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Bouquets and compositions with peony roses with delivery in Kyiv

A bright bouquet of peony roses and orchids

1 990 грн.

Bright bouquet with peony roses, tulips and orchids in purple tones.Our wor..

Bouquet of peony roses

2 290 грн.

Brides bouquet of peach peony roses and eustomas.Approaching the long-await..

Bouquet in a hatbox Picturesque

1 490 грн.

Mixed bouquet in a hat box of roses, daisies, Alstroemeria and decor. Heigh..

11 peony spray roses in a box

995 грн.1 295 грн.

11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colours in the hat box. Height 25 c..

Basket of Spring flowers story

1 990 грн.

Basket with spring flowers. In the composition of tulips, irises, roses. Th..

A big box with flowers "Bright Spring"

2 490 грн.

Large bouquet in a hat box with tulips, orchids and peony roses. Height - 4..

A large bouquet of peonies

3 990 грн.

A large bouquet with peonies, roses, tulips. A height of 50/60 cm, diameter..

Bouquet in box New style

1 190 грн.

Stylish bouquet in hat box with orchids, tulips, peony shrub roses. Height ..

Hat box with roses "May"

1 390 грн.1 890 грн.

Large hat box. In the composition of 15 white roses "White Naomi" and 10 br..

Hatbox with eustoma and orchids

2 990 грн.

Hatbox with automatic, peony roses and orchids. The height of the compositi..

Delicate bouquet with hydrangeas in a box

2 990 грн.

Delicate bouquet with hydrangeas in a large hat box. The height of the comp..

Mixed bouquet of flowers "Madame de fleur"

2 950 грн.

Large bouquets of peony roses admire its elegance, to a lively flavor. Such..

Hat box with roses and eustoma

1 290 грн.

A bouquet of flowers in a hatbox. Composed of roses, eustoma. The height of..

Box with peony roses "Madam"

1 290 грн.

Hat box with roses: red odnorotornyj and peony shrub lilac (powdery) shades..

A big box with flowers "Bright Spring-2"

3 490 грн.

Flowers in a large hat box. Composed of peonies, orchids, peony spray roses..

Bouquet in a box "gross"

2 990 грн.

A large mixed bouquet in a hatbox. Composed of roses of different varieties..

Large hatbox with peonies and orchids

3 990 грн.

Large hatbox with peonies, orchids, roses, tulips. Height - 50 cm diameter ..

Large hatbox with peonies

3 290 грн.

Large hatbox with peonies, roses, tulips. Height - 50 cm diameter - 50 cm. ..

A big box with bright hydrangeas

2 990 грн.

Large hatbox with a bright hydrangeas, peony roses, eustoma. May include se..

Bouquet of peony roses and hydrangeas in a box

2 990 грн.

Bouquet of peony roses in pastel shades and purple hydrangeas in a hatbox. ..

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Bouquets and compositions with peony roses with delivery in Kyiv

Extremely elegant and romantic look bouquets of peony roses. These lovely, lush flowers adored by many florists. They are used for the preparation of various compositions, including, for the most presentable of the bridesmaid bouquets.

The flowers were obtained by breeding, they were first grown in English gardens nearly 50 years ago. The Creator of these unique and aromatic plants – farmer and breeder David Austin. They bred roses have acquired a special quality: the ability to bloom multiple times per season, a wide range of shades, resistance to different diseases and the ability to last forever in bouquets. They are often called Austin roses – on behalf of the Creator.

Rare properties of peony roses

These adorable buds can not be overlooked. They look pleasing on flowerbeds and in gardens and in bouquets. For preparation of the compositions they are used both independently and with other colors. You can peony roses, buy in Kiev, having considered the bouquets with them in the catalogue of the florist shop.

English rose is characterized by the following features:

  • her Bud is cupped or globular form, many petals from a hundred and more;
  • unusual color petals in the style of 'Ambre' - from dark to mid-light edges;
  • very different palette of colors: light pink, milky white, pale peach, dark crimson, and other shades;
  • very delicate aroma of the buds-each rose smells special - it smells with fruit or berry shade;
  • rose Austin long retain a presentable appearance, the bouquet is not wither, they can be ordered at any time of the year.

Charming bridesmaid bouquets of peony roses

Flowers combine the beauty of rose and peony, took from them the best, unique properties. They symbolize the strong feelings, warm and mutual love, prosperity in the family. Therefore suitable English roses on a gift for anyone, especially for the bride's bouquet.

Of them are beautiful, lush and elegant composition. You can order flowers in Kiev and Kiev region, wedding bouquet of peony roses florists will do their best. Brides often choose white or pale pink roses. From buds to create bouquets of the same color or use for composition 2-3 shade.

The bride's bouquet can form only from the lush and fragrant English roses. The desire of girls to it are added the smaller flowers and leaves. The composition is decorated with satin ribbons, pearls. Perfectly with the lush buds, freesia, hydrangea, gypsophila, mattiola, brunia, astilba, blackberries. Florists are professionally suited to the creation of this bouquet.

Give someone flower arrangements English rose

Exquisite bouquets of them offers buyers round the clock online flower shop 'Kvitochka', where you can find compositions of peony roses for every taste. They presented:

  • wife or sweetheart on birthday, March 8, Valentine's Day, without reason – a recognition in love;
  • mom for any occasion to surprise her with a lush and exquisite, delicate bouquet;
  • maternity – as a thank you for the gift baby that fits her basket or bouquet of peony roses;
  • the newlyweds is a great selection of floral greetings to the bride and groom. Also they give them a wedding anniversary;
  • sister or daughter, depending on the taste of the guest of honor choose roses bright or saturated in a vibrant hue;
  • employees on different holidays, florists make special bouquets, given a reason.

Peony roses are suitable for decorations Banquet halls, which will be a celebration. They decorate the room, flowers are not only pleasing to the lush beauty but also fill the room with a pleasant sweet flavor.

To help buyers – delivery of flowers in Kyiv around the clock. Just order an exquisite bouquet and in due time it will bring you to the address. English roses are Packed in conventional tape and Kraft paper, wicker baskets and original hat boxes – as the client wishes. In any case, this is a great choice for present for any occasion.