Bouquet for the Director – a spectacular gift for the bosses 'Kvitochka'

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A bouquet for the Director – is a unique floral arrangement to fully meet the requirements of business etiquette. When choosing a bold floral ensemble should pay attention to some very important points. They include not only age and character, but also the personality of the recipient. For business ladies and business men online store colors 'Kvitochka' offers to find absolutely unique but always a striking and presentable composition. There are experienced florists that take into account a lot of nuances in their work.

Bouquets to Director men

This floral ensemble must meet several important rules and regulations. It concerns and shapes, and colors, and floral filling composition. Florists know what is highly inappropriate and decorative items. The maximum rigor, which should demonstrate respect as the supervisor or specialist in a particular industry, such requirements must meet the bouquet for the head men. In some embodiments, it is possible to do when drawing even without a concise package.

The man who holds high office, colleagues, subordinates and partners can give a bouquet for the chief of the dark roses. It should be a brutal gift that will have nothing to do with tenderness and romanticism. Strict and laconic lines – that's the basis of the composition. It can be composed of these colors:

In the preparation of floral ensemble in the course are plants that do not have a pronounced flavor. Colors are also strictly limited. It must have deep shade, which can vary from purple and Burgundy to dark blue and dark red. The exceptions are also yellow and white tones, which are also perfectly suited to man, and are often used as inclusions in a spectacular floral arrangement. Florists-tested store of Kiev clearly follow business etiquette, creating a bouquet for the Director in accordance with the requirements of the times and personality of the recipient, rule out the awkwardness of the giver.

A composition for the Director of women

Flowers for the head of a woman – that's another story. However, there do not overdo it, because the main task of such a composition is a demonstration of respect and admiration for the business woman, not as a woman, but a professional and successful chief. Content of the composition will depend on the occasion on which it is presented. Delicate flowers you can give on the 8th of March, original or favorite – for a Birthday, unusual – for the New Year, strict – on the anniversary of the company.

When choosing florists exclude plants dark tones. Even the strict lady prefers concise, but beautiful and spectacular. Flowers for the Director of women choose are often based on the nature of the recipient and the characteristics of the firm. Impossible to deliver the same bouquet the proprietress of a beauty salon and a strict business-lady, who stands at the head of a trading or manufacturing company. Do not forget about floral symbolism. Making the ordering of flowers in Kiev, you should pay attention to experienced professionals who know the symbol:

  • Gratitude and veneration steel tulips, bright yellow lilies, chrysanthemums.
  • Wishes of love and happiness are white or pale pink peonies.
  • Loyalty and admiration are the purple tulips.

It is important to understand that punctuality in the issue of timely delivery of the composition are particularly important. Hour delivery of flowers in Kiev allows you to eliminate procrastination and delay, time to deliver the flowers to the address.