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51 roses in a hat box to order in salon Kvitochka

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51 roses in a box in the form of heart a In-Yan

3 570 грн. 2 950 грн.

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51 White rose in a hatbox

2 970 грн.

51 velvet rose hat box

3 335 грн. 2 850 грн.

3 390 грн.

6 475 грн.

3 975 грн.

2 990 грн.

1 990 грн.

3 995 грн.

Rose is the most popular, favorite flower. The plant presented on major holidays and if you want to apologize. It is an indispensable attribute of romantic dates and declarations of love. Birthday, March 8, wedding anniversary - all of these dates are suitable for delivery of gorgeous, amazing bouquet. Even deeply religious people agree that the plant is 35 million years old. To date, botanists have described 35000 species, the oldest tree is over 1000 years old.

Rose went down in history and life, it does have lyrics and different legends. During the reign of Nero this flower smelled all around, even an arena for Gladiator fights. Buds were the first means of perfumes, rose water not only strangled, but had been drinking. The appearance of spikes on the lovely plants explains Greek mythology. It happened after Cupid shot an arrow into the rose garden. And a white rose Cupid tried to bribe Venus.

The original service

In our era, it's hard to surprise the girl a primitive composition. If it's time for the big celebration, that is an amazing option - bouquet in a box 51 rose. Such a show is considered one of the most popular. You can easily melt the frozen heart ladies will make the best gift on a significant occasion. The presence of the hat boxes is a strong element of comfort, originality and long shelf life. 51 roses in a box cheap perfect employee or the mother, if the day of delivery they were the same age as plants in containers.

In today's world the circumstances of separated people: quarantine, business trip, work on the watch are deprived of the opportunity to meet very often. Comfort, solving complex problems, excellent choice, a chance to stay with his wife in her birthday - all flowers delivery on the house. Kyiv and its inhabitants have long appreciated the benefits and advantages of your service. Just one call to the Manager, and the driver hurries to the specified address. You have no need to waste time and energy on a long quest. Do not load the search string with the phrase "51 rose in a hatbox to buy Kiev". The best website of the Ukrainian capital has already been found!

How to order 51 rose in a hatbox in Kyiv?

The client should make requests to the service operator florists, listen to recommendations, make the payment, specify address and delivery time. Do not be afraid to tell their secrets and share feelings. A specialist will not speculate Your revelations. In the big city is very easy to maintain privacy and a certain mystique. Beauty will be given with observance of all norms of etiquette. Wait for the photos and the message from the beloved.

I will not be damaged if the composition at the time of delivery?

Our couriers - a real Pro. Very often use special transport, additional packaging. The lady will get the gift in perfect condition. Roses will not suffer from heat, cold or rain. Any force majeure and damage caused by transport, falls on the shoulders of the company.

How much is delivery of a bouquet of 51 roses in a hat box?

As a rule, the price of 51 rose in Kyiv depends on seasonality, complexity of composition, selected varieties and color, to the long distance of delivery from the company office. Sometimes extra charge for urgency. Prices are always higher on March 8 and Valentine's Day. Early application is the minimum payment! And, you can count on discounts, bonuses, interesting suggestions.

51 rose in the box to order: what plants can I use?

These are specialized varieties that are of the appropriate color, able to handle various loads. When composing each flower undergoes a special processing removes the spikes, cut off the excess part of the stem. To do such a task on their own simply will not work! Each florist has their secrets and technology. Bouquet for a long time, will keep and perfect in appearance. The buds will not fade even after several days after delivery. A well-chosen basis will provide some humidity.

How to choose the color if you want to make a gorgeous gift?

It is color that helps to Express what is hard to convey in words and drowning in emotions. White roses are suitable in any situation. They symbolize purity and innocence. Give them brides, beloved for birthday. In Ancient Rome it was a symbol of patriotism and loyalty. The red variant is the most common. It's a sign of passion and of hot love. Any lady would be Queen with a gorgeous bouquet. His delivery perfectly replaces the phrase "I am yours forever."

The pink color expresses interest and love. The guy has no plans to take You to wife, but if You show a bold initiative, everything will go according to the ideal scenario! Most often rose bouquet is given on February 14. It is not necessary to guard against yellow color. It is a sign of respect, friendship and care. Handing yellow roses to colleagues, grandparents, strict chiefs. Flowers with peach shade perfect modest girls who recently graduated from high school, begin their difficult path in the churning ocean life achievements and disappointments.

It is not necessary to memorize all these details: an experienced florist will always make a correct hint, the chosen color will be clearly consistent with reason and intention.

What to do if presented with a bunch of made no impression on the girl?

It's silly to get upset if the lady showed indifference after such a luxurious gift. Love can not be! This day will become a new starting point, a reason to reconsider their vital interests, tastes and priorities. Flawless flower arrangement is always helpful to understand the relationship and the situation. Draw conclusions and make wise decision.

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