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Bouquets and arrangements in hat boxes

101 rose mix red and white in box

2 990 грн.3 790 грн.

101 rose mix red and white in a hatbox. History is silent about who first came up with the creative ..

11 peony spray roses in a box

995 грн.

11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colours in the hat box. Height 25 cm, diameter - 18 cm The o..

21 white rose in a hatbox

755 грн.995 грн.

21 white rose in a hatbox"Bouquet of white roses, love is in each lobe", with the author of the song..

31 multicolored roses in a hat box

1 190 грн.

31 white roses in a hat box.What woman does not dream of the gift of a bouquet of roses? This bouque..

51 velvet rose hat box

1 875 грн.1 990 грн.

51 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix in a hatbox. The height of the composition - 40 cm, diameter is ..

Bouquet in a box Holiday Blues

1 990 грн.

Unusual bouquet in a stylish box. Consists of orchids, roses, peonies.The height of the composition ..

Bouquet in a hatbox "Exotic"

2 990 грн.

A large hatbox filled with exotic flowers. Composed of peonies, Protea, Brassica, peony roses, eusto..

Box with peony roses "Madam"

1 090 грн.

Hat box with roses: red odnorotornyj and peony shrub lilac (powdery) shades.Buy a box of peony roses..

21 multi-colored Tulip in the box

995 грн.

Букет21 colorful Tulip in a hatbox.Undoubtedly the arrival of spring is characterized by the tulips...

Flower box Spring Blues

1 975 грн.

Variegated spring bouquet, placed in original cardboard box. Consists of orchids, peonies, tulips, A..

Hatbox peony and peony roses

1 990 грн.

Hatbox peony and peony roses. Height - 35 cm, diameter - 30 cmValuable beautyPeonies have always bee..

Roses in a hat box Nocturne

975 грн.1 175 грн.

It is a worthy bouquet to gift a special memorable Day. Arrangement contains white roses "white Naom..

101 rose in a box in the shape of a heart

3 290 грн.3 990 грн.

101 rose in a box heart.To give a beautiful contemporary bouquet – it means to give the person a rea..

A big box with bright hydrangeas

2 190 грн.2 890 грн.

Large hatbox with a bright hydrangeas, peony roses, eustoma. May include seasonal flowers. Height - ..

Bouquet in a hatbox Picturesque

1 490 грн.

Mixed bouquet in a hat box of roses, daisies, Alstroemeria and decor. Height - 30 cm, diameter 25 cm..

Flowers in a box Delicate relationship

1 955 грн.

Simultaneously huge and delicate bouquet in a hatbox. Consists of white roses, spray roses peony pow..

33 different kinds of roses in a hat box

1 490 грн.

33 different kinds of roses: "Avalanzh", "Grand Prix" Bush "Madam Bombastic". In a hatbox. The heigh..

45 tulips in a hat box

1 590 грн.

45 tulips in a hat box. Height - 35 cm, diameter 30/35 cm Bouquets of flowers with delivery in Kyiv ..

A big box with flowers "Pompey"

1 990 грн.

A bouquet of flowers in a large hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 35 cm Is composed of roses, chry..

Bouquet in a box long live

1 790 грн.

Large hatbox with perfectly matched colours. Composed of roses, eustoma, alstroemeria, orchids, deco..

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Bouquets and arrangements in hat boxes

Special beauty and autumn, different flowers in a hatbox, Kiev is a city where such compositions became very popular and won the hearts of many buyers. Perform them with great love and inspiration florists flower shop.

Flowers in hat boxes: a bit of history

Appeared flower arrangements in the boxes not so long ago, but its roots, they go way back. In the 18-19 century, all the noble ladies wore bonnets. Each hat was designed hatbox. The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw was utterly in love with the beautiful Stella Campbell. He first gave the woman flowers in a box from under the hat. The girl kept her long years of letters from the beloved.

Such a touching story did not leave indifferent the modern florists and they decided to use hat boxes to create floral masterpieces. Their wide variety offers a online flower shop 'Kvitochka'. Boxes are placed in completely different colors, therefore, in the catalog, you can choose 'exactly' the bouquet.

The species compositions in the hat boxes

Boxes made primarily of cardboard. They differ in the color, design, size and texture. You can choose the capacity to create a lovely bouquet of different forms:

  • traditional oval and round;
  • trapezoidal and diamond shaped;
  • square and rectangular;
  • in the form of chests and caskets;
  • original box-the heart.

The most current - round boxes with flowers. It is convenient to carry, can be put anywhere. Hat boxes beautifully decorate, decorate with ribbons, beads, sequins. Some boxes are closed by the lid – this will create intrigue for women when receiving a gift.

The advantages of the colors in the hat boxes

This package is suitable for all colors. Often florists bouquets of roses in a hat box. They can consist of buds of the same or different shades of roses only or with the addition of other types of flowers.

To create compositions in boxes used tulips, orchids, lilies, peony roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, other flowers and greenery. Flowers in such containers is luxurious, beautiful and practical. Hat boxes have several advantages compared with other packaging types:

  • them plants long retain the freshness and its natural beauty, because on the bottom of the box, set the sponge with water and useful substances for the colors;
  • bouquets can be conveniently carried and transported, the recipient will not have to look for a vase for their installation;
  • in this package the bouquet falls apart, he will not lose shape, because the flowers in it should be firmly attached;
  • the box can be used for personal needs even after the flower will wither.

Due to the fact that there is a service – delivery of flowers in Kiev inexpensive, you can congratulate native, or loved one, having ordered a gorgeous box of any color. Most importantly, to determine its content.

Give someone flowers in a hatbox

They can give women and men to give on any occasion. The florist will design the bouquet, depending on whom it is intended. Most of the songs in the hat boxes are presented with favorite wives and her lover girls and women-female relatives – mother, sister, daughter, grandmother. Composition is more rigorous, sophisticated look suitable for work colleagues, teachers at school, for a woman leader.

Experts flower shop will produce the composition in a hat box for men. To do this, use the packaging of the strict kind – of square or rectangular, flowers of dark shades, a minimum of decoration.

Combined with flowers in a hatbox sweets, chocolates, macaroons, champagne, soft toys. It is possible to add to the bouquet of congratulations to the woman. Making out flowers to the house in Kyiv, do not forget about the postcard with warm words of congratulations. Bouquet will bring the hero of the occasion exactly at the appointed time. If the customer wishes, the joyful moments of its delivery, the courier will record to the camera. Then you will see how much joy and pleasant emotions brought your gift!

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