Only the white rose is able to convey such a number of soft!


The combination of affection and intense passion can only be described a pink rose. It is suitable for gift to everyone, after all, able to convey a huge range of feelings: from the family of an innocent attachment to the burning heart of love. So pink roses are widely popular.

In what forms can give 25 roses?

The color of the roses are all clear. But not only it determines the form of the future gift. Below will be described variants of packing of flowers, which will only help to more accurately convey the mood of the show!

Gorgeous bouquet of 25 roses

Timeless classics - this beautiful bouquet. This gift promises to be beautiful and comfortable. The bouquet can easily be put in a vase with water for longer maintaining their original freshness.

25 roses in a basket

The basket is also not very new, but quite an original way to collect the flowers in the bouquet. All eyes will be on him only!

25 roses in a hat box

A truly modern type of bouquet is in the hat box. These flowers look aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.

Why you should come in Kvitochka?

Our firm is not the first year providing quality services in the field of sales and delivery of first-class flowers. During our work we have formed a huge client base, which highlighted the main advantages of ordering flowers from us:

  • Bouquets of 25 roses from the flower shop Kvitochka are distinguished by their unsurpassed quality and appearance. There is a feeling that the flowers were just gathered from an infinitely large field. With their beauty they melt the heart of any girl!
  • We always believed that prices should be adequate. Therefore, always keep this ratio at the level "available." All for favorite clients!
  • Our online store offers a huge selection of bouquets in different variations. Even the most picky customer can find we have the best flowers!
  • Flower delivery is carried out across Kyiv and area. We are ready to give happiness to any person that falls under the area of our work!
  • In addition to the significant scope of delivery, important as is its kruglosutochno. We deliver smiles and emotions at any time of the day or night!

Waiting for orders! "Kvitochka" always glad to improve mood favorite customers! If You need to buy a beautiful bouquet for a loved one with delivery around Kyiv, it is to us!