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bouquet of 101 red roses in Kyiv on the order

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101 red rose variety Red Naomi height 80 cm

9 490 грн. 7 990 грн.

8 990 грн.

15 890 грн.

Bouquet 301 meter red rose

30 000 грн. 27 900 грн.

10 970 грн.

101 scarlet rose in a hatbox

8 770 грн. 7 570 грн.

20 450 грн.

10 990 грн.

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101 scarlet rose

7 490 грн.

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151 red rose in a hatbox

9 790 грн.

8 590 грн.

10 470 грн.

12 270 грн.

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101 red rose Prestige

7 490 грн.

79 900 грн.

Looking for bouquet of 101 red rose to buy online with delivery to Kiev? Want to make a trainer for? To prove your strong feelings? Then our floral arrangements for you.

The online flower shop with delivery service offers fresh, original bouquets and compositions from 101 red roses. Work in Kiev, sold with delivery in the city and Kiev region. Create not just big, but a real work of art. For your beloved, relatives, friends, for holiday and major event in your life.

Roses with home delivery

In our store you can buy 101 red rose in Kyiv inexpensively. We offer our customers fresh flowers, put low prices so that goods are not "stale". Arrange delivery to the selected address – to your home, place of work, weddings, photo shoots.

Flower delivery will help you to become closer. If you are unable to attend the event, we will make an arrangement and send it to the recipient by courier. Sometimes service can be vital.

In 20-ies of the last century, the famous poet Mayakovsky, leaving from Paris, signed a contract with the floral company. He paid all the royalties of performances for the daily delivery of gorgeous bouquets for your beloved woman. For many years, every day, Tatyana Yakovleva delivered the flowers "Mayakovsky". During the war the bouquets helped her to survive in a besieged Paris. Even after the poet's death, she continued to receive every morning the best in the French capital bouquet.

Our flowers can be enjoyed in Kiev. Flowers delivery for today  non-stop and free. Rose is also an original and beautiful as Paris bouquets. As fresh and flavorful. Need 101 red rose delivery? Please, take orders every day of the week. Deliver flowers within hours after receiving the order.

Red rose – a symbol of what

Red roses were, are and will be a symbol of love. The buds of the red color give the meaning of passion and desire, strong desire and deep feelings.

Rose in Western culture takes the place of the Lotus – the main flower of Oriental traditions and mythology. Red rose – Queen of flowers the Germans, British, French, Spaniards, as well as in Poland, Ukraine, Russia.

Red roses are given to the wedding and on the day offers love and hearts. No other composition of plants will replace a large bouquet of red roses, presented to the girl in honor of a significant event. It rose more clearly, look of fierce passion, profound love.

Note: in the late 19th century, the red rose became the symbol of the class struggle. In the 21st century its importance has changed dramatically from fighting to gentle passionate feelings. Today 101 red rose on the order in Kiev is used for confessions and congratulations.

The history of bouquets

The flowers are used to decorate homes before our era. In Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the ancient Slavs of flower wreaths.

The tradition to arrange flowers appeared in the middle ages. First, in the 14th century, there was a fashion for fragrances, there was a small "boutonniere". They decorated their clothes and masked the unpleasant odor. Later, in the 15th-16th century, the flowers in Europe received the status of a gift and a secret message. Appeared rules of folding flowers, and the fruit size, color, shape.

Today the composition of different flowers is the subject of décor and clothing. Buy on order in Kiev 101 red rosefor decoration festive halls, exhibitions, conferences. As well as for elegant greetings, presenting as a gift, addition to a very special event in my life.

Multiple bouquets – roses 101 why?

One flower speaks about the emerging feelings. Three Bud – formed love. Five and seven stems in the bouquet of strong feelings and desires.

The more buds, the stronger the impression. Bouquets of hundreds of roses began to present as a sign of very strong passions, 100%. However, in our traditions even number of flowers on the day of unfortunate events. Therefore, to make a gift and to observe the traditions, for original greetings beloved began to collect bouquets of 101 Bud or inflorescence.

Congratulation for special events

We offer you to buy custom in Kiev meter 101 red rose. So unusual expensive the bouquet will be appropriate in special cases. For example:

  • for wedding and anniversary;
  • birthday;
  • for love;
  • in the morning after a night of love;
  • to a long-awaited pregnancy;
  • to the birth of the first child.

The event, which is dedicated to a beautiful bouquet must be unusual in your life. For which is necessary a bouquet of bright red roses.

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