Bouquets of callas to order in Kiev

Bright arrangement in a hat box of red roses, Calla lilies and cotton. Height - 30 cm, diameter 25 c..

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Arrangement in a box of red roses, white Calla lilies and cotton. Height - 30 cm, diameter - 16 cmFl..

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Wedding bouquet with Calla lilies made in the latest city style. The composition is captivating unus..

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Bridesmaid bouquets of Calla lilies are always very unusual, stylish and a little discreet. But this..

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Wedding bouquet with Calla lilies eggplant shade will be the perfect addition to an autumn wedding. ..

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Wedding bouquet with Callas looks luxurious, fashionable and European. This song certainly can't be ..

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The bride's bouquet in beige color is the perfect complement to dairy wedding or celebration in the ..

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Strict and restrained, but beautiful and elegant - bridesmaid bouquets of Calla lilies! They are cre..

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Delicate, feminine, light and fragrant as spring itself - the bridesmaid bouquets of Calla lilies! J..

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Round classic bouquet of Calla lilies, orchids and uncomplicated decor.The number of colors and deco..

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The bride's bouquet is an important attribute of any wedding. The attention of the guest, who saw th..

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What could be sweeter than the bride's bouquet ivory? This style was created in order to represent f..

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The Bridal bouquet is composed of roses, Callas, freesia and decor.What could be more beautiful, swe..

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This bouquet can be in a floral foam or on its stems. Includes Orchid, Calla and decor. Stylish, a l..

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Looking for bouquet in the winter? It is not necessary to spend time in vain on searches if you alre..

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Bouquet is complex in a modern European style, consists of Calla lilies, freesia, roses, Alstroemeri..

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A wedding is one of those events that must go perfectly. With special detail are suitable to the ima..

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This composition is a reflection of modern Evropeiskogo. Wedding bouquets in Kiev offer to choose th..

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 Bouquets of callas to order in Kiev

Calla - as gentle as a bride. They are simple and elegant at the same time. Their delicate scent awakens the imagination, feels like spring. Calla lilies captivates with its exquisite beauty, so they are often used by florists to create unusual compositions. Choose a gift bouquets with Callas not only women but also men, because this flower belongs to the group of men.

The birthplace of cal – a hot South Africa, but today they are widely distributed in Ukraine. The flowers have maintained their strong and hardy nature, given to them by nature: they are very resistant to adverse conditions than are required to the hot climate in which they were born. Calla lilies symbolize innocence and purity, and the strength and power of the spirit. Flowers will long to please you with its beauty, you only need to frequently change the water in the vase, remember to cut the stems.

Charming bouquets with Calla lilies are appropriate for all holidays

Due to external charms, strict lines and clear shapes of Calla lilies, bouquet to buy these flowers for all occasions. Florists make a unique composition with these plants. They suggest to give them:

  • his girlfriend, to emphasize pure feelings for her;
  • a female relative – wife, mother, sister, etc.;
  • the teacher or the teacher on their professional holiday, and other events;
  • colleague or boss – if you respect her and appreciate;
  • friend for a birthday and even a wedding because Calla lilies are often placed in wedding bouquets;
  • the man on different events and holidays – they emphasize a man's strength;
  • business partners, the boss of the company, because bouquets with Calla lilies look chic and rich.

Buy a bouquet of Calla lilies in a flower shop at any time, after all produced flowers delivery in Kiev around the clock. This service is very popular among customers.

The diversity of the cull pleasantly surprised

In nature, Calla lilies come in white, like a Swan wings; maroon velvet; red – bright and passionate; yellow, the sun; orange and pink – they are not to look away; the buds of other colors.

Plants also differ in the size of the stem – there are long and short. Calla lilies with long stems look great even without additional decorations, solo. Bouquet just tie a decorative ribbon without using packaging. Her color pick the buds or give preference to strips of a different tone.

If you have a flower with short stem, florist it is successfully used in various compositions where it becomes a bright highlight. To you in a timely manner brought home a Calla Lily, a flower delivery in Kiev. Just pick the bouquet and order it on the website of the online store.

What flowers are combined with Calla lilies

If you need to order flowers in Kiev, first look at the bouquets offered by the skilled online store colors 'Quote'. Their photo is in the catalog on the website of the florist shop. Florists, placing the composition in the composition with Calla lilies, consider not only the size and color of other buds. They take into account how much time they will stand in a vase together. If one flower will wilt on the second day, then the entire composition would lose its appearance. So for one bouquet all plants are chosen equal durability.

With Callas perfectly:

  • Royal Orchid;
  • tender lavender;
  • lush roses;
  • rich hydrangea;
  • delicate eustoma;
  • bright Alstroemeria.

The flowers look presentable and have roughly the same durability with a cull. Of course, the bouquets decorated with additional materials, professionally pack them, to give compositions a holistic view. Many buyers prefer bouquets only one Callas - the same color or different colors. This variant of the compositions is in great demand. The florist 'Quote offer exquisite flowers with delivery in Kiev. Couriers will bring Calla lilies at the address specified by the customer in the application.

Don't waste your time – buy elegant, lovely and desirable bouquets of Calla lilies for loved ones and dear people. Delivery of bouquets in Kiev will allow you to surprise a loved one an inexpensive but welcome gift.