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Bouquet with orchids to order with delivery in Kyiv

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Orchids are truly magnificent flowers, gift of nature, charming and delicate. The popularity of tropical plants constantly growing are various floral arrangements and loved for her tenderness and beauty. Ready-made bouquet with orchids – this is a unique play of colors, which evokes the subtle nature of the East.

Grow plants in East Asia and Central America. Growers continue to breed new varieties of plants, and florists tirelessly to come up with unique compositions and combinations. Because every bouquet of orchids is a uniqueness and originality.

Important features bouquets with orchids 

The popularity of the plant has provided not only exquisite beauty, but also the stability of the flower to various negative factors. To frame exotics were unique, order flowers to Kiev prefers to do only in checked online store. The popularity of ready-made compositions of orchids can be explained as:

  • The flower is almost no natural competitors (except rose).
  • A wide variety of shapes and colors. The plant is offered in different colors – from rich dark to delicate and refined light.
  • The flower becomes a symbol of purity and tenderness, which is quite suitable for many recipients. Very often the bouquets of Kiev for weddings.
  • The plant is a fragile, but the flowering period lasts up to three months. Wizards-florists know exactly how much to extend the deadline and to make the plant pleasing to the eye not only on the triumph, but much later.
  • Suitable for Allergy sufferers. Many varieties have no odor and poses no threat because it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Allows you to create dozens of different combinations. Experienced florists often prepared gourmet basket of orchids, no less popular bouquets.

Exquisite exotic flowers with delivery to Kiev , accepted with joy. Such a gift will honor any celebration, lift your spirits on a cloudy day, will demonstrate to the recipient the depth experienced by the giver of feelings.

What plants and decor is a combination of orchids?

Choose plants in a bouquet of florists 'Kvitochka' will be like taking into account the wishes of the customer, and with an eye on the age and situation of the recipient, as well as solemn occasion. For young ladies are ideal plants delicate blue, purple and pink tones. No less interesting and brindle, and red flowers. Complement the bouquet can be ribbons, beads, sequins, lace and feathers – it all depends on the event and occasion on which the ordered flowers delivery to Kiev.

Nice combination between red and purple orchids, which are a surprising contrast with the lush greenery. If you want to create the effect of tenderness and lightness, together with the large buds of the orchids used small flowers.

As the original and it is a harmonious complement to the bouquet can be used Dendrobium and ynopsis – beautiful plants with delicate stems. Give a bouquet of elegance and elegance. It is important that there would be prompt delivery of bouquets in Kiev is served by the entire company.

Beautiful combination of be and Calla lilies, Alstroemeria, freesia, small hydrangeas, pretty daisies, chrysanthemums. Scattered throughout the bouquet of delicate flowers perfect harmony with large orchids. In addition may be used sweet peas, fern, cane, etc. to order a bouquet that will include orchids unique shades, you need to negotiate in advance with the florist. To the selected date of the master will collect a non-trivial composition.

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