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Bouquets of 51 roses to order in Kiev with delivery

51 metre scarlet rose, Freedom, Ecuador

4 295 грн.

51 metre scarlet rose (Freedom, Ecuador)Need a bouquet that will cause uncontrollable trembling in t..

51 red rose height 60 cm

1 795 грн.2 190 грн.

51 red rose height 60 cm, diameter - 50.Rose, of all flowers the Queen,Shiny blush beautyAs the morn..

51 velvet rose hat box

1 875 грн.1 990 грн.

51 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix in a hatbox. The height of the composition - 40 cm, diameter is ..

A bouquet of 51 roses

1 495 грн.1 890 грн.

A bouquet of 51 roses red and white, height 60 cmGift the beloved woman in the form of luxurious fre..

Heart of 51 roses in box

1 790 грн.2 490 грн.

51 roses of three colors is folded into the shape of a heart in a box. The height of the composition..

51 red and white rose variety "Red Naomi"

1 895 грн.2 195 грн.

51 red and white rose variety "Red Naomi". Height - 60 cm diameter - 40/45.A big bouquet of roses - ..

51 red roses 60 cm

1 795 грн.2 075 грн.

51 rose red height 60 cmEvery human life is full of colorful events that require gifts for other peo..

51 rose "Miss piggy" height: 70cm

1 875 грн.

51 pink rose variety "Miss piggy", height 70cm.Most women from a rose crazy. With their help a man c..

51 white rose sweetheart

1 595 грн.1 875 грн.

51 white rose sweetheart a height of 70 cmTo please your favourite or favourite girl unique surprise..

51 roses heart

2 195 грн.

51 roses heart shaped in basket. The height of the composition - 50 cm diameter - 55 cm.What could b..

Bouquet of 51 red rose in the shape of a heart

1 935 грн.

Bouquet of 51 red rose, folded in the shape of a heart.Planned the birthday of his girlfriend, Weddi..

51 red roses (freedom, Ecuador)

3 675 грн.

51 red roses (freedom, Ecuador, 70 cm). Floral market has long been recognized as the most popular f..

51 red roses Height 80 cm

2 390 грн.

51 red roses 80 cmюDo you want with delivery in Kyiv to BUY a 51 claret rose? you have this possib..

51 Rosa Miss Piggy, height 80 cm

2 275 грн.

51 Rosa Miss Piggy, height 80 cmThe best bouquets with delivery in Kyiv: 51 peach roseAre you lookin..

51 rose varieties are "Anna Karina"

2 390 грн.2 890 грн.

51 high pink rose varieties are "Anna Karina".When the florist conjure the create a new composition,..

51 White rose in a hatbox

1 675 грн.1 975 грн.

51 White rose variety "white Naomi" in a hatbox. The total height of the composition - 40 cm diamete..

51 rose red height 100 cm

3 255 грн.

51 red roses with a height of 100 cm.If you wanted to buy a bouquet of 51 red roses foot in Kyiv, ..

Hat box with roses "51"

1 990 грн.

51 roses of different varieties and shades in a hatbox.Hatbox from 51 the rose to order, is the solu..

Hat box with roses and freesia

2 595 грн.

Hat box with roses and freesia. The composition consists of red roses (55 PCs.), freesia (6pcs), euc..

Heart of 51 roses in box "SA"

1 890 грн.

Heart of 51 roses in a box laid out with the letters "SA".Flower bouquet – good gift that you can pr..

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Bouquets of 51 roses to order in Kiev with delivery

Flowers are a great addition to the gift, it is a tradition to bring women lovely flower arrangements. The bouquets can be not only an addition to the present, they themselves can become separate gift, accentuates the sweet warm feelings towards the lady. Choosing the composition should be guided by the preference of women, but if you know nothing about them, you should choose traditional options. Rose is always a perfect option, even if you do not know the taste of your woman, she will be glad a beautiful bouquet of roses. This flower has long been considered the Queen, a noble plant that has many shades and can satisfy the tastes of any woman.

The advantages of bouquet of 51 roses

Roses are the classic choice, but if you want to really please your lady, to leave unforgettable impressions for a long time, then present a bouquet of 51 roses. It will be unique, unusual, it is suitable for the elite. It is impressive in size, but it looks elegant. This song is a true gift, it will not be only a Supplement to any main gift. This is a great way to show your attitude, show that person means a lot to you, and be sure to leave only unforgettable emotions.

Choosing a bouquet, it is important to focus on the shade plants. It can be a mix of red and white roses, the agent may be red and white around,

they can also be mixed.

When ordering, it is worth considering that white roses are the symbol of tenderness and purity, and the scarlet, dark red shades - a great gift for adult women. 51 roses delivery Kiev often means boundless love. The online flower shop 'Kvitochka' will allow you to choose the option in the catalog of already collected songs. You can choose the option, it will be created specifically for your order, it will be perfect, collected only from fresh plants.

Special moments of ordering flowers online

The advantage of buying songs in the Internet-shop is hour delivery of flowers in Kiev. If You cannot present this bouquet, it will make the courier, he can bring it in strictly designated time, early morning, late evening, when alone to go inappropriate. You can send a gorgeous gift for the lady anonymously, and expect guess whether she who gave it to him. It can be sent not only at home but also at workplace, in restaurant, where the celebration.

However, many people prefer such a gorgeous gift to give yourself. It makes sense to order flowers in Kiev to your address after receiving it from the courier, and a bouquet to go to his beloved lady. This will allow you not to waste your time driving in the floral interior, the selection of the option to take it home. The online flower shop 'Kvitochka' send it to your home address, then you can go to the celebration or home to his beloved lady.

51 rose buy in Kiev inexpensive is not difficult, in this case, any woman will feel loved, important human, these compositions are quite expensive, they can afford not everyone, only the person who really wants to surprise his woman and to please. The price depends on the length of the stem, this may be the stems 50 cm in length, they can reach 80 cm in length. Plays a big role in greenery, as packaging can use cellophane, sisal, felt, a bouquet can be presented as a great gift on birthday, on anniversary, can be sent as wishes for a speedy recovery to a relative, friend.

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