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Dutch and Ecuadorian roses with delivery in Kyiv

A bright bouquet of peony roses and orchids

1 990 грн.

Bright bouquet with peony roses, tulips and orchids in purple tones.Our wor..

Bouquet of peony roses

2 290 грн.

Brides bouquet of peach peony roses and eustomas.Approaching the long-await..

11 peony spray roses in a box

995 грн.1 295 грн.

11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colours in the hat box. Height 25 c..

15 metre roses (freedom, Ecuador)

1 290 грн.1 675 грн.

15 meters of red roses (freedom, Ecuador).If you want to surprise your othe..

A large bouquet of peonies

3 990 грн.

A large bouquet with peonies, roses, tulips. A height of 50/60 cm, diameter..

17 al Dutch roses in a translucent package

1 170 грн.

17 all Dutch roses in a translucent package.If a significant event is comin..

15 Dutch high roses

1 095 грн.

15 Dutch red roses with a height of 70 cm. The Netherlands is a country wit..

51 metre scarlet rose, Freedom, Ecuador

3 995 грн.

51 metre scarlet rose (Freedom, Ecuador)Need a bouquet that will cause unco..

9 high Dutch roses

830 грн.

9 Dutch rose-red, height 70 cm Looking for gift delivery? Bouquet of 9 red ..

101 Dutch rose heart

5 990 грн.

101 Dutch rose, folded in the shape of a heart.Lately it has become very fa..

9 metre roses (freedom, Ecuador)

895 грн.

9 metre roses (freedom, Ecuador).Buy Dutch roses in Kiev - a romantic solut..

101 rose mix in the basket

4 990 грн.

101 white roses of different varieties, folded in the shape of a heart in t..

51 red Dutch rose

3 255 грн.4 075 грн.

51 Dutch red rose, height 100 cm.With the advent of the Internet, buy in Ky..

51 white rose sweetheart

1 975 грн.

51 white rose sweetheart a height of 70 cmTo please your favourite or favou..

21 red roses (freedom, Ecuador)

1 770 грн.

21 red roses (freedom, Ecuador).Luxury rose bouquet is a firework of positi..

A bouquet of roses "Freedom" - 100 cm 75 pieces

6 290 грн.

Bouquet of roses "Freedom" (country of origin Ecuador), 100 cm 75 piecesEle..

25 red meter Dutch roses (Freedom, Ecuador)

1 825 грн.2 390 грн.

25 red meter Dutch roses (freedom, Ecuador). Red meter to buy the Dutch ro..

Bouquet in a box "gross"

2 990 грн.

A large mixed bouquet in a hatbox. Composed of roses of different varieties..

21 creamy Dutch rose

1 255 грн.

Bouquet 21 creamy Dutch rose. Height - 60 cm, diameter - 30...

101 metre Rosa, Ecuador

8 590 грн.

101 metre Rosa (Ecuador).Red-and-white composition is a huge typical bouque..

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In the world there are many types of roses. There are about 25 thousand varieties of these lovely plants. Among them the most popular for bouquets of Dutch and Ecuadorian. Each variety has certain characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Florists flower salon 'Kvitochka' often use these roses for flower arrangements, studying their secrets and features.

Dutch roses beauty and grace

They grow in a country that is unofficially considered the flower capital. And although the weather in Holland is not very comfortable for growing flowers in the open ground, they are bred in special rosarian.

Can Dutch roses, buy in Kyiv, where they are delivered directly from Holland. They are characterized by a special beauty and elegance. From different varieties of Dutch roses create the most beautiful, luxury bouquets, and petals adorn the wedding bed of newlyweds.

Flowers possess the following features:

  • persistent, delicate and unique flavor;
  • beautiful, full of buds in different shades;
  • stems of medium length, which is useful for creating bouquets;
  • unique varieties, thanks to breeding and technology, in the Netherlands, displayed blue and rainbow roses, other types of them.

Dutch roses can be used in the bouquet alone or in combination with other colors. They are indispensable in the preparation of bouquets the bride is a very delicate and cute, perfect for this purpose. Of them create songs in baskets, hat boxes and plain packaging for anniversaries, calendar holidays, celebrations. They give women, men, business partners, employees.

Ecuadorian roses: a proud and majestic flower

Their birthplace is Ecuador, where there is a comfortable climate. Beneficial soil, sun 12 hours a day, the air temperature is 25 degrees, low pressure and high humidity all contribute to the cultivation of roses in the open air on mountain tops.

Buying meter Ecuadorian roses with delivery, the customer will receive fresh, beautiful, fragrant flowers. They are transported from Ecuador to special chambers at the temperature of + 5 degrees. After transportation they need proper revival – smooth change of temperature during a certain period. Thanks to such technologies, Ecuadorian roses are very resistant and durable, do not fade to 25 days, but they do not have the same flavor as the Dutch. They differ:

  • large buds of incredible beauty. The buds of some varieties of roses can reach 7-10 cm in diameter;
  • durable, thick and long stems – Ukraine often put roses with stems 60-120 cm, although there are more long – 180 cm;
  • Ecuadorian roses at affordable cost – they are cheaper than the Dutch counterparts.
  • many types and wide variety of color palettes. Breeders constantly displays new varieties of roses.

Large Ecuadorian roses with long stems, to give them armfuls or by the piece. It makes no sense to make bouquets or floral arrangements. You can present a single rose and tell that girl for you – the one and only. You can buy 51 or 101 Bud, the flowers are beautiful bandaging tape. They will look very elegant and touching.

Order bouquets on the house. Florists at your request we will make bouquets out of 21, 25 or 31 Ecuadorian roses, adding to them the greens, without using other colors.

Roses delivery – a nice bonus for any occasion

Order and buy flowers in Kyiv is the most convenient directly on the site online flower shop. The main thing is to choose a suitable bouquet. Florists know how to create a composition of Dutch roses by combining the shades and the flowers in the bouquet. They will tell you how to find Ecuadorian roses to present to suit to a particular event. In this matter it is better to rely on the opinion of an experienced specialist in the field of floristry.

Permanent hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv will help you to obtain a floral arrangement to the home or office. Roses are always fresh, fragrant, beautiful, with strong stems and buds.