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White roses to order in Kiev and the region

101 white rose "Avalanche" 50 sm

2 990 грн.

21 white rose, Ecuador

1 490 грн.

101 rose mix - "Drop"

3 390 грн.

101 rose mix

2 790 грн.

19 white tall roses, Ecuador

1 390 грн.

21 white rose in a hatbox

995 грн.

25 white roses, Ecuador, 80 cm

2 190 грн.

Bouquet of 19 white roses

975 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche"

3 590 грн.

15 white tall roses, Ecuador

1 290 грн.

51 White rose in a hatbox

1 975 грн.

The heart of the 41 roses in box

1 590 грн.1 890 грн.

101 white rose in a hatbox

3 690 грн.

A bouquet of white roses 15 PCs

695 грн.1 095 грн.

Bouquet of roses Duet to buy in Kiev

995 грн.1 295 грн.

101 rose mix Heart in a hatbox

3 990 грн.

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Everyone had in their life to choose flowers for different occasions, it was a song for my mother, for your beloved, wedding bouquet, as an expression of warm feelings, respect. However, the composition gave a warm feeling, admiration, you should carefully approach to its choice.

The advantages of a bouquet of white roses

Many people are thinking about what to give the bouquet, the correct option will be able to reflect your feelings that you won't risk to say it aloud. Before the white rose was considered a symbol of purity and innocence, a symbol of mystery, tender love. This bouquet is most appropriate when you are giving mother of a newborn baby. It will mean gratitude, admiration. Bouquets white roses can be very different, can have a different shape, be combined with other plants, sometimes it's appropriate to combine it with branches of pink Jasmine, this option will emphasize the importance of the person in your life. However, many do not suggest to present a composition on the first date, if you are unsure of your feelings.

Choosing the arrangement in our country, it is important to ensure the number of buds, most often it must be an odd number. Even if you wish to give flowers on a birthday, for an anniversary, it is important to add one more plant to get the odd number. Of course, today can choose the most intricate compositions of any plants, including exotic. But if you don't know the preferences of women, it is always possible the white rose to buy in Kyiv cheap.

Rose is a real Queen of flowers, it has a charming aroma, is therefore appropriate in different cases. However, it is understood if you present the bouquet to the unfamiliar lady, or a colleague, boss, you should choose white color, it is more intimate tone. White plants are not present to the ladies of Mature age, they fit more saturated colors. For young girls perfect pastel shades, including white palette.

Advantages of ordering flowers online

The online flower shop 'Kvitochka' offers a variety of options for white roses, you can find beautifully designed modern bouquets, we can find a bouquet of 51 and 101 rose. Which variant to choose, you decide. The advantage of choosing a bouquet in the online shop is the ability to carefully consider the composition, to compare the prices and choose the most suitable option. The considered hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv.

This is a great way to please a man, even if you are away from home. If you work too much, are unable to attend the celebration, you can always send flowers by courier. The delivery of roses in Kyiv can be at the place of residence, may deliver to the office or to a restaurant, where the celebration. Couriers will make sure that the composition was delivered safe and sound. This is a very important moment, delivering the bouquet yourself, you can damage it. Many people prefer to order an arrangement to your home address or your office, it helps you to not waste time searching for songs on the trip in the floral interior, you get the order, and have him go on a visit or for the celebration.

Also order flowers in Kyiv allows you to remain anonymous if you wish to test the feelings of their ladies, or test guess whether it is you as a giver of flowers. You can offer card, you can stay completely anonymous. Also shipping allows you to present the flowers at any time of the day, you may wish to enjoy the early morning or late evening. To go alone in this case is inappropriate, but send bouquet with courier, it means to make a great surprise which will long remain in memory and will give positive emotions.