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Toys of fresh flowers with delivery in Kiev

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Bouquets of orchids, roses, gerberas, lilies give our loved ones lots of joy. And excellent toys of flowers today is enjoying unprecedented popularity.

World of flower ideas multi-faceted and vivid. Bouquets of orchids, roses, gerberas, lilies, tulips and other wonderful flowers to give our loved ones lots of joy. A kaleidoscope of amazing colors and flavors brings harmony into the home or workplace. But an important point is aesthetic pleasure from the shapes, graceful lines and elements. It is not surprising that the excellent invention of florists toys of flowers – today is enjoying unprecedented popularity.

The fairy images

Original figures of flowers can be presented for any occasion (anniversary, wedding, birth, birthday, etc.) and will be glad to both children and adults. And hour delivery of flowers in Kiev will save you from unnecessary worries – just set the time and specify the address of the recipient.

The floral range of toys are endless. Among the favorite images – cute Teddy bears and graceful swans, dolphins and adorable cats, an imposing dragon, funny cows and other wonderful inhabitants of the fauna.

You can please the beloved grandmother colorful hedgehog of chrysanthemums, the winning soccer team will be pleased to obtain in addition to the Cup the original flower ball, a VIP client will surely appreciate the stylish company logo, is made of chrysanthemum varieties 'Santini'. But the ideas don't stop there, because the order of the colors creative team of professionals always take in the individual mode, and is ready to implement new ideas of each client.

The nuances of choice and symbolism

Choosing toys made of flowers, it is important to determine the value of your gift – token (chosen of the heart), wish the good life (birthday), respect and cooperation (partners in business), tender care (for kids), etc. Master florists will help you Express your feelings, give the flower gift romantic, respectable or funny.

Do not forget about the palette of colors. Turning to the Internet flower shop, ask the Manager whether it is possible to execute a figure of colors in the desired color. If you have the desire to focus on one of the shades, keep in mind that the color red symbolizes the fervor of feeling, dynamism and creativity, blue is power, idealism and mystery; white symbolizes purity, sincerity and unity, the pink – femininity and friendliness, feel free to add green permanence and prosperity, orange for energy and freedom, yellow – cheerfulness and originality.

Form created the flower object also has a value of: a circle, a symbol of harmony, the triangle is the ambition and leadership, and the square – hard work and order.

Toys of fresh flowers is a new trend in floristry and are becoming popular today. Due to the complexity of manufacture are toys made of flowers a little more expensive than the usual traditional bouquets, however, first, it is still a novelty, and secondly, with proper care for such a pretty thing, she can please You quite a long time, not fading.

The toy is made of flowers only from fresh material. Flowers are chosen more resistant to fading varieties.Flower (plant) the material is stored in a special sponge cut plants, which from time to time need to pour a thin stream of cold water. To make flower toys can only be experienced florist, and order fulfillment will take at least 3/4 hours, depending on the complexity of the work and the delivery address.

Size compositions from the category of toy from colors specified in the descriptions, their maximum height is 40cm. In the manufacture of the same miracle of a bigger size will need more time, and prices on large flower toys will be much higher, because toys made of flowers of large size are manufactured to more sophisticated technologies.

Contacting our specialists You can make an individual order for the manufacture of toys of flowers. In the selection of flower and decor You will help our florists (given the fact, on what occasion and for whom be composed of a composition).

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