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To order flowers in a box in Kyiv with delivery

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Simple and complex floral compositions is a universal gift that will be appropriate for any celebration. Flower delivery to Kiev is available around the clock, so to please the family, relatives or acquaintances at any time. And to enhance the pleasant effect of receiving a fragrant gift, romance and quite practical people choose flowers in a hatbox. Such floral ensembles not only look presentable and fresh, but also last far longer than a simple bouquet.

The history of popular trend

A hundred years ago, hat boxes were used for their intended use. First presented roses in a box to his sweetheart Stella Campbell Bernard Shaw. The famous playwright selflessly loved beauty, what constantly wrote her romantic letters for over 40 years. Stella treasured each and put them in the same box, which got a fragrant gift.

Much later, the tradition to present the bouquets in a box from under the hat came to Europe, and after has come to our country. Today many celebrities posing for the camera with such a gift. To present such a present favorite will and ordinary citizens, if you use the suggestions checked floral company. It is here that makes ordering flowers to Kiev, preferring excellent service and reliability.

Packaging options: from classics to originality

To create floral arrangements using high quality cardboard boxes with different surface texture.

Shapes, like colors, may be different:

  • Round classic.

  • Sweetheart.
  • In the form of a trapezoid or square.

  • Multi-faceted.
  • Interesting boxes and chests.

Choose flowers in a box in Kiev can be complex and simple. Often to create monobactam used peonies and tulips, roses and chrysanthemums. These plants are of different colors placed in a round box, but can use another frame. In rectangular boxes and small chests are available compact bunches, but for orchids often choose trapezoidal shape.

The inner surface of the box covered by a waterproof material. He not only allows the water to spoil the box, but also locks in vital moisture for plant life. In this package, even whimsical roses can stand for at least two weeks. To achieve this effect, florists use only fresh plants. Such flowers delivery Kyiv orders to a trusted shop.

Flowers in a hat box about the benefits tells the whole world!

Ready floral compositions placed in flower boxes, have a number of advantageous features. Among them:

  • Versatility – bouquet appropriate for any occasion. It is important to ensure prompt delivery of bouquets in Kiev chooses partners trusted store which will guarantee timely execution of the order.
  • Convenience – to carry such a composition is not only comfortable, but also safe – no danger of green or wet stems to stain your clothes.
  • Practicality – to be placed in this framing can be applied to any plants and flowers. No limits on this occasion does not exist.
  • Durability – composition not only being shredded and does not lose shape, but also keeps for long time freshness.
  • Easy care – simply sometimes pour the sponge in which to place plants so the flowers are not wilting.

Another feature of the composition that it can be decorated differently. Enough to use for jewelry beads, paper, ribbons, feathers, mesh, the bouquet was spectacular, gorgeous, presentable.

How to care for flowers in a box?
A special sponge is installed at the bottom of the box to nourish the plants. From time to time you need to add a little water to it.