Photographing flowers delivery by couriers of the company 'Kvitochka'

Simply stunning bouquet of high red roses in the amount of 151 pieces. The presence of so many roses..

6 045 грн.

The expression "strew flowers" can be carried out in reality due to budget delivery of bouquets in K..

895 грн.

Bright bouquets of orchids, of course, represent the grandeur and scale amazing of their owner. Acco..

2 999 грн.

Exquisite, incomparable smell and the beauty of white roses – a fact that needs no proof. A bouquet ..

390 грн.

A small arrangement in a basket. Composition: romashkovidnye chrysanthemum, spray rose, Alstroemeria..

755 грн.

Present a floral arrangement in the shape of a heart one that will appreciate such a vivid recogniti..

990 грн.

Large bouquet of chrysanthemums romashkovidnye. Height - 70 cm, diameter - 50 cmLarge bouquets are a..

895 грн.

Gorgeous, bright exotic bouquet of orchids: magnificent, presentable. To lay down such an original c..

2 990 грн.

-13 %
Composition heart from 41 different kinds of roses in the box. Diameter 40/45 cmNow more and more ga..

1 490 грн.
1 290 грн.

Bouquet of red roses...Corny? Hardly be called a variant of a bouquet of 51 red roses. This luxuriou..

2 590 грн.

In our online store there is a possibility of urgent delivery of flowers in Kiev and the region, and..

4 990 грн.

Huge flower basket with eustoma, orchids, alstromerias, baby's breath. Height - 70 cm diameter - 55 ..

3 990 грн.

Bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums in the amount of 101 branches.Bouquets of chrysanthemums a wonderfu..

4 990 грн.

31 basket of roses and decor will fill the void on any festive event, regardless of which scale is p..

1 150 грн.

Basket of flowers, in the style of the song "Celebration," is sure to delight the potential buyer un..

890 грн.

Table flower arrangement can decorate any room. Bright flowers in a small basket will appeal to ever..

755 грн.

How wonderful to receive a gift basket of flowers! But if these roses are laid out in the shape of a..

1 190 грн.

Fabulously attractive bouquet of white chrysanthemums romashkovidnye are always available the online..

1 190 грн.

Red roses a long time favorite of millions of people classic. And always a bouquet of roses acts on ..

755 грн.

How often do women get flowers as a gift? Even if it is once a week, anyway, every time that which t..

990 грн.

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This page contains photos of our deliveries.

Photos are exclusively with the consent of the customer.

Give loved ones floral joy

The flowers are always beautiful. Flowers are a joy. And the reason for purchasing them may not always be a solemn event. A small armful of these extremely enchanting and aromatic plants, you can show your love and sympathy, to thank, to apologize or simply to get rid of the Blues.

Service for the sale of flowers and bouquets has our online flower shop. Kiev where it is located, for many years practicing this service. To choose, as they say, is from whom. But we offer cooperation with us.

Why us?

Flowers delivery can conquer and melt any heart. They are more valuable than an expensive gift. Such a wonderful surprise of roses, orchids, irises, peonies, tulips, carnations, daisies, field flowers, you can order on our website around the clock.


  • we deliver only fresh plants (otherwise model the bouquet or refund the money);
  • at the request enclosed a free postcard to ordering with your message to the recipient of the flowers;
  • on request complemented by a bouquet of any gift, even if you will need to purchase it for you;
  • store information about the customer and the delivery to the recipient (this can be seen only with the cards, if there is one);
  • about order status, time of delivery of a bouquet inform the customer immediately via email and SMS;
  • each delivery to confirm the photo, which the customer may wish to pick up, to enjoy the joy of a loved one at the time of receipt of the bouquet;
  • use only secure ways of receiving money, so this issue is usually misunderstandings do not occur on transfer of the payment, the customer finds out immediately via SMS.

Quickly and cheaply

The main thing is that through our online store, you will get rid of the winding of the city to find the right bouquet. Our flower delivery in Kiev equally with respect to all orders, always remembering that each of them are people, their fates.

By the way, you will find not only already prepared floral products. We practice and customer service according to individual taste. This wonderful deal for our experienced florists. In addition, we can offer other pleasant surprises, for example, fruit baskets or other similar sets, toys, boxes of chocolates and much more.

Flowers delivery across Kiev is carried out promptly and around the clock. In town for the procedure takes about an 1-4 hour.

By the way, with a full list of cities that we serve can be found on the website.

How to order?

This is done very simply. You have to choose you liked the song (here you can attach cake, candy and any product that you think appropriate to send a bouquet). Add it all to cart and then click 'Checkout'.

Then have the procedure for filling a standard form, after which you will receive a message that your order is accepted. Next, you will contact our Manager to clarify and finalize the order. After payment, the order will be sent to the courier service.

As you can see very easy to order flowers. Kiev or another city for us there is no difference. Delivery service works well and quickly.

And a photo for memory

Many of our customers are interested in the question whether it is possible to get photos of the deliveries? Of course, you can. Our couriers produce quality shooting of the date of delivery of the bouquet. To do this, when ordering, you will need to submit their request. Then the Manager serving you, send you photos by e-mail. As you can see, it's very simple.

Serving any client, we do everything we can to satisfy them. So don't delay, make your order right now. And you will see that working with us is simple,