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To order bouquets of chrysanthemums with delivery in Kyiv

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Chrysanthemum – especially flowers, their name translated from Japanese means 'sun'. They have a tenderness and strength, a modest beauty and grandeur. Giving bouquets with chrysanthemums on different occasions, they will warm with its warmth even in severe frosts.

The main homeland of chrysanthemum, Japan and China. They appeared on earth more than 2.5 thousand years ago, are the unofficial symbol of Japan. Solar flower is depicted on the state emblem of this country, and also on the seal and coins. The time of its flowering is from mid summer to late autumn. Cut chrysanthemum long do not fade and retain their original natural appearance. That is why they symbolize good health and longevity.

Give someone a bouquet with chrysanthemums

- Flower delivery in Kyiv from the company 'Kvitochka' will help you to congratulate your friend with any celebration. For this fit arrangement of chrysanthemums. They are universal, so you can choose to gift this bouquet can be women and men for all holidays: birthday, wedding, anniversary, together, professional day, March 8, Valentine's Day, just for no reason. Give chrysanthemums a sweetheart, wife, girlfriend, mom and dad, teachers, employees and the chief, when ordering bouquets in Kiev, at home, in the office.

In nature, there are about 150 species of chrysanthemums with large inflorescences and spray. They differ not only in size of pod, and color. Every shade has a specific value:

  • white chrysanthemum – a symbol of purity and innocence, tenderness and sincerity of the giver;
  • red – passion and recognition in passionate feelings, a long-term relationship;
  • yellow – wealth, influence, respect for the person and dignity;
  • pink – talk about tender feelings, the desire to continue the acquaintance;
  • blue and blue – well-being, good humor, dedication and friendship.

Florists flower shop 'Kvitochka' will tell you which bouquets of chrysanthemums suitable in different occasions. All depends on the situation and who the flower arrangement is designed.

What colors combine chrysanthemum

You bouquet with chrysanthemums to buy in Kiev Internet-shop of flowers. This page presents a variety of compositions, in which there are charming chrysanthemum:

  • there is only bouquets of chrysanthemums of one or more colors. They are appropriate to gift a lady with excellent taste;
  • tandem 'roses and chrysanthemums' perfect for a gift and the young girl and the older woman;
  • chrysanthemum with roses like lady with a cheerful disposition, which is characterized by cheerfulness;
  • combined in a bouquet of chrysanthemums and gerberas – they look elegant and presentable, will come in the form of a corporate gift.

If you are going to order flowers Kyiv flower salon 'Kvitochka', then rate the different composition of the photo. Choose an option or make together with your florist your bouquet different from any of the listed in the directory. Use a flower delivery in Kyiv inexpensively, this is a great opportunity to please loved ones and dear people, even if you're far from home.

Give bouquets of chrysanthemums with or without

Are in great demand bouquets of chrysanthemums, be it in Kyiv or other Ukrainian cities. Because these unique flowers are very durable, sturdy, they do not require special care and are persistent in the bouquet. Chrysanthemums have a light, pleasant aroma that gives vitality and good mood.

Advantageous and convenient to order a bouquet of flowers with free delivery in Kyiv. Bring it to the celebrant couriers cabin home or work office. You don't have to go by yourself to pick up the flowers. Pre-order your bouquet of chrysanthemums, in order to congratulate the hero of the occasion. He will appreciate your attention and care, be grateful for such an appropriate gift.

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