Bouquets of 101 roses in boxes on order with delivery in Kyiv

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101 rose mix red and white in a hatbox. History is silent about who first came up with the creative ..

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101 rose in a box heart.To give a beautiful contemporary bouquet – it means to give the person a rea..

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101 white rose in a hatbox.Romantic gift - big rose bouquet for girls. With the delivery of such gen..

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101 bright crimson rose in a hatbox.When you have any celebration for example anniversary, it is nec..

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Lovely choice to buy roses in the number -101 101 red roses in a hat box! Carton size: height - 40 c..

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101 rose mix Heart in a hatbox. Height 45/50 cm, diameter 45/50 cmWhen the occasion or special perso..

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Mix: 101 flower in the hat box. Height - 50 cm diameter - 50 cm, Composition: rose, chrysanthemum, A..

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Bouquet of 101 roses of different varieties and shades in a hatbox. The height of the composition - ..

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Bouquets of 101 roses in boxes on order with delivery in Kyiv

Buy in Kyiv 101 rose in a box inexpensive recommended for those who want to give a really memorable gift. Fragrant gift will please the fairer sex of any age, will be proof of respect and sympathy. Bulk lot color or monotone bouquet dream to many, but only few are rewarded with it.

Mystery bouquets

Depending on what message you want to send, selected the colors. White buds represent the tenderness and purity. Yellow represent joy, wealth and happiness. You can buy a bouquet of 101 roses in a box delivery similar color palettes, if your relationship is just beginning. Red and pink will show passion and true love, beauty and respect. Today on sale there and the composition of blue or purple. They say:

  • about the trust relationship,
  • sincere emotions
  • fidelity.

Want to Express my appreciation and gratitude? For this suit cream tone.

Many of the tones are perfectly blended together. The language of flowers will help to talk about any feelings. You can arrange a delivery service with a small card, if you are not sure that the receiver will correctly solve what you need to convey with your gift plant.

Roses in box

Order 101 rose in a hat box easy, if you take the advantage of the Internet-salon "Kvitochka". Actual these floral options began recently, but their history goes back to 18-19 century. The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw has decided to please his beloved unusual way. He gave a sweetheart's flowers in a box from under the hat. There are several advantages of such packaging:

  1. For the composition don't have to pick up a vase, as the flowers are in floral sponge.
  2. With the right treatment the buds stay fresh longer, they should not be immersed in liquid or water special fertilizers.
  3. The composition is easy to put on the table, the windowsill, the box is stable.

You can 101 rose in a box to buy on-line. Rigid packaging will protect the bunch from damage, perfectly fit into any interior. You have such a gift there is another benefit – when the flower will wither, the box can be used to store jewelry and other items.

The hatbox itself can be different shapes:

  • Round or oval,
  • Polygonal or trapezoidal,
  • square or rectangular,

The most popular first. There are original versions in the shape of a heart, chest or box. Regardless of the form of the composition is convenient to carry, because it does not break, will not lose shape. This gift will please both women and men. Depending on cause, age and sex florists will help you choose the right shade and shape of the packaging. If you want to hide in the floristic composition another surprise, you can use the package with hidden compartments.

How to order and receive a scented gift?

101 rose in a hatbox with delivery in Kyiv can be purchased at any time. It in the online store "Kvitochka" will collect within 1-4 hours. For the area it is delivered within a day. If you are planning to give a gift early in the morning, at night or late in the evening, please contact the Manager for further information. The delivery roses courier upon your request can take a picture of the recipient with his consent.

Cost bouquet 101 rose in a hatbox in Kyiv inexpensively compared to other memorable gifts. The online store offers different types of payment, so buyers can choose the method that will suit them optimally. The company cooperates with legal entities. For them will be issued the invoice for which the payment is made.

The care of roses in hatbox

Ordering delivery of 101 roses to Kyiv, you can find out about how to care for a gorgeous gift from the Manager. If you want to extend the life of the plants every day you should not forget to pour into the base liquid. Use a watering can or sprayer. Try not to get into the centre of the buds. For roses well suited cleaned or defrosted water. You can put in water before using the ice cubes.

Should not be placed in a hat box next to the battery or to rearrange the plants, pulling them from the base. Florists suggest not to use chlorinated liquid. Salt instantly deposited on peflare, changing water metabolism. About the rest of the secrets of caring will tell you is a florists company "Kvitochka".