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Roses in a box to order with delivery in Kiev

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25 red roses in a hat box

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21 white rose in a hatbox

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Colorful bouquet in a hat box

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101 scarlet rose in a hatbox

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51 White rose in a hatbox

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2 590 грн.

1 995 грн.

Arrangement of roses in the hat boxes is a unique invention of our florists. These bouquets are beautiful and presentable in appearance. They not only surprise and give pleasure. The peculiarity of their construction will eliminate the need to search for a vase and water for your flowers will extend their durability and will easily move a bunch of space.

Why roses in the hat boxes like customers

The online flower shop 'Kvitochka', which deals with the delivery of the compositions at, concluded that girls and women with special delight and admiration take from the donor roses in a hat box. Moreover, the extent of their admiration is not dependent on the number of colors in the box. In any case, this song is already a masterpiece.

What's so special about it that attracts those who receive them as a gift? Flowers in a box have the following advantages:

  • adorable appearance – neat, comfortable box goes perfectly with the colors, like they were made for each other. The bouquet will be the design decoration of the room;
  • practicality – girl, which you will present composition, will be able to put it on the nightstand beside the bed, in the office on the table, on the kitchen window. At the same time, she doesn't need a vase for flowers.
  • the ability to wonder in a box for flowers, you can put any gift. It can be sweets, soft toys, jewellery, bottle of champagne or wine. In General, anything you think your imagination;
  • long service life – the flowers will remain fresh looking, and when will wither on the memory of the girl is going to be a box. She will serve her in the form of jewelry boxes, garment accessories, napkins, and other.

Boxes for flowers: types and characteristics

Options hatboxes used by florists a variety of. They are made of thick high quality cardboard and decorated with various decorations: textured paper, ribbons, lace, beads. At customer's request applied on the box pictures, logos and labels of different subjects, using the method of stamping and screen printing.

It's nice to receive gift flowers in hat boxes, equipped with special handle with tape or rope. They are very convenient to carry from place to place, to hold the road.

Placed roses and other flowers in a carton different colors and shapes:

  • classic round, the elegant and gentle;
  • trapezoidal or square;
  • in the form of a burning love of the heart;
  • polygonal boxes for large bouquets;
  • chests or boxes of a bizarre configuration.

Inside the hatbox is covered with a waterproof film, and on its bottom there is a sponge with water and nutrients for plants. That is why they will long to please the eye of its owner.

Roses in boxes, with delivery service flower shop 'Kvitochka'

To give roses in a hat box on all the celebrations and holidays that people come up with. They fit young lady, middle-aged ladies, family and beloveds. Flower gift in a box presented not only women, but also men.

There is such a demanded service, flowers delivery to Kyiv. You don't need to go to the online store, and you can just choose a bouquet in a box on the website, thumbing through the pages of the catalog. There is arrangement of roses of one color or a combination of these colors in different shades. Placed in boxes with roses and other flowers, e.g., chrysanthemums, peonies, lilies, eustoma, etc.

Order flowers to Kiev, really without even leaving your home or office. You just have to fill out an application. Bouquets can be ordered as you wish:

  • mom, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother;
  • all employees of the office for the holiday;
  • for the bride, her bridesmaids, decorate the wedding hall.

Rejoice near and dear ones with a beautiful, fashionable and stylish bouquets in the hat boxes. Employees of the flower shop can help you choose a bouquet for any holiday occasion. They also make arrangement according to your individual order.

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