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Bouquet from alstroemeria to order in Kiev with delivery

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Peruvian Lily - alstromeria

Noble and aristocratic alstromeria is visually similar to the Lily flower native to Africa. Many years ago travelers brought it from the hot southern regions of the continent and began to grow in Europe. Unreal beauty of the plant immediately appreciated and became widely used in floristry and for decorative purposes. A perennial plant, with proper care and the right conditions, blooms 2 times a year.

Its complicated name, the flower was derived from the Swedish entrepreneur Carl Linnaeus. His student name Alstroemer brought him from Spain the seeds of some varieties of the flower in the XVII century. The industrialist was so excited that began to grow the colors on an industrial scale, and since then the common name of the flower was, he began to call alstromeria.

Today grow about 100 different varieties of this plant. However, in floristry and horticulture most often use only three of them:

  • Dr Salter is a hybrid, which is small, compact buds. The flowers themselves thus large and wide. The stems reach a metre tall, the flowers can be all shades of yellow. The outside color is more soft, while the inside is darker. Typical of this sort of hell - on the inner petals contrasting and clearly visible stripes.
  • Dutch hybrids are characterized by wide, sweeping petals. Internal are distinguished by the presence of contrast spots. To grow them in the wild is very difficult - this is usually done in greenhouses. Shades of flowers may be practical any from dark purple to orange.
  • Ligtu hybrids come from the UK, who were bred about 100 years ago. The flowers are very beautiful, there is a huge choice of shades, however, after the first flowering, the plants usually die.

It is quite often possible to meet opinion that alstromeria is wild Orchid. This statement corresponds to the truth - by its nature alstromeria much closer to Lily, although in fact it is not. For this reason it got its other names: 'the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Inca'.

Bouquets of Kiev offers to your attention the bouquets and floral arrangements with alstromeria for every taste.

Bouquets of Alstroemeria buy in Kiev

Bouquets with roses in our flower shop 'Quote' are very popular, and every year it only grows. Order flowers to Kiev offers a variety of options - bouquets of monochromatic 'Peruvian Lily', as well as floral arrangements with them in the squad.

One of the main reasons for such popularity of plant - astrometry very long vase life of about two weeks. The flower may already be dry but the look will still be fresh and beautiful.

Flowers delivery to Kiev cheap company Quote' is a popular service because many want to please loved ones a beautiful bouquet. We love what we do and choose only the best suppliers of flowers:

  • Our flowers are always freshly cut;
  • - Flower delivery Kyiv is carried out only by trained couriers. They know how to put and carry bouquets, so they are not damaged during transportation and got to the addressee at its best;
  • The bouquets are harvested by trained florists which can help to determine the color and composition;
  • Alstromeria relatively easy to care for, so the price is more than affordable;
  • We comply with all the conditions in order to make the flowers in any case not affected in the road - do not get crushed and lost its form;

To order a bouquet of flowers with free delivery in Kiev Internet-shop of flowers 'Quote' is possible at any moment. To do this, simply contact us via any of the contacts. We will deliver flowers to anywhere in the capital.

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