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Heart of the 51 roses of different colors and varieties in box

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  • Product Code:  Серце з 51 троянди в коробці
51 roses of three colors is folded into the shape of a heart in a box. The height of the composition - 30 cm diameter - 55 cm..More
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51 roses of three colors is folded into the shape of a heart in a box. The height of the composition - 30 cm diameter - 55 cm

To conquer a woman only a sincere disposition to it, as well as constant attention. Deciding what to choose roses for your girlfriend, wife, mom or daughter should stay on the original heart of the 51 roses in the box. This stylish surprise will not leave anyone indifferent and will help to make the day really special.

Original gift heart out of 51 roses in box

The love of plants women have proven for centuries, now according to statistics 8 out of 10 girls will be happy to see the Queen of flowers, in spite of its thorns. They are not considered, compensates for all the magical fragrance and the beauty of the plant.

Men the first surprise for any women choose a floral arrangement composed of the Queen's garden. A box in the shape of a heart with 51 rose – a unique opportunity to demonstrate that a member of the opposite sex gently and passionately loved. With such a gift can be nice to express all the positive emotions.

The power of rose bushes is undeniable, but if they are presented in unusual floral arrangements, that will melt any obstacles.

Unique heart of the 51 roses in a box, laid out clearly and beautifully, will symbolize sincere love. At the sight of such a cute surprise gift no longer wanted.

The best choice

Deciding to please your favorite floral ensemble do not always know what shade of petals to choose from:

  • for young girls acquire white and pink;
  • wives and mothers give red and Burgundy.

The combination of multiple shades of colors can talk about the joy of communication, to symbolize passion, fervor, unity of souls. Bouquet of 51 roses heart custom-made in Kvitochka exactly gentle waves of several types and shades of colors are beautifully combined with each other.

Such a composition can please the girl, even if she is an experienced florist or has a particular preference in floral arrangements.

Order bouquet of 51 roses round the clock at any place of the city and not have to worry that such beauty will quickly fade. Gift box comes with a container filled with water. The unique fragrance of the flowers can be enjoyed for a long time without worrying about the lack of water.

Prompt delivery of flowers in Kyiv to order from the online store of bouquets Kvitochka will provide a surprise for your beloved on time.

Floral heart with delicious piping will be for any women with a special sign, and will be remembered for a lifetime.


Нужно было что то аккуратное и необычное на годовщину, сюрприз для жены. Ваши флористы посоветовали этот букет. Получилось красиво, жене понравилось. Спасибо.


Букет шикарный! Розы с ароматом. Спасибо. И за быструю доставку - курьеру спасибо.


Моя девушка была в Киеве на сессии, я вдруг захотел сделать ей неожиданный подарок. Тем более, она была расстроена из-за одного сложного предмета, и нужно было срочно поднять ей настроение. Не сразу нашёл вашу службу, подобные компании мой заказ не могли выполнить так быстро. А у вас все отлично получилось! Спасибо! 

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