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Bouquets of roses to order with delivery in Kyiv

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5 990 грн.

25 scarlet high roses with decoration

2 770 грн. 2 190 грн.

Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

4 490 грн. 3 790 грн.

1 750 грн.

5 990 грн.

2 590 грн.

1 690 грн.

5 750 грн.

101 rose mix - "Drop"

6 290 грн. 4 890 грн.

151 meter rose Grand Prix

12 990 грн. 10 970 грн.

1 995 грн.

A bouquet of white roses 151 PCs

10 850 грн. 9 190 грн.

Bouquet 301 meter red rose

25 900 грн. 21 210 грн.

Bouquet of 11 branches of peony roses

1 790 грн. 1 290 грн.

Bouquet of roses Grand Prix 11 pieces

1 495 грн. 1 195 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche" 60 sm

4 590 грн. 3 490 грн.

Rose is the most recognizable, well-known and respected flower on the planet, the quality of which people appreciated in ancient times. Based on this fact we can confidently say that the rose is the Queen of flowers and various bouquets of roses will be suitable for almost any festive event, and certainly there will always be appropriate between two lovers halves.

If you need a quality and assembled all the standards floral bouquet of roses, buy in Kyiv, which is very difficult, as most of the staff of the sales points of these colors only familiar with the basic rules of drawing up such exquisite bouquets, our - hour flower shop in Kiev are exactly what you need.

By going to our shop, you can choose bouquets of roses on a number of occasions such as:

  1. Bouquets as a gift for any wedding;
  2. Bouquets as declarations of love;
  3. Bouquets on the occasion of the birth of the child;
  4. Bouquets as a secret Declaration of love;
  5. Bouquets as a gift for birthday;
  6. Bouquets of different kinds of anniversaries, celebrations and social events;
  7. Bouquets to decorate the room;
  8. Bouquets as decoration for the main gift.

In addition, the staff of our store is able to make an individual bouquet, based on the personal wishes of the client, for very specific occasions. Also we can buy roses by the piece, suitable for shy young people, unsure of whether to buy a lush bouquet, consisting for example of 101 roses.

The quality of our product

All flowers in our shop, including roses, available exclusively from trusted and responsible domestic and foreign suppliers, in the shortest possible time and with 100% original appearance. All the flowers which in the course of transportation have been damaged, we either rejected or we can do them a big discount. Each of our bouquets are only selected manually roses that have absolutely no defects, and is able to please the eye from several days to several weeks.

Delivery of bouquets in Kiev with the participation of trained couriers that minimizes the risk of damage, in which case, we will reimburse you for the damage! The diversity of our product From us you will find the rose as the most popular and very rare colors, almost all existing varieties in the world.

The choice of the buyer provided the goods of the foreign manufacturer, in which you can find rare roses that are not found in other flower shops because of the difficulties of transporting them, and rose domestic production, which looks in no way inferior to foreign analogues, but are much cheaper. 

Delivery of our product

The delivery of roses very troublesome thing, especially when it comes to transporting large bouquet. The specialty of our shop includes delivery of flowers in Kiev around the clock, anywhere in the city on specially equipped transport, which not only will keep your bouquet from mechanical damage, but also protect against almost any weather conditions ranging from the heat, ending the 30-degree frosts.

Unfortunately, we sell flowers with delivery in Kyiv, and because of the physical characteristics of our products, not in forces to provide it to residents of other cities. However, if you are in the capital, and don't know where to buy quality bouquet of roses, feel free to make an order of flowers in Kyiv, the operators of our online store, or personally visit us, and Express the coordinates as well as precise arrival time you bought flowers!

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