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Bouquets of 101 roses to order cheap with delivery in Kyiv

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5 990 грн.

Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

4 490 грн. 3 790 грн.

5 990 грн.

3 790 грн.

5 750 грн.

101 rose mix - "Drop"

6 290 грн. 4 890 грн.

151 meter rose Grand Prix

12 990 грн. 10 970 грн.

A bouquet of white roses 151 PCs

10 850 грн. 9 190 грн.

Bouquet 301 meter red rose

25 900 грн. 21 210 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche" 60 sm

4 590 грн. 3 490 грн.

101 rose mix 60 cm

4 990 грн. 3 990 грн.

Bright bouquet of 101 rose Mix 60 cm

6 990 грн. 5 990 грн.

9 890 грн.

7 590 грн.

Love is about stupidity. For example, the 101 rose – is an indulgence. But what a pleasant! For the money spent on this bouquet, you can buy a bag of buckwheat or mega pizza. Only photos with the food set will not spread in social networks.

And the 101 red rose – solid happiness! And the city to go pleasantly, hugging buds and stems. And take notes at home original.

Huge bouquets of roses 101: to give or ignore?

To buy a bouquet of 101 roses in the online store "Kvitochka" – it is 6 minutes. Leave the request on the website or phone call to inform delivery address, pay and all. It's done: you are amazing!

However, the men are torn: do we need 101 rose in a box or choose something more useful? There are lots of gifts that will be useful in everyday life more than the representatives of the Rosaceae family:

  • frying pan with non-stick coating;
  • a year's supply of socks;
  • electric toothbrush;
  • scales.

One caveat: this does not cause delight. Want the girl smiled, fluttering, shining, and scatter happiness in the world? Then you should be interested in only one question. Which is better: 101 rose in a basket or 1001?

Scenario of Dating or how to give flowers loved?

Today just to be a gentleman. No need to Rob the Royal greenhouses or order rose bushes from overseas. Bouquets of 101 roses on order buy cheap in Kiev just a couple of clicks and you're done.

How to remain forever in the imagination of your favorite young ladies?

Send bouquet trivial:

  • early in the morning;

When ordering please specify what shipping 101 roses Kyiv at 5: 30. Wife wakes up at 6.00? You will have time to quietly meet the courier and put the bouquet in a prominent place.

Least of all such feats are expected from the owls, who in his life never woke up before 10: 00 am.

  • after a run;

Girl running in the morning? Meet her bouquet after a workout. She's already seen you in the morning and not waiting for surprises. The greater her delight when she see's own wife in a Bathrobe and Slippers with a huge armful of roses at the entrance.

  • after the regular working of the phone conversation;

Constantly get to talk on a cell? Go out for smoke breaks? The girl is angry: "you Turn off the phone! How much can you smoke?!". After another pause, go back with a bouquet. 101 rose Kyiv instantly solves such problems.

  • after returning from the garage; Motorists spend hours in the garage. Usually it's annoying all the family. Most of all swearing to his wife: "Only and immediately returned to the car! Who do you value more: her or me?!".

Practice shows worth a couple of times to come out of the garage with a bouquet, and similar issues samolikvidirovalsja.

  • on the roof.

Dating on the roofs of apartment buildings now organize the Agency. It's beautiful, but somehow...artificial.

What if the old-fashioned, yourself? To beg the keys from a neighbor, pull out the old plaid, coffee, snacks. And let Kiev 101 rose delivery will arrive by courier on the last floor. Depart on for 5 minutes, go up again with a pile of fragrant plants. 1000 karma guaranteed!

Roses 101: how to prolong the fragrant magic?

Order 101 rose in the cabin "Kvitochka" is the first step of a big task. The buds will not be fresh forever, but I want to enjoy them longer.

How to fix the magic that gives 101 white rose?

There are several ways:

  • quickly put the flowers in water;

Receives flowers at home? While waiting for the young lady, place the bouquet in the bathtub with cool water.

  • think about the vase;

Need 101 rose price which will not blow the budget?

Most likely will have to purchase another and a vase. To put a beautiful bouquet in a bucket is not aesthetically pleasing. A suitable size vase is not in every home.

Option two: you can take the vases to rent where to buy flowers. You will be asked to pay a Deposit, and in return, the WHA will return the money.

The second way is to buy the right capacity. But not looking for this vase: they are usually miniature. You will need a large flower pot, waste basket with a pattern or cubitainer. Google "garbage design" is the most effective option. The title is unattractive, and the container is beautiful.

  • take photos of.

If roses 101 the photo is also supposed to be 101! The flowers fade, but pictures remain. Then you can print them on canvas or on the magnet, simply print and put the picture in the frame, to order a portrait from a photo – the infinite options.

Realized 101 the rose of Kiev inexpensive products? Yes, the Queen of flowers always adds charm to the event. The ensemble of al the colors you want to look long like a flame. Views are not detached from these silk petals, curved stalks. Spines slightly tingling fingers, but my hands still reach for the petals: to touch, to assign, to explore. During this time, 101 101 rose turns into the gentle frame in memory.

And no silent pauses! Discuss colors:

  • "Looking at the roses and remembered (the cottage, grandma's garden, graduation, your picture)";
  • "We decided that your character suits this shade. Consultants say: ruby";
  • "I get drunk from your eyes. So was looking for a rose wine color."

Waste your money on roses, fill a box of happy memories.

Frequently asked Questions
The price of 101 roses in the online flower shop Kvitochka varies from 1490 to 8590. It depends on the variety of roses and the height of the stem, as well as on the promotions provided by the manufacturer. Delivery is free in the period from 9-00 to 22-00 in Kyiv. In the region, as well as at night and early time, delivery is paid.
Pour as much fresh cold water as possible into the vase. Remove leaves and thorns as much as possible. Trim off the stems at a sharp angle. Change the water frequently and refresh the cuts. You can add citric acid, aspirin, activated carbon.
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