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Flowers in heart-shaped boxes with macaroons, sweets

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Flowers have been used since ancient times as a traditional independent gift or as an attachment to other presents. Modern florists have come up with a unique novelty – they combined two pleasant surprises in one gift: flowers and delicious airy French macaroons cookies.

It will not be difficult to order flowers and macaroons in a box in Kiev. In the flower salon you will be offered cookies of different colors and flavors in the original packaging, supplemented with plants. A delicate almond cake melting in the mouth is made from natural ingredients - almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites and ganache cream - with its help, two halves of a cookie cake are connected. This dessert in France is considered the pinnacle of confectionery art.

How to create compositions -hearts in boxes

Qualified florists of the Kvitochka round-the-clock online flower shop will make a delicious, fragrant gift in a box with flowers and cakes to order. It is performed in several stages:

  1. First, specialists will select a cardboard or wood box that is suitable in size and shape.
  2. This package is decorated in different ways: it is made in a romantic or restrained style, can be strict in appearance or mischievous and bright. For its decoration, ribbons, beads, lace are used.
  3. The florist puts a plastic film in the prepared box, puts an oasis sponge soaked in water to prolong the life of flowers. It has a floral arrangement of roses, gerberas, daisies, orchids, tulips or other flowers.
  4. When everything is ready, macaroons of different shades and tastes are carefully placed in an exquisitely decorated container. Such a delicacy, undoubtedly, will appeal to the wonderful recipients of the gift.
  5. The box is closed with a lid, so when it is handed over, some intrigue will remain until the girl opens it.

Flowers in a box in the form of a heart are in great demand – with their help you can confess your love, make a pleasant and long-awaited sign of attention to a woman. It is impossible to resist such a gift.

Flowers and macaroons in boxes: who is given such presents

A fragrant, beautiful, delicious gift is suitable for a gift to women, regardless of age and status. Fresh, delicate flowers in a box with macaroons are often bought in Kiev:

  • beloved girlfriend and wife as proof of ardent love;
  • to a friend - such gifts can be presented by both women and men;
  • to my mother and grandmother - as a sign of gratitude and love for the most dear people;
  • teacher and employee – a great alternative to the traditional bouquet;
  • to my daughter– she will be happy to open a surprise box and enjoy its contents.

A box with macaroons and flowers is relevant for such romantic and solemn occasions as engagement and wedding, bachelorette party and wedding anniversary. For any calendar holiday, Birthday or anniversary, you can make an order for flower delivery to your home in Kyiv – a sweet present will always be appropriate.

Taking care of the gift correctly

Sweet macaroons are unlikely to be kept by any of the women for a long time, even if you want to stretch the pleasure, you will not be able to resist the temptation to eat delicious cakes. But the life of flowers in a gift can be extended. They need proper care:

  • if necessary, pour water into the oasis sponge – it must be wet;
  • make sure that the water falls on the sponge, and not on the flower buds and leaves;
  • drain excess water, if a lot of it has poured out, so that plants do not rot;
  • remove the dry leaves and buds, so the composition will remain beautiful in appearance longer.

The original box can be left as a keepsake, even when the flowers have outlived their usefulness. It is useful for folding small items, storing jewelry, buttons, threads and more.

There is a constant delivery, - you can please a woman dear to your heart with a heart box with macaroons and flowers when there is an occasion or just as a sign of love and respect. At the request of the customer, a postcard with wishes will be added to the gift to emphasize the significance of the present.

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