Huge bouquets of roses to buy in Kiev, delivery

101 rose (red, white, cream) with a height of 50 cmThere is no person who would refuse a gorgeous bo..

1 890 грн.

101 rose colored low. The bouquet includes roses of several varieties.One of the main headaches for ..

1 690 грн.

101 red low rose. Height - 50 cmTruly charming, generous gift with a rich aroma — a bouquet of 101 r..

1 990 грн.

101 rose mix red and white in a hatboxA good presentation of gifts will be an additional bonus for c..

2 590 грн.

101 rose with a heart inside, height 70 cmBouquet of 101 rose in the shape of a heart say about your..

2 490 грн.

151 white rose with a height of 50 cm.The flowers must convey a sense of celebration and solemnity o..

3 555 грн.

25 al Dutch roses, height of 70 cm. The need to choose a beautiful and suitable to the specific even..

1 890 грн.

-20 %
51 red rose in heart, height 100 cm, diameter 45 cmThe modern world offers us numerous facilities an..

2 490 грн. 1 990 грн.

-17 %
Heart of 101 roses of red and white. Height - 70 cm, manufacture - Ukraine.What girl does not love g..

2 990 грн. 2 490 грн.

101 red roses height 60 cm101 rose to buy in Kiev can be expensive at any time of the day or night. ..

2 390 грн.

-12 %
101 rose mix, red and white, height 60/70 cmPure white color symbolizing the purity of the bride, wa..

2 490 грн. 2 190 грн.

101 rose mix red and white, height 60 cmA bouquet of roses can be the best gift for women!No lady ca..

2 190 грн.

A large bouquet of white roses in the amount of 101 units and a height of 60cm. This bouquet uses ro..

1 990 грн.

A large bouquet with peonies, orchids, tulips, roses. A height of 50/60 cm, diameter - 50 cm.Decidin..

2 990 грн.

Bouquet of 101 roses favorite varieties are 'Grand Prix' of a height slightly less than one meter. A..

3 990 грн.

Roses 101 different varieties with a height of 50/60 cmCharming bouquet '101 multi-colored rose' in ..

1 790 грн.

-7 %
101 rose in a box heartStylish, luxurious, expensive... It is a bouquet of 101 rose in the shape of ..

2 990 грн. 2 790 грн.

-10 %
151 rose red medium longThe beautiful creation of the sun – a symbol which speaks of love and admira..

4 330 грн. 3 900 грн.

23 white Dutch roses height 80 cmWhite Dutch roses, buy in Kiev, inexpensively and tastefully decora..

1 950 грн.

51 white rose sweetheart a height of 70 cmIn our store you can buy a wonderful bouquet of white rose..

1 680 грн.

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Huge bouquets of roses to buy in Kiev, delivery

For those who want to buy a large bouquet of roses, Kyiv will become the best city in Ukraine in search of such a luxurious gift. Here are collected the most beautiful and fresh flowers. It remains only to choose a colour to determine the specific number (301 bouquet of roses? more? less?) and, most importantly, find a good supplier that offers great flowers at exorbitant prices. The delivery of roses in Kiev and the region will decide whether the gift even if the giver is outside of the country.

The choice of colors

Plant color will tell a lot.

You can order a huge bouquet of roses 151 or any other client is interested in the number of plants of one tint or of several.

Each of them will symbolize a whole range of feelings and attitudes:

  • white rose recognized in awe of the heavenly beauty and perfection of the girls, they quite often give to the wedding;
  • red – best of all reflect the real, incredibly passionate love;
  • pink – symbolize the beginning of a relationship, it's a gentle hint of a dawning sense;
  • wine – talking about the love, the recognition that the object of the gift is lovely like no other (according to the tradition, they give them to Valentine's Day);
  • yellow – able to admit to friendship, respect, admiration, they bring of joy and happiness therefore a good to as reconciliation;
  • orange – talk about intoxicating love, the flowers that will give charm to men, the object of his feelings;
  • peach can be presented on the occasion of the long-awaited meeting or Dating, it flowers from timid men or for modest girls;
  • purple – presented as a sign of first love, which swallowed the representative of the stronger sex;
  • blue – always choose mystery fans, a mysterious and extraordinary, who often want to remain anonymous, even if presented with a bouquet of roses 10001;
  • green reveal the generosity of the giver and at the same time talking about his jealousy;
  • black – suitable for the beginning of relationships with strong-willed and rebellious girl.

The advantages of large bouquets

Huge bouquets of roses don't give a: they are expensive, and not every fan will be able to make such a generous gift. Besides, not all floral shops is able to offer such a product without reservation, and to deliver him safe and sound, moreover, not many are ready. The online flower shop 'Kvitochka' day-to-day presents a beautiful and beloved women, a large number of roses in bouquets, baskets, boxes, or specially designed tracks.

Our florists know how to prepare and present a bouquet of roses 201 or any other chosen by the client number. It will not look pathetic, but will definitely cause a genuine delight. The benefits of this surprise many:

  • this is the best gift with love;
  • they can confess, he will guarantee 'Yes' to almost any suggestion;
  • this is a demonstration of worship and adoration;
  • they make peace, make new relationships, feelings transferred to another stage;
  • this spectacular move in any relationship and simply stunning romantic attack.

How do we work?

Hour delivery of flowers in Kiev – here is the first important indicator of a major floral company. 'Kvitochka' the customer does not think about the timing of the gift: couriers deliver floral arrangements 24 hours a day.

The florist shop on the first requirements may create for the customer 251 bouquet of roses or any other number of plants. Huge floral gifts always turn out original and unique, for someone the one who very and generous lover. Ordering flowers in Kiev is cheap, delivery is done on time, and the flowers always look fresh and gorgeous!