Bouquets of 101 roses of different colors on order

-33 %
101 rose mix of red and white flowers height 60 cm.101 rose in heart shape - perfect for declaration..

2 990 грн.
1 990 грн.

-28 %
101 rose (red, white, cream) with a height of 60 cm.There is no person who would refuse a gorgeous b..

2 490 грн.
1 790 грн.

-15 %
101 rose mix red and white in a hatboxA good presentation of gifts will be an additional bonus for c..

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2 890 грн.

-17 %
101 rose with a heart inside, height 70 cmBouquet of 101 rose in the shape of a heart say about your..

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2 990 грн.

-20 %
Bouquet of 101 red roses 60 cm roses bright red and white colors. Color matched for contrast.101 ros..

2 990 грн.
2 390 грн.

-24 %
Heart of 101 roses of red and white. Height - 70 cm, manufacture - Ukraine.What girl does not love g..

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2 890 грн.

-34 %
101 rose mix, red and white, height 70 cmPure white color symbolizing the purity of the bride, was t..

3 790 грн.
2 490 грн.

101 rose mix red and white, height 70 cmA bouquet of roses can be the best gift for women!No lady ca..

2 990 грн.

-30 %
101 rose in a box heartStylish, luxurious, expensive... It is a bouquet of 101 rose in the shape of ..

3 990 грн.
2 790 грн.

A bouquet of roses, folded in the shape of a heart. Rose varieties are 'Grand Prix' and 'Avalanzh' i..

4 990 грн.

Heart of 101 roses in the basket.Give your favorite woman a floral tale. You can use the service, or..

3 990 грн.

Bouquet of roses in the amount of 75 pieces, the height of the composition - 60 cmCreative floral co..

2 850 грн.

-43 %
101 rose colored low. The bouquet includes roses of several varieties.One of the main headaches for ..

2 990 грн.
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81 rose heart in the basket.Florists-wizards have outdone themselves! They offer quality floral gift..

3 575 грн.

101 Dutch rose, folded in the shape of a heart. Absolutely dazzling bouquet prepared by florists of ..

5 990 грн.

Roses 101 different varieties in the basket is folded in the shape of a heart. The height of the com..

3 990 грн.

101 rose mix Heart in a hatbox. Height 45/50 cm, diameter 45/50 cmWhen the occasion or special perso..

3 490 грн.

101 metre Rosa (Ecuador).Red-and-white composition is a huge typical bouquet of roses 101 (Dutch, me..

8 590 грн.

101 rose heart shaped in basket. Height - 50 cm diameter - 60/70 cmDo you know a man who would not l..

3 990 грн.

-33 %
101 rose red white 70 cmFestive chores is always a very good thing, but to choose an appropriate occ..

2 990 грн.
1 990 грн.

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Bouquets of 101 roses of different colors on order

If you are going to make gorgeous spectacular memorable gift, we offer you the flowers delivery. Everyone romantically in love with a man can order in Kiev 101 multi-colored rose inexpensive. If you are not able to present a bouquet independently from hand to hand, looking into his eyes, then our couriers will bring roses to any specified address.

How is the bouquet

For making a bouquet you need:

  1. 101 rose of a different color;
  2. scissors;
  3. pruner;
  4. satin ribbon;
  5. technical tape.

Roses are preliminary purified. During Assembly of the bouquet first take 2 of the flower that are attached to each other in a spiral (diagonal), Bud tightly to the Bud. On the same principle, you add other rose: each of the following applied to the previous spiral to the bottom end of the stem and the Bud was located slightly to the right and to the left relative to the other colors. The height of the buds should be equal to all the upper main part of the bouquet was a smooth plane.

Assembled bouquet tied tight technical tape for bonding of roses. A beautiful gift from above tied ribbon of satin in the form of a bow. So made bouquets of 101 roses "Mix" on order in Kiev and the region.

Collected song would be incomplete, if not properly packaged. Bouquet of 101 roses can be decorated in different ways. This is usually used a lot of interesting additional decorative elements, flowers and other plants. Our florists are able to create any song, embodying the most daring fantasies of the clients. Packaging and transporting roses can be different. For this purpose:

  • gift wrapping Kraft paper;
  • felt;
  • special beautiful gloss film;
  • basket;
  • ribbons.

The result is a smooth volume neat bouquet, bright rich natural shades of colour alternate with each other – red, pink, white, etc. and the entire set goes well with encircling their packaging.

An important advantage of the composition of 101 roses is its volume. Such a large number of flowers gathered in one lush strong bouquet, is a true living work of art. Bouquets are prepared and formed in elegant classic style. Flowers bind and fastened with wide satin ribbon.

The beauty of such a gift

Any bouquet of 101 roses of different colors, varieties and shades is a versatile gift that is a symbol of bright strong feelings of a man for his woman. To present 101 rose as a gift – it means to lift up a loved one at very high altitude. And make it very easy, if you order 101 rose "Mix" with delivery in Kiev.

To give bouquets of roses can not only beloved woman are in a relationship. These gifts give all – mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, mother, colleague. This can be done in different ways. In some cases, delivery order openly, clearly, without trying to do it unexpectedly. And even if the person is waiting for something like this – it will still be very pleased to receive such a gift. The main advantage of the bouquet is a beauty. And, of course, the smell – gentle magical seductive aroma.

Many people like to give flowers as a surprise. This is a very comfortable efficient and affordable service – delivery of a bouquet of 101 roses. Our couriers will bring bouquet at any time, and present it as the client wishes. We love to make people pleasant, so our employees are happy to comply with such orders. To present a beautiful bouquet of flowers unexpectedly is a spectacular and impressive gesture that will not leave indifferent any man, will leave the most pleasant memories for a lifetime.

Buy 101 multi-colored rose around the clock online and everyone can – and is strongly in love with a young guy-a romantic, Mature and experienced wealthy man.

Strong, crisp, bright rosebuds any person associated with a gentle warm heartfelt feelings. Since ancient times, red roses are considered a classic symbol in the "language of flowers", which means flaming passion mad desire, full of spiritual closeness, loyalty and devotion. And when the red color alternates with the other – this makes the bouquet even more spectacular and memorable.