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Terms of delivery of flowers in Kiev and the region, methods of payment

Welcome You to our online shop!

This page contains all the information regarding the delivery, payment and many more nuances that can arise in the order fulfillment process.

To avoid misunderstandings, be careful when applying, but if You do not understand some points, please contact the Manager of the online store.

This service from our salon of flowers, as flowers delivery to Kiev, is available at all times within one to four hours

on area during the day.

Flower delivery to Kiev from 23-00 09-00 in the time range of 3-4 hours is free of charge,

however, flower delivery in exactly specified the daytime will be 100 UAH.

Flowers delivery in Kiev with 23-00 to 08-30 will be 200 UAH and are possible in exact time + 40 minutes.

If You need urgent delivery of bouquet within 1 - 2 hours, it will be 150 UAH.

Flower delivery within the city (the distance from the center of Kiev more than 15 km) - 150 UAH.

The cost of delivery in Kiev region is of UAH 250 and it is advisable to order in advance, after specifying the ability.

Taking orders for delivery of flowers is made from 8-00 to 20-00 on any day of the week.

When ordering the bouquet after 20-00, delivery is possible after 11: 00 the next day.

If You need to deliver the flowers before (evening, night or early morning), please contact the store Manager by phone, viber or email and confirm the opportunity.

There is a possibility of photos of flower delivery in Kiev: courier photographs of the happy recipient''s of the bouquet. This involves: a desire to order such a service, the consent of the recipient, and technical ability. Photo of the happy recipient with a bouquet sent to Your Inbox, viber or other way convenient for you.

Often it happens that the need to congratulate the person, and You don't know the exact address or time, convenient to receive delivery of the bouquet. Enter the phone number and the salon Manager to agree and arrange everything as it should be. Of course, if the recipient will take it and give his or her consent.

Before leaving the courier to our service typically call the recipient and specifies the details.

...However, there are cases when the customer wants it to be a surprise. If the recipient location is not provided, there are two options of solution:

1) leave a bouquet of employees, relatives, neighbors or a Concierge;

2) deliver to another address for the individual shipping cost according to the terms of this service.

In case of refusal from the colors of the recipient at the time of delivery we reserve the right not to refund the cash to the customer. However, you can transfer the bouquet into the case when not cut off the legs of flowers in composition (flower baskets, flowers in a box, ...). There are many reasons for gifting floral arrangements, and surely You will find your - there are no hopeless situations. And we will do everything we can to make Your surprise unforgettable!

We also guarantee You a refund in the event of non-fulfillment by us of Your order by our fault.


1. Online payment on our website with Visa, Master Card

You have the option to pay for your order plastic cards Visa and MasterCard online. To this end, during checkout, select the payment method 'Visa/Mastercard'. Confidential information about the number of Your card, CVV2/CVC2 code are transmitted by You to the site servers/systems secure electronic payments in an encrypted form. For data transmission, TLS Protocol, so the safety of the operations is fully guaranteed

To pay for delivery order flowers online using a Bank card Visa/Mastercard, you can use the services:

Visa/MasterCard WayForPay

To pay for your order directly on the website may due to service wayforpay.com. The system of secure electronic payments implemented on the most modern safety standard of 3D Secure, which ensures the maximum safety of Your payment on the Internet.

Visa/MasterCar Platon

Electronic payment system Platon - high level of comfort in the sphere of payment. Safe, modern, innovative payment service for online stores, through which customers are able to pay for goods and services using Bank cards Visa and MasterCard.

2. By electronic transfer to the card PRIVAT BANK

  • This payment You can make:
    - transfer from your card of PRIVAT BANK, if You have one
    - putting the agreed amount to our accounts by using the terminal PRIVATE BANK

3. Payment services for our customers located in the territory of Russia : QiWi Terminals

These terminals are located in Russia and helps You to conveniently send money, adding to our bill Webmoney

WMR R422259389659 (section e-Commerce). QiWi Commission Of 5%.

4. Webmoney

  • You can pay through the system of Internet payments 'Web Money'. For payment You need to have your own account (wallet) in the WebMoney system.
  • Our wallets:
  • U 177443066242 - UAH
  • Z 151366346776 US Dollar
  • R 422259389659 - Russia Ruble
  • E 137853703548 - Euro


5. Cash to the courier

  • You pay for your order directly to the property upon receipt. But there are some nuances - sometimes prepayment in part or in whole:
  • a complex composition requiring the damaged stems, buds dying;
  • a large amount of work;
  • night / early delivery time.
  • If the shipping address does not match the address of the payer, the payment is made in advance, before the fact of delivery in cash to the courier. The cost of The service will be courier to Your address for the advance payment of 100 UAH is.


6. 'Western Union', 'Money Gram', 'Unistream', ...

  • A convenient way to transfer money for those who are outside of Ukraine. Worldwide there are hundreds of thousands of points of money transfers of these systems. Very convenient, fast and simple.
  • Recipient:
  • Julia Reznichenko
  • Reznichenko Yuliya Vladimirovna

7. Bank transfer

This method is suitable mainly for legal entities and organizations. Salon Manager writes out the invoice, according to which the payment is made.