Bouquet of 51 white roses delivery

-15 %
51 white rose sweetheart a height of 70 cmTo please your favorite or favorite girl unique surprise o..

1 875 грн.
1 595 грн.

-11 %
51 White rose variety "white Naomi" in a hatbox. The total height of the composition - 40 cm diamete..

1 775 грн.
1 575 грн.

Original composition in the shape of a heart out of 51 large rose. Roses to his girlfriend is absol..

2 995 грн.

Bouquet of 51 white rose of middle length with delivery on Kyiv and area accessible around the ..

1 590 грн.

51 rose in a box: 25 white and 26 pink spray, with the addition of eustoma. Height - 45 cm diameter ..

1 890 грн.

51 roses heart shaped in basket. Consists of red and white roses. Diameter - 45 cm.Birthday, engagem..

1 990 грн.

51 meter white rose (Ecuador).Bright red or yellow roses can certainly be overwhelming, but white fl..

4 195 грн.

51 white rose variety "Avalanche" height of 90/100 cm Is there anything in this world something even..

2 490 грн.

-25 %
51 white rose variety "Avalanzh", height 60 cmWhat could be more beautiful, more appropriate and mor..

1 990 грн.
1 490 грн.

A touching arrangement in a basket height and diameter at two feet it touches and inspires. The numb..

2 290 грн.

-13 %
A huge bouquet of sultry roses Royal variety 'Grand Prix' and expressive varieties 'Avalanzh' in the..

1 490 грн.
1 290 грн.

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Bouquet of 51 white roses delivery

When necessary 51 white rose to order, don't always have time to delve into the details. Sometimes floral arrangements it is necessary to get super urgent. At such moments there is no time to grasp the meaning of the composition, to count the number of buds in the resulting ensemble.

But if in such an important moment will come poor to the bouquet, all for naught! Where do you find a florist you can trust? The administrator of the shop "Kvitochka" answers this and other important questions:

How not to be mistaken with a bouquet of 51 white rose?

Buy 51 white rose in Kyiv can be expensive for any holiday. Refined roses – the Zenith of each celebration. Anniversary, thesis, wedding or discharge from hospital... the Rose adds luxury to any event.

Can't decide on the color and number of buds? I think that it is better to order 51 white rose Internet-shop of flowers "Kvitochka" or choose a more affordable eustoma? Consult with in-house florist. Tell him important:

  • the reason for the colors;
  • the age of the recipient;
  • her preferences (favorite color, style).

A floral expert will help you choose a arrangement to match the event.

In what salon Kyiv to order 51 the white rose?

A bouquet of 51 roses delivery Kyiv offers in different stores. If you need not just a set of colors, and sample decorating art, you – in the "Kvitochka".

Looking for decent flowers, please contact the Manager at 23.48? Or a bouquet of need to the first pair, i.e. in 7.46? Description 51 the white rose will still win their perfection. We select flowers in each bouquet according to strict criteria. Plants with defects will not get any one composition.

How much is shipping 51 white roses?

Operational delivery flowers to home in Kyiv from the salon "Kvitochka" works constantly. The cost of courier service depends on the following parameters:

  • the location of the recipient (capital city or state);
  • the urgency of delivery (you need to the minute or within 2-3 hours);
  • period of delivery (budget time - from 8.00 to 22.00);
  • time of booking (discounts to those who book in advance).

How to buy a 51 white rose in the capital?

Ordering 51 roses in the cabin "Kvitochka" can be made through the website or by phone. Fill out the form on the web page, or report requirements to the bouquet in an oral dialogue. Matter for florists and couriers. They are like magic elves will create miracles and take them for the destination.

I want a discount! What to do?

View the main page of the website carefully. In the top menu sometimes light button "Sale". It means the sale of any product category.

You can also flick the page to the bottom. In the second column from the left there's a "sale". Press! Before you will immediately see the positions which are now sold at a reduced price.

Are there any discounts for large orders?

Order in our showroom a serious party colors? Then you can expect good bonuses and compliments from the shop:

  • discounts;
  • designer bouquet exclusive sketch;
  • assistance in organizing the delivery at different addresses.

Want guarantees! Give?

In periods of change (like now) all I want to be sure, even in the bouquet. No one wants to pay for a product that have not seen and not touched.

Our florists will send you a photo of the bouquet as soon as it is ready. You will be able to Express the wishes for which the wizard will adjust the composition:

  • add the flowers, decor or the greenery;
  • replace packing or even take it away.

Where do you get the flowers?

We purchase plants from reliable domestic and foreign manufacturers. Varieties of roses "Freedom" fly us aircraft from Ecuador and Colombia.

We have been cooperating with the same suppliers. Therefore we guarantee that each flower in the bouquet will be a luxury.

Looking for a business bouquet! Where to look?

Note the category "Business bouquet". There are the official sets, without a hint of romance. The composition of this section will not put in an awkward situation in front of the Board of Directors, because they are all couched in solemn and neutral style.

You have your own dentist, lawyer, family doctor? Usually people are proven after-hour calls and complex issues. It's time to get the same flower shop: trusted.

Here you will learn the standards your orders will help to prepare for a sudden invitation. And your favorite ladies will get used to always see next to the flowers. And always top notch. In fact, as they are.