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Flowers in a box with delivery in Kyiv to order

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25 red roses in a hat box

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Roses in a hat box Nocturne

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21 white rose in a hatbox

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Colorful bouquet in a hat box

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51 White rose in a hatbox

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Flowers have been the best gift for women at all times. The high-speed pace and living in a modern metropolis deprives us of the opportunity to go out into the field and collect an original fragrant composition. With an abundance of outlets, it is not easy to find a worthy seller of living beauty. And it also happens that people don't see each other for weeks. The need to earn a quality life forces you to work on the road, to travel on business trips.

The only way out

What if there is no opportunity to see a dear woman on a holiday? How to congratulate the bride if there is a two-week watch again? Everyone will be perfectly rescued by the delivery of flowers in a box for their birthday, on the holiday of March 8, for Valentine's Day. Professional work of florists and managers will solve the problem of any distance. Crazy beauty will be delivered to the specified address. The client chooses the time and form of submission at his discretion. You can study the price policy and types of bouquets using the gadget screen. But the best tip will be the advice of a specialist who has been surprising loved ones for many years, building bridges, cementing family relationships. Roses, lilies, tulips, irises and other natural wonders have helped and will help everyone who loves, is devoted, is ready to sacrifice a lot.

Bright, original, without alternative!

There is no limit to perfection. Talented florists and artists working with fragrant goods continue to amaze and excite the mind. Their creativity, courage, boundless imagination, wisdom and intuition are able to create beauty that will melt the ice of the soul. Only a non-standard approach and eternal search help to achieve the best result.

Do you often buy presents for a girl and do not want to repeat yourself? Are you used to bold decisions? Flowers in a heart-shaped box will help! With such a symbolic gift, you can make an offer, confess your love, please just like that. Don't be afraid to give gorgeous buds - this is the best investment in happiness for decades. It is only important not to make a mistake with the selection of the company. Only the participation of true specialists will bring the maximum effect.

Do you need fabulous and unique flowers in a box? You can buy a bright masterpiece cheap in Kiev with the help of the Kvitochka company service. You will appreciate the relative availability, promotional offers, a fantastic choice.

Remember: flower delivery in Kyiv is profitable, attractive, convenient, saving in a desperate situation. You will not only please a loved one, but also strengthen your image.

Very often the company comes into contact with a number of issues. The answers to the most relevant, popular ones are presented below.

What if I forgot to specify something during the call?

There is no reason to worry: ordering flowers in boxes in Kiev in the Kvitochka online store is adjusted to the ideal. Everything that is necessary for an extraordinary service, the manager learns at the moment of contact. You just need to decide on the budget in advance, know the exact address and describe the situation, the reason for the delivery. The rest falls on the shoulders of our experienced employees.

What should I do if my beloved girl is not at home?

Our couriers are smart and resourceful. The beauty deliverer will take the initiative, you will certainly be contacted. Sometimes redirection helps out. A surcharge for extra hassle is rare!

Flowers in a hatbox - is it fashionable and relevant?

Practice has shown that such a way of design strikes a woman's soul on the spot. This is convenient and acceptable for many cases. The moment of comfort is important - not always a happy owner has the opportunity to immediately start doing a bouquet. Plants in the box are stored for a relatively long time, you just need to add water to the fixing sponge. The idea of this method of presentation came to the mind of the great Bernard Shaw. It was he who gave a luxurious bouquet to actress Stella Campbell. The original approach and the fascinating beauty of the plants have done their job. The playwright skillfully used a hatbox, which was invented in the fifteenth century.

Do they give flowers in a box to a pregnant wife?

There are a lot of prejudices and silly attitudes around the design of bouquets. Do not believe the rumors, omens and nonsense. Every woman will appreciate such a gorgeous present. Her age, social status, degree of kinship and reason do not matter.

Beauty knows no taboos, prohibitions, restrictions - it only creates, unites, and moves progress!

All plants and flowers can be used in boxed arrangements. However, there are nuances. For example, roses require a lot of moisture, so it is not recommended to put them in a plant oasis, but to use water directly. The florist will make a vase out of cellophane according to the size of the stem of the bouquet and fill it with water. A professional decorator knows how to package every flower and plant. Trust in experience.
A special sponge is installed at the bottom of the box to nourish the plants. From time to time you need to add a little water to it. If the water is not added, the sponge will draw moisture from the plants and they will die.
The first rule is buying fresh flowers. In a box, with proper care, these will last from three to ten days. It all depends on proper care, humidity and room temperature. Even from the species of the plants themselves - choose more resistant ones. You should get advice from the manager or florist of the salon about choosing a bouquet in a box and taking care of it.
The cost of a bouquet of flowers in a box depends on the price of the components and their quantity. Flowers are inexpensive and exotic, the cost of which can be several times higher. The size of the bouquet also matters. Delivery from our online store is free during the day in Kyiv, paid in the region, at night and at exactly the specified time, its cost is from 100 to 290 hryvnia. Details should be checked with the manager.
You can order a bouquet of flowers in a box at Kvitochka urgently and around the clock. The work of the service and the couriers capabilities are not affected by the time of day, weather conditions, coronavirus, traffic jams. The beauty will be handed over at 7 am or late at night. Transportation is carried out to your home, office center or work point.
We live in a unique time of freedom and limitless possibilities. Making a bouquet in a box is a creative process that requires initiative, bold steps and experiments. Any whim of the customer will be fulfilled, in many cases it is free.
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