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Quality of flowers and delivery guarantees on Kyiv and area

Importance of Your trust to our service

Quality flowers and deliveryIt is very important for us, that a man remained content with service and became a permanent client Kvitochka. We value Your trust. We try not to let down : to create a fresh original bouquet, with lightning speed quickly or in time to deliver him. Before delivery a bouquet is taken pictures. you can get a photo and, if required, we will "touch" up composition: we will add/we will delete, will change packing,...

Every order on delivery of colors in Kyiv or on an area for us unique and carefully worked out. Риски is taken into account : corks on roads, weather terms. All standard and non-standard customer wishes are taken into account : it is a law!

Quality of flowers and plants

We buy in the quality flowers of plant ONLY, taking away the best home producers and suppliers of the imported products. Believe: the the same sort of flower can differ on the parameters for different producers: measuring bud, by the fortress of stem, firmness, sometimes even and by the amount of petals. It touches colors both our and foreign production. For example: the chic rose of sort of "Freedom" is left from Ecuador and Colombia. Colombian plantations yield to Ecuadorian, however far all. At one, more tested plantations, the buds of roses are chic, at other - considerably less sizes.

Flowers and prepared compositions are in optimal terms. All norms of storage and transporting are observed.

Long-term experience of drafting and delivery of flowers on Kyiv and area

Florists have enormous experience pick-a-back and to every order befit professionally. They not only observe a long ago existent laws and rules but also constantly improving and идя in step with time, all new trends take into account. Individual orders are performed the with the special approach and meticulousness. Did not find the bouquet in catalogues? Send a picture - will do high-level!

Couriers know a city and outskirts perfectly, polite. Their long-term experience allows to react on different non-standard situations adequately and to get along at difficult tasks.

Confidentiality of information

All passed by a client data remain confidential.

That to do with a bouquet that does not accept recipient?

There are misunderstanding in human relations. Sometimes, alas, delivery of colors does not help to kindle somebody's heart and correct a situation. In anything a not guilty bouquet can be delivered to other address, in other day. All is individual here.


It is very important for each employee of the Kvitochka flower salon that you use our flower delivery service not for the first and not the last time). & nbsp;

We value your trust and try to become a reliable and worthy partner.

Don't overstate the price. The cost of bouquets and compositions depends on the number of flowers and plant varieties. Updating promotions. We provide discounts.

We love creative individual orders.


We offer free delivery in Kyiv from 9-00 to 22-00 Kyiv time, in the range of 3-4 hours (for example, from 10-00 to 14-00).

Free delivery does not apply to promotional offers and bouquets (compositions) worth up to 500 hryvnia. For these groups of goods, it is 100 hryvnia.

Flower delivery in Kyiv at exactly the specified time + - 15 minutes, night, urgent, within the city - 200 hryvnia, in the region - from 290 hryvnia.

Delivery at the specified time + - 55 minutes - 100 hryvnia.
Photo report

A photo report of the delivery of a bouquet of flowers (composition) is made by the courier directly at the place of delivery. You can order the service when placing an application, it's free.

You can also order a photo of the finished bouquet before sending it. 

The photo will be sent by the salon manager via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or email.

In the online flower shop Kvitochka there are discounts for partners and regular customers. You can get a discount coupon from the manager. It is valid for all your purchases and has no limitation period.
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