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24-hour flower delivery in Kyiv: ordering bouquets online

101 rose mix "Drop"

2 390 грн.3 190 грн.

101 rose mix of red and white flowers with a height of 60 cm.Order and buy 101 rose in Kyiv inexpens..

101 rose mix height 60 cm

2 390 грн.2 990 грн.

101 rose (red, white, cream) with a height of 60 cm.In Kyiv more than 15 years now exemplary workers..

Bouquet of pink tulips 25 pieces

895 грн.

Spring, juicy, tender, gorgeous bouquet of twenty-five pink tulips is waiting for its recipient. The..

Mix of tulips 45 PCs in the basket

1 570 грн.

Mix of tulips in the amount of 45 pieces. Plain and simple bunch of tulips looks very impressive in ..

Spring mix (15 10 irises tulips)

875 грн.

Eighth March - one of the best spring holidays. The glorification of women - long enjoyment of all t..

101 multi-colored Tulip

2 990 грн.

101 multi-colored Tulip.There is an amazing the language of flowers is understood by all people. Gen..

101 rose 100 cm, the sort of "Grand Prix"

5 990 грн.

101 rose 100 cm, the sort of "Grand Prix"What gift will become the brightest on any holiday? Certain..

101 rose Miss Piggy, height 80 cm

3 990 грн.

101 rose Miss Piggy, height 80 cmFlowers it is customary to congratulate people on important holiday..

101 rose mix red and white in box

2 990 грн.3 790 грн.

101 rose mix red and white in a hatbox. History is silent about who first came up with the creative ..

101 rose with a heart inside

3 090 грн.3 890 грн.

101 rose with a heart inside, height 70 cm.A large bouquet of 101 roses red and white with hearts in..

11 peony spray roses in a box

995 грн.

11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colours in the hat box. Height 25 cm, diameter - 18 cm The o..

17 al Dutch roses in a translucent package

895 грн.

17 all Dutch roses in a translucent package.If a significant event is coming, and you don't know how..

21 white rose in a hatbox

755 грн.995 грн.

21 white rose in a hatbox"Bouquet of white roses, love is in each lobe", with the author of the song..

25 high Dutch roses

1 890 грн.

25 scarlet Dutch roses, height of 70 cm. At the mention of the Netherlands is always an Associa..

31 multicolored roses in a hat box

1 190 грн.

31 white roses in a hat box.What woman does not dream of the gift of a bouquet of roses? This bouque..

51 metre scarlet rose, Freedom, Ecuador

4 295 грн.

51 metre scarlet rose (Freedom, Ecuador)Need a bouquet that will cause uncontrollable trembling in t..

51 red rose height 60 cm

1 795 грн.2 190 грн.

51 red rose height 60 cm, diameter - 50.Rose, of all flowers the Queen,Shiny blush beautyAs the morn..

51 velvet rose hat box

1 875 грн.1 990 грн.

51 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix in a hatbox. The height of the composition - 40 cm, diameter is ..

A Big basket of flowers 'Fairy tale2'

2 990 грн.

A huge arrangement in a basket, consists of orchids, Alstroemeria, spray roses, freesia, chrysanthem..

A bouquet of white roses 101шт height 70cm

3 590 грн.

A bouquet of white roses 101 height 70 cm. When approaching an important day, increasingly suffering..

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24-hour flower delivery in Kyiv: ordering bouquets online

Most modern people of our city sometimes so loaded with work that Internet purchases have become a real salvation. Today not going outside sold almost everything - from major appliances to food products. Given the availability of delivery it is very convenient!

Developed in this area and flower business. Online flower shop in Kiev allows you, being at home or at work, select and by flowers with delivery in Kyiv for his girlfriend as a sign of reconciliation, mother as a sign of respect, head in the Day of his birth, or to order a bouquet on the anniversary of the employee as a collective gift.

Visiting the online store of flowers 'Kvitochka', you will see that this is the best place to purchase bouquets. Store employees are professional florists not only help customers to choose the flowers most appropriate for a particular occasion, but also be able to create a truly unique designer floral arrangements. Opting for original bouquets made to order, you will be able to surprise someone receive flowers.

Depending on the customer's wishes and imagination, florists are able to create a pretty standard bouquets of roses, lilies, tulips or irises, and huge majestic cascades using orchids, bamboo and other exotic flora. In addition, the Internet flower shop can offer its customers a large selection of themed flower arrangements - bouquets in the shape of a heart for Valentine in recognition of his feelings, tender and solemn wedding to anniversaries, birthdays and corporate holidays, toys and figures in the form of bunnies, dragons, hedgehogs and Teddy bears for children and romantic natures.

In colorful design of important events, promotions, meetings, concerts, banquets, parties, fit high elongated baskets of flowers curvy shapes, small and oblong table arrangements, and original cards and collages, which you can place some information: the company logo, the date, the purpose of the process, the name of the celebrant and much more... Often used in such cases, the symbolic colors of companies. Such compositions have some difficulties during transportation, therefore You had better entrust it to the driver our online flower shop and order flowers delivery to Kiev directly from us.

Waiting a funeral of a loved one, employee, good friend, or as laying to the monument in Victory Day, Fatherland defender's Day, Independence Day, order funeral wreaths or funeral baskets of flowers. To select them on the website, a whole section, which contains a decent range of funeral wreaths and funeral baskets in different price ranges. It flowers in such cases have a significant advantage over artificial.

Interior flowers 'Kvitochka' provides a huge selection of the freshest flowers from around the world: in addition to roses and tulips Ukrainian production, in the range there are always flowers from different corners of the world: Holland, Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, and Israel. Of course, particular preference is given to local horticulture in sustaining domestic producers.

Company Kvitochka' You have a unique opportunity not only to choose elegant, stylish, unique masterpiece, from the comfort of your home or office, but also to order free delivery of bouquets in Kiev and region to almost anywhere. Staff interactive flower shop around the clock operational delivery of bouquets in Kiev to the person for whom they are intended, and You can be sure that the lucky recipient of a wonderful gift will take a lot of pleasure from such an amazing surprise!

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