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Flowers in boxes with macaroons, chocolates, in boxes in the shape of a heart

Heart of 51 roses in box

1 890 грн.2 390 грн.

51 roses of three colors is folded into the shape of a heart in a box. The ..

Heart of roses in a box Etude

1 375 грн.

Arrangement of roses, made in heart shape. Diameter of the bouquet - approx..

The heart of the 41 roses in box

1 390 грн.1 890 грн.

Composition heart from 41 different kinds of roses in the box. Diameter 40/..

31 rose in a box "Heart"

1 390 грн.

31 white roses in a box in the shape of a heart. When you want to express y..

Floral heart with macaroons No. 4

1 290 грн.

Floral heart with macaroons. Diameter 30 cmHow to please a female? Of cours..

Heart in a box Valentine's Day

990 грн.

The original heart in a box. The composition consists of roses, gypsophila ..

Box-heart with flowers and macaroons No. 2

1 390 грн.

Box - heart with macaroons and composition of fresh flowers (spray roses, d..

Box-heart with macaroons and flowers No. 3

1 330 грн.

Stylish box heart shaped macaroons - popular biscuits came to us from Franc..

Box-heart with macaroons No. 1

1 390 грн.

Sweet heart, which included flower arrangement (white roses, greenery, deco..

A box of macaroons for a Sweet surprise

1 490 грн.

Original gift box in the French style macaroons and flowers. The diamete..

Chamomile heart in a box

1 395 грн.

Composition in the shape of a heart from romashkovidnye chrysanthemums in a..

Box heart Tiny confession

990 грн.

Composition in a stylish box-heart. Consists of spray roses, Hypericum, cho..

Box with flowers and candy 'Solomia'

1 790 грн.

A box of flowers and chocolates. Composition: orchids, alstromeria, roses, ..

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Flowers since ancient times was used as a traditional standalone gift or as a Supplement to other gifts. Modern florists came up with a unique product – they are combined in one gift two pleasant surprise: flowers and tasty air French pastry macaroon.

Will not be easy to order flowers and macaroons in a box in Kyiv. In a flower shop you will find cookies in different colors and flavor in the original packaging, complemented by plants. Tender, melting in the mouth almond cake made from natural ingredients – almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites and the cream of the ganache – it can connect the two halves of cupcake-cookie. This dessert in France is considered the top of pastry arts.

How to create songs in boxes

Skilled florists-online flower shop 'Kvitochka' will produce custom delicious, fragrant gift in a box with flowers and cakes. It is performed in several stages:

  1. First, experts will select the right size and shape box made of cardboard or wood.
  2. This container is decorated differently: it is executed in a romantic or restrained style, can be strict in appearance or mischievous and bright. For decoration apply ribbons, beads, lace.
  3. In the prepared box florist lays plastic wrap, puts the sponge-oasis soaked in water to prolong the life of flowers. Her a floral arrangement of roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, tulips or other flowers.
  4. When everything is ready, tastefully decorated, capacity neatly stacked macaroons in different shades and taste. Such a delicacy, no doubt, enjoy the beautiful recipient of the gift.
  5. Box closed with a lid, so when its delivery will remain some intrigue when it will not open.

Are in great demand of flowers in the box in the form of a heart, with their help, you can confess in love, to make a sweet and welcome sign of attention to the woman. Before this gift impossible to resist.

Flowers and macaroons in boxes: who give such gifts

Fragrant, beautiful, delicious gift perfect for the gift to women regardless of age and status. Fresh, delicate flowers in a box of macaroons in Kyiv often buy:

  • his girlfriend and wife in the evidence of passionate love;
  • friend, such gifts can give both women and men;
  • my mom and grandmother as a sign of gratitude and love for the native people;
  • the teacher and employee – a great alternative to the traditional bouquet;
  • daughter – she would love to open the surprise box and eat its contents.

A box of macaroons and flowers are relevant on such a romantic and solemn occasions like engagement and wedding, Bridal shower and anniversary wedding. On any calendar holiday, birthday or anniversary you can order flowers to the house in Kyiv – a sweet gift is always appropriate.

Caring for the gift correctly

Sweet macaroons, hardly anyone of the women would keep for a long time, even if you want to prolong the pleasure, you won't be able to resist the temptation to eat delicious cakes. And here is the flower of life, the gift can be extended. They need proper care:

  • if necessary, pour in the sponge-oasis water – it must be moist;
  • make sure that the water fell to the sponge, and not on the flower buds and leaves;
  • drain the excess water if it is spilled a lot, to avoid rotting of plants;
  • remove dry leaves and buds out of the box, so the composition will longer remain attractive.

Original box can be left in memory even when the flowers will be obsolete. It will come in handy for folding small items, storing jewelry, buttons, threads, and other.

There is a permanent delivery of flowers in Kyiv inexpensive, you can make your prized woman box-heart with macaroons and flowers when the occasion or simply as a token of love and respect. To the gift by the customer will add a card with best wishes to emphasize the significance of the gift.