To order a bouquet of eustomas in Kyiv

A large hatbox filled with exotic flowers. Composed of peonies, Protea, Brassica, peony roses, eusto..

2 990 грн.

Bridal bouquet with freesia and eustoma.Incredibly beautiful bouquet. It differs from the other fres..

2 250 грн.

-24 %
Large hatbox with a bright hydrangeas, peony roses, eustoma. May include seasonal flowers. Height - ..

2 890 грн.
2 190 грн.

A large mixed bouquet with bamboo, eustoma, roses, chrysanthemums and seasonal flowers. Height - 70 ..

1 690 грн.

Brides bouquet of peach peony roses and eustomas.Approaching the long-awaited day. Wedding worries b..

1 790 грн.

Large hatbox with perfectly matched colours. Composed of roses, eustoma, alstroemeria, orchids, deco..

1 790 грн.

Bouquet with blue hydrangea, eustoma blooms and a Bush rose. Diameter 45 cm, height - 60.I wish to g..

1 690 грн.

Bouquet of seven red roses branches.Love is a special feeling that lifts the lover to the heavens. C..

695 грн.

A huge basket of flowers with roses, Nisantasi, chrysanthemums, roses, decorative greenery and seaso..

1 990 грн.

A large bouquet with hydrangeas and eustoma. Height - 70cm, diameter - 55.Hydrangea - a very "whimsi..

2 490 грн.

Very stylish composition, delicate, unusual. Consists of eustomas, roses, herbs and seasonal flower..

1 395 грн.

A large bouquet with hydrangeas in different shades. Also in the composition: Alstroemeria, eustoma,..

2 290 грн.

A beautiful bouquet in a box, having in its composition of different types of flowers and plants: or..

1 890 грн.

Very original composition in a hat box, universal: birthday, anniversary, March 8 and beyond. Compos..

1 790 грн.

Bouquet of roses, eustomas, chrysanthemums and decor, make the order of flowers across Kyiv immediat..

3 490 грн.

A charming arrangement in a hat box of roses, eustomas (Alstroemeria) and romashkovidnye chrysanthem..

1 790 грн.

Bouquet of cascading shapes in lush packaging. In the composition of roses, chrysanthemums, alstrome..

1 490 грн.

Amazing floral arrangement in a hat box, bright, fine. Composed of roses of different varieties. ..

1 790 грн.

Flowers in a beautiful wicker basket. Composition: lisanthus, romashkovidnye chrysanthemums, roses, ..

1 990 грн.

Very original and stylish arrangement of Premium. Bright, rich, expensive. Has an interesting combin..

1 790 грн.

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To order a bouquet of eustomas in Kyiv

Eustoma or Lisianthus – a beautiful, gentle and timid flower, native to Central and South America. Under natural conditions, the flower can grow up to 70 cm. the plant has beautiful foliage gray-green hue and elongated, and fragile blossoms in the form of bells.

For its incredible beauty of this flower caught the fancy of people in our country, because experienced florists are trying to grow it for sale. People are also trying to grow this plant in my garden at home. On the territory of our country this beautiful flower can be grown only in summer, but the suppliers from the Netherlands provide domestic buyers automati all year round. The flower is a wide range of shades from white and pink to violet and even pale green. The extensive color range allow florists to widely used this plant for the compilation of wedding bouquets. Beautiful eustoma bouquet of Kiev which offers the best price, will not cease to please the eye.

This flower looks great in bouquets independently, or in combination with roses, tulips, cotton, freesias, orchids, shrub roses, hydrangeas, peonies and lilies of the valley. Flowers delivery in Kiev around the clock will help make sure You with this. Eustoma carries a soft and fresh, because this flower is so often associated with youth. For this reason, the plant is popular for bouquets couples, declarations of love; it bought for wedding events, as well as on the occasion of the discharge of the newborn. Greek eustoma stands for 'perekrestnolistnaja'.

Like any other flowers, a bouquet of red roses requires proper care. For example, even if flower delivery service in winter brought such a bouquet is not immediately lowered into the water. The plants will need some time to adapt to the new temperature and 'warm'. To do this, simply unwrap the packaging of the bouquet and give the flowers to 'breathe' without water for about 30 minutes. Water for the vases you will need room temperature, at a distance, without chlorine. In a vase these flowers will last well up to two weeks. Trim colors should be very sharp knife at an angle and under running clean water. Also make sure not to forget to remove the lower leaves of the plant - that they were not in the water and did not spoil her. After the flowers are cut, they should be immediately put into the water. It would not hurt to add a useful fertilizer. Ordering flowers in Kiev offers a range of such products.

It is important to remember that the composition of red roses should be properly placed in the interior. Importantly, there was no direct sunlight, heaters, and absent a draft. These rules necessarily should be guided by anyone who has acquired for themselves or a loved eustoma. Otherwise, even the fresh buds will soon fade from rapid moisture loss from the surface. These flowers love moisture and coolness. Then these beautiful flowers with delivery in Kyiv can for as long as possible to please You.

Flower shop 'Kvitochka offers You wonderful options of flower arrangements as from one Bush, and of these colors in combination with other plants. Your attention will be offered, like classic variations of execution of the bouquet and design, original solutions. In addition, the customer himself can decide how to arrange the bouquet for him. Flowers delivery across Kiev is carried out quickly, over an hour after ordering. The cost of these bouquets will pleasantly surprise You and inspire you on your new purchase. Detailed information on every bouquet You can find on our site If You still have any questions - our consultants are happy to help You find the answers. Besides, any bouquet can be ordered in advance, book it for a specific date and time. Online flower shop in Kiev around the clock working for You, bringing beauty, scent and inspiration in every home!