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Bouquet with daisies to order from the workshop "Kvіtochka"

A Big basket of flowers 'Fairy tale2'

2 990 грн.

A huge arrangement in a basket, consists of orchids, Alstroemeria, spray roses, freesia, chrysanthem..

Bear made of flowers from the heart

2 990 грн.4 990 грн.

The salon floral "Kvitochka" draws attention on special offer - compilation of amazing arrangements ..

A large basket of flowers 'Summer'

1 990 грн.

A huge basket of flowers with roses, Nisantasi, chrysanthemums, roses, decorative greenery and seaso..

A bunch of romashkovidnye chrysanthemums "Sympathy"

455 грн.

A charming composition of their romashkovidnye chrysanthemums and decor.If You need to Express a..

A huge bouquet with roses "Eagle"

3 490 грн.

Bouquet of roses, eustomas, chrysanthemums and decor, make the order of flowers across Kyiv immediat..

Bouquet with chrysanthemums "Smile"

890 грн.

Bouquet with the tender title "smile" keeps the magic of spring. It consists of chrysanthemums, Alst..

Floral composition 'SORRY'

2 990 грн.

Composition on the oasis of roses and chrysanthemums. How easily we sometimes hurt by the words and ..

Flower toy "Bear with heart"

1 990 грн.

Flower toy "Bear with heart", the height of the composition - 25 cmYou dream to surprise your girlfr..

 A basket of flowers A special case

1 190 грн.

Composition in a wicker basket of orchids, tulips, spray roses, Alstroemeria and chrysanthemums is a..

A large basket of flowers 'Dressy'

1 790 грн.

Large floral basket with orchids, alstromerias and chrysanthemums romashkovidnye. Height - 45 cm, di..

Basket with orchids Spring

595 грн.

Nice arrangement in a basket of orchids, chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria and decor.Small, but still qui..

A large mixed bouquet Summer

890 грн.

Mixed bouquet of chrysanthemums and Alstroemeria. Height - 70 cm, diameter - 50 cmA big bunch buy ch..

Bouquet with irises White-blue surprise

695 грн.

Romashkovidnye a bouquet of carnations, blue irises and decorative greenery. Height - 70 cm, diamete..

Great team basket 'To the Wedding'

1 990 грн.

Huge flower basket in bright colours. Consists of roses, lisanthus (or alstroemerias), romashkovidny..

A large bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums "Romance"

1 455 грн.

A large bouquet of Chamomile species chrysanthemums and spray roses. Height - 60 cm, diameter 50 cm ..

A large mixed bouquet "Contrast"

990 грн.

A large bouquet of chamomile kind chrysanthemums, roses, Alstroemeria. May also include seasonal flo..

Mixed bouquet "Cutie"

1 075 грн.

Composition in traditional European style, consists of roses unusual varieties, romashkovidnye chrys..

Mixed bouquet Surprise

895 грн.

Mixed bouquet in pastel colors, one of the most popular in our salon. Consists of spray roses, chrys..

Bouquet of daisies 'Glade number 2'

995 грн.

Romashkovidnye bouquet of chrysanthemums - a good alternative to the usual flowers! Height - 60cm di..

 A basket of flowers Congratulations

2 290 грн.

Large floral basket with orchids, roses, shrub roses, romashkovidnye chrysanthemums and seasonal flo..

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Bouquet with daisies to order from the workshop "Kvіtochka"

How soft and romantic the flowers! Presenting a bouquet of daisies young girl on a first date, You will cause her a great delight and a lot of pleasant experiences, that is why often the bouquet of daisies is the first presented a bouquet of his beloved, who later will forever remain the most beautiful and memorable. The bouquet of daisies You always cheer up a Mature and respectable lady, and also the sister, mother, anyone who want to do something nice. Hard to find a girl with these beautiful flowers don't evoke joyful emotions, and give them a special preference. So if You are embarrassed to ask what flowers prefer any woman, give her a bouquet of daisies and you'll be fine! These cute flowers are unconditionally fit into any interior, even the most refined, presented on any occasion, the most grandiose event in a person's life may well be accompanied by songs from daisies, can give the celebration of the splendor and freshness.

Buds of daisies are like little suns, reminding us of the summer, they return us to childhood, to adolescence, emerge bright memories about divination on the petals of these wonderful plants. And what a flavorful and healthy tea from the flowers we once brewed a grandmother!

Bouquets of daisies carry a charming simplicity and innocence, however, look very festive, elegant, dressy. Adding chamomile in any composition, we fill it with the breath of summer, making notes of heat, sun, unusual fragrance of meadow grasses.

Once the daisies were possible to give only in summer, in the season of their flowering, but in our time those beautiful flowers you can buy at any time of the year, as they began to grow in greenhouses, and all kinds of varieties and even different colors. In addition to the small field of daisies appeared a large garden, which are in great demand due to the decent size of inflorescence, thickness and height of the stem. These daisies grow professionally in greenhouses all year round, and outdoors in spring and summer, and bouquets of them look simply stunning and are usually laid out in a spherical shape, resembling a dome, is very impressive.

Became popular chrysanthemum blossoms that resemble daisies. Unlike daisies, chrysanthemums romashkovidnye very resistant to fading, and bouquets of them - lush and presentable. On the website of our Internet-shop are original bouquets in various designs and colours. Their sizes are indicated in the descriptions, mostly large bouquets, but You can order a bouquet of daisies any parameter and set desired color scheme.

In the online shop of flowers 'Kvitochka' possible bouquets of daisies as on the website, by filling out the convenient form with possibility of payment by credit card and by phone. You can also come directly to our salon and leave your order to the florist at the same time get expert advice about the choice of songs and also can watch the manufacturing of a bouquet.

Flower delivery is carried out by our couriers at any time of the day or night, but the order of colors should be done before 20h00, at this time, the florists who will professionally create a bouquet of daisies, which no doubt will pleasantly surprise the person to whom it is intended. And to fold it: the arms, the hemisphere, in a stylish wicker basket, you can add other colors of green, decorated with some floral decor Florists... actually also very fond of daisies, and with great pleasure made of them original, gorgeous bouquets.

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