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51 meter rose delivery

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5 790 грн.

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51 metre scarlet rose, Freedom, Ecuador

6 990 грн.

4 975 грн.

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45 foot Dutch roses

6 150 грн.

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51 meter white rose, Ecuador

6 990 грн.

4 395 грн.

4 575 грн.

Fresh flowers delivered to order in Kyiv – a delicate issue. Additional chance at a first impression is not given. Need to immediately show himself as a connoisseur and a little wizard, able to produce beautiful flowers at any time.

It is possible to order 51 rose 100 cm in Kiev Internet-shop of flowers Kvitochka. Here we have all the details.

Why should I trust the delivery of the roses?

Salon "Kvitochka" has been running for 15 years. We know where to order the best samples. Know how to transport them without damaging. You need 51 roses delivery Kiev? We guarantee that each flower in the bouquet will look like it's cut a moment ago.

All colors will match on such characteristics:

  • the length and thickness of the stem;
  • the thickness of the Bud.

Shortages of range we do not exist. Quality roses are always available in January, and may.

Who will make my bouquet 51 metre rose?

51 metre rose from online flower shop Kvitochka - position, heads the list of popular orders. Each such set is formed by experienced florist.

Accepts the order (by phone or through the website) is also a florist. We do not separate "man the phones" or "sales Manager", which aims to offer everything and more.

Communicating with the client, the florist explains:

  • the reason for a bouquet;
  • age, preferences and tastes of the recipient;
  • wishes to the design of the composition;
  • the date and time of delivery.

Based on these inputs, the expert on colors immediately provide to the customer the bulk of the information: variety of roses used and the production time of a bouquet.

And if I don't like?

No surprises bouquet of 51 roses metre to buy Kyiv allows. In the capital familiar with modern technologies and do use them.

You will see your bouquet before it is sent to your recipient. Florists in advance stipulate method of demonstration song:

  • live in store;
  • through messenger.

Anyone who chooses the second way, send a photo of the finished bouquet. After viewing the picture, the customer can make adjustments:

  • to change the package;
  • to increase or decrease the number of colors;
  • to change the decor.

The bouquet will fall into the hands of the courier only after customer approve the appearance of the composition.

You definitely have time?

Courier delivery of the 51 metre rose in Kyiv have time always! To give flowers need time. Therefore, the staff of service delivery take into account traffic jams, traffic conditions, time of day and weather conditions.

Of course, in the first day of the season of snowfall, the movement is not as rapid as usual. The courier will mark it and will go in advance.

Our couriers know every street of the capital. They know how to reduce a route and to navigate the terrain. They don't have to spend time to consult the map or ask for directions from passers-by. Each bouquet will be delivered in time!

What roses you bring?

We cooperate with suppliers from Holland, Colombia, Ecuador. Those who had the courage to order the 51 metre high rose delivery, we have noted that the flowers look great. Not surprising, because these roses are grown in compliance with the rules and traditions, proven for centuries.

What can I add to the bouquet?

Each bouquet can be accompanied by additional accessories:

  • packing;
  • card;
  • topper;
  • confectionery (chocolate, candy).

The florist will tell you how to care for flowers so they last longer retain their freshness. The courier will give recommendations either verbally or in the form of accompanying notes.

But if force majeure: the recipient refuses the flowers?

All relationships are unpredictable. Sometimes between people, there are misunderstandings. If the recipient does not agree to accept the bouquet, the courier will notify the customer. Sometimes a telephone conversation of a customer with the recipient of the bouquet to help resolve the situation.

For some reason this conversation is not possible? The conversation took place, but did not bring the expected result? Then the courier will take the flowers back to the salon. Ready-made bouquet will be delivered in another day at a different location.

Who can know where I send the flowers?

Any information about the client confidential. Delivery and contact details of the recipient known to the customer, the florist and courier. Nobody else has access to this information.

If someone tries to get the data coming into the store or call, nothing happens. Store employees are prohibited from transferring personal information to third parties.

51 rose 100 cm by ordering from Ecuador, Columbia, Netherlands in the heart of the Ukraine? Yes! Fresh flowers of noble birth – that will make the holiday completely perfect. Order flowers with delivery across Kiev and happiness burst at the right moment!

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