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Flowers in a box with delivery in Kyiv to order

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51 velvet rose hat box

4 535 грн. 3 970 грн.

1 695 грн.

4 290 грн.

2 890 грн.

5 490 грн.

Heart of 51 roses in box

3 990 грн. 3 550 грн.

1 990 грн.

1 795 грн.

2 495 грн.

12 590 грн.

9 790 грн.

25 scarlet Dutch roses in a box

2 890 грн. 2 250 грн.

5 390 грн.

2 290 грн.

All plants and flowers can be used in boxed arrangements. However, there are nuances. For example, roses require a lot of moisture, so it is not recommended to put them in a plant oasis, but to use water directly. The florist will make a vase out of cellophane according to the size of the stem of the bouquet and fill it with water. A professional decorator knows how to package every flower and plant. Trust in experience.
A special sponge is installed at the bottom of the box to nourish the plants. From time to time you need to add a little water to it. If the water is not added, the sponge will draw moisture from the plants and they will die.
The first rule is buying fresh flowers. In a box, with proper care, these will last from three to ten days. It all depends on proper care, humidity and room temperature. Even from the species of the plants themselves - choose more resistant ones. You should get advice from the manager or florist of the salon about choosing a bouquet in a box and taking care of it.
The cost of a bouquet of flowers in a box depends on the price of the components and their quantity. Flowers are inexpensive and exotic, the cost of which can be several times higher. The size of the bouquet also matters. Delivery from our online store is free during the day in Kyiv, paid in the region, at night and at exactly the specified time, its cost is from 100 to 290 hryvnia. Details should be checked with the manager.
You can order a bouquet of flowers in a box at Kvitochka urgently and around the clock. The work of the service and the couriers capabilities are not affected by the time of day, weather conditions, coronavirus, traffic jams. The beauty will be handed over at 7 am or late at night. Transportation is carried out to your home, office center or work point.
We live in a unique time of freedom and limitless possibilities. Making a bouquet in a box is a creative process that requires initiative, bold steps and experiments. Any whim of the customer will be fulfilled, in many cases it is free.
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