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Monobuques to order in Kiev and Kiev region

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101 red rose variety Red Naomi height 80 cm

9 490 грн. 7 990 грн.

5 990 грн.

Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

5 590 грн. 4 990 грн.

1 390 грн.

8 990 грн.

3 990 грн.

2 590 грн.

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25 red roses in a hat box

2 195 грн.

3 990 грн.

15 890 грн.

1 850 грн.

A bouquet of white roses 151 PCs

10 650 грн. 8 990 грн.

Bouquet 301 meter red rose

30 000 грн. 27 900 грн.

Bouquet of roses Grand Prix 11 pieces 80 cm

1 495 грн. 1 195 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche" 60 sm

4 990 грн. 3 990 грн.

2 775 грн.

A bouquet of one type of flower and color is spectacular, a sophisticated arrangement that florists call monoball. He first appeared in the French capital – Paris, and is now used worldwide, has become quite popular.

The beauty and versatility of onebucket is that to give it on any occasion and any person – a close family member, loved one, employee, business partner, man, woman, child. You can order monoball in Kiev, in the flower shop is inexpensive. Such a gift says about the good taste of the giver, about the ability to choose luxury gifts.

Features monobactam

The composition of such compositions can be roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, daisies, lilies, Calla lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, etc., Their color – from pastel to bright and flashy. When choosing a bouquet is desirable to know the preferences of the celebrant to pick him flowers on shade and type. At your service – hour delivery of flowers in Kiev. Your chosen bouquet will bring at the specified address.

The number of buds in this composition is from 3 to 101. You can order more colors in the same bouquet if you want to combat heart sweetheart, to surprise and please her.

Monovalency packaged in simple but stylish packaging. To do this, use plain Kraft paper, decorate them in a transparent film, baskets and boxes, special envelopes. Attractive look monovalency in the box – it is convenient to carry, colors they keep their appearance. The box can be a tone lighter or darker buds themselves, matching them by color.

Someone to give monovalency and for what reason

Suitable solid bouquets for birthday, bouquet, wedding anniversary, professional holiday on March 8 and Valentine's Day. Many visitors to a flower shop place an online order, be it in Kiev or other city of Ukraine. Choose a gift fashion today monovalency. Florists will tell you what song it is better to buy for a particular occasion:

  • monovalency of roses give to girlfriends and wives. Red buds will suit a passionate, white – young lady, rose gentle and romantic;
  • peony roses and daisies can give the girl you just start the relationship;
  • tulips, carnations, daffodils, gladioli, irises give to men. These flowers will accentuate their masculinity, strength, charm;
  • peonies and hydrangeas, roses of pastel shades perfect for moms, sisters, daughters. The color of the bouquet will help you choose an experienced florist;
  • monovalency of chrysanthemums, tulips, roses, hydrangeas fit in the role of corporate gifts for business partners, employees, boss.

Make an order of bouquets in Kiev, at home, in the office in time to congratulate a relative, friend, beloved, employees.

Shade of monobactam matters

Flowers have own language. With it, you can convey your feelings without words. Monolocali in this case – a great storyteller. Buying solid composition, please note:

  • white bouquet conveys purity of your thoughts, the sincerity of the desire, respect or true love for man;
  • blue flowers – desire to take care of and take care how you give them, the admiration of man and his abilities;
  • red shades – talk about the passion, the desire to be together. If they give is a hint of a strong friendship;
  • yellow flowers, share the wealth, prosperity to the house, improve mood, and remove depression;
  • purple bouquets – hint at what you miss and crave meetings and communication;
  • pink – cheerful and mischievous bunch, he gives harmony, peace of mind, balances the senses.

Due to the fact that the flower delivery in Kiev inexpensive, you can order any monoball. Florist flower shop can help with making the purchase. Don't forget that with the holidays approaching, the demand for floral arrangements increases, so advance pobespokoytes about their purchase.

To give native people a holiday smile, a good mood, just need to order a bouquet of flowers with free delivery in Kiev. To monoball you can add any kind of Supplement - all that loves the hero of the occasion.

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