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Bouquet of 51 roses from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya

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5 790 грн.

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51 metre scarlet rose, Freedom, Ecuador

6 990 грн.

4 975 грн.

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45 foot Dutch roses

6 150 грн.

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51 meter white rose, Ecuador

6 990 грн.

Our planet is amazing and diverse. In its individual parts grow fabulous flowers. They are able to capture and make an amazing impression, You will definitely surprise your lady or girlfriend, if presented with exotic live show. The roses on order from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya - a rarity even for the capital of Ukraine. And do not think that it is too expensive. What could be more loyalty and unconditional love, devotion and the opportunity to be with the Queen?

Is it safe to give "overseas" product?

Many have heard the various stories and legends about poisonous flowers that emit hazardous vapors in a few days after cutting. There is a superstition that plants from another continent bring grief and trouble. And with their help, harass rivals, to eliminate competitors. All this is nonsense and fiction. For the implementation used special varieties grown in professional greenhouses, repeatedly tested by experts. Serious seller and supplier is always responsible for the perfect quality and safety of your goods.

The Queen of all varieties is a Dutch rose. For centuries gardeners have been able to create many unique varieties. The miracles of the breed proved to be excellent in the mid-latitudes, they endure cold and frost, long retain their scent and pristine look. Unearthly beauty, elegance and solving complex problems gift - all 51 Dutch rose delivery. Kyiv and his best men have long been able to enjoy the benefits of a unique service.

I wish to give the lady a piece of distant South America? Give her a gorgeous bouquet of lovely roses of Ecuador. Mystery, passion, desire for love - all this is fraught with a sweet and seductive plant. After this show You will hear the long-awaited "Yes"!

What prized mysterious Kenya? Coffee? Lake Victoria? The rhinos? No! In the first place can safely put a rose growing in these virgin lands. The use of proprietary technologies of transport and special containers allow you to bring joy across the globe. Only the hot climate and special soil can bring forth such beauty.

What product is legal in Colombia? Rose growing in these places, knows the secrets of the drug lords and the seduction secrets of the most inaccessible ladies. Selling flowers brings a decent income to the state Treasury. The bright Sun of the Andes and volcanic ash provide an opportunity to grow the deity, which has no equal in the Universe. Rose is able to intrigue, forcing you to wait for a full disclosure of a Bud. Sometimes it is not.

In some cases, you can order Ecuadorian rose 51 delivery?

There are no taboos and strict prohibitions. Composition with such a number of flowers are relevant in many situations: birthday, retirement party, March 8, February 14. Much easier to call the cases in which it is not necessary to spoil such beauty. Bouquet compromise the unfamiliar girl You hardly know. It is not necessary to give on a first date: it would just be uncomfortable. But if You are brave, wealthy, a real man can use composition to create intrigue, giving her incognito.

Professional shipping 51 Dutch roses in Kyiv is a reality?

Life often presents us with surprises, working and long-range part of the metropolis the most loved and loving people. In pursuit of higher income many of us are deprived of joy to see, even on holidays and memorable dates. How to congratulate the girl with the anniversary if the end watch for another 10 days? How to give a chic beauty to the mother, if you cannot visit it personally?

In such situations helps advanced service. The flawless gift best flowers will be given at any time and day of the week. The service is popular, with it a Declaration of love, make peace, apologize, make a simple and nice things! You have no need to engage in campaigns, to sit in the network and write the query "bouquet of 51 Dutch roses to buy Kyiv". The best site of the capital has already been found!

Where to buy 51 rose from Holland or Ecuador with shipping to Kyiv?

Anyone who appreciates the beauty, the service, a lot of opportunities to help our online store. "Kvitochka" is a unique firm that works with leading global suppliers of odorous goods. Creative florists create a composition that can be called a work of art. Original ideas and bold decisions are taken every day. We will decorate gift bears, will do a gentle version of roses in a hat box. Range - is the subject of a separate article. Daisies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, carnations: flowers for every taste and scenario for you. We choose all who wish to be sure the end result giving a bright gift.

How to order 51 of the Dutch rose in Kyiv in Internet-shop of flowers Kvitochka?

Later, I remembered the birthday of my niece? The trip has been delayed again? Immediately contact the Manager of our company. In detail describe a situation, name the occasion or reason for the award. Will take into account everything: age, tastes, financial capacity. After the funds transfer order is taken into processing. Please indicate clearly the contact information of lucky, the address and time of delivery. After receiving the customer receives a report.

51 roses from Ecuador from the online flower shop Kvitochka: benefits!

You are still in doubt of the professionalism and responsibility of our team? Verified suppliers of living plants, best florists is a well - established pattern of service-all this takes place. We are constantly thinking about improvement of service quality, all clients remain satisfied with our advantages. Guaranteed:

  • Fair prices.
  • Punctuality.
  • Elegant composition.
  • Creative approach to business.
  • Hour.
  • Simple payment methods.

Our couriers know very well three millionth city. Bright flowers to order gets to the recipient in perfect condition. Do not worry because of traffic and the bitter cold: any force majeure falls squarely on the shoulders of employees. You can always make a return, claim, forward, cute greeting words.

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