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Bouquets and compositions in the form of a heart

101 rose mix "Drop"

2 990 грн.

101 rose mix of red and white flowers with a height of 60 cm.Order and buy ..

Heart of 51 roses in box "SA"

1 990 грн.2 390 грн.

Heart of 51 roses in a box laid out with the letters "SA".Flower bouquet – ..

Heart of 51 roses in box

1 890 грн.2 390 грн.

51 roses of three colors is folded into the shape of a heart in a box. The ..

Heart of 101 roses

3 490 грн.3 990 грн.

Heart of 101 roses of red and white. Height - 70 cm, production - Ukraine.F..

101 rose in the basket Tatyana's Day

4 990 грн.

Original composition in a wicker basket. Red rose varieties Grand Prix and ..

Heart of roses in a box Etude

1 375 грн.

Arrangement of roses, made in heart shape. Diameter of the bouquet - approx..

Large basket 301 rose heart

9 650 грн.

Large basket 301 rose sweetheart. Height - 60 cm diameter - 1 meter.All men..

The heart of the 41 roses in box

1 390 грн.1 890 грн.

Composition heart from 41 different kinds of roses in the box. Diameter 40/..

101 Dutch rose heart

5 990 грн.

101 Dutch rose, folded in the shape of a heart.Lately it has become very fa..

101 rose in a box in the shape of a heart

3 590 грн.

101 rose in a box heart.To give a beautiful contemporary bouquet – it means..

101 rose mix Heart

4 590 грн.

Roses 101 different varieties in the basket is folded in the shape of a hea..

101 rose mix in the basket

4 990 грн.

101 white roses of different varieties, folded in the shape of a heart in t..

51 white rose sweetheart

1 975 грн.

51 white rose sweetheart a height of 70 cmTo please your favourite or favou..

Bouquet of 51 red rose in the shape of a heart

1 890 грн.

Bouquet of 51 red rose, folded in the shape of a heart.Planned the birthday..

Heart of roses With Love

1 195 грн.1 695 грн.

The composition is in the form of original heart. Made of a gorgeous rose a..

Bear made of flowers from the heart

3 590 грн.4 990 грн.

The salon floral "Kvitochka" draws attention on special offer - compilation..

51 roses heart

1 975 грн.

51 roses heart shaped in basket. The height of the composition - 50 cm diam..

51 Dutch scarlet rose sweetheart 100cm

2 590 грн.

51 red rose, heart-shaped, height 100 cm, diameter 45 cmOur store offers to..

The heart of 51 roses "Contrast"

1 890 грн.2 490 грн.

A contrast bouquet - the heart of 51 roses deep red and white. Height - 60 ..

81 rose heart in the basket

4 290 грн.

81 rose heart in the basket. Made with taste experienced florists arrangeme..

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Even the most passionate feelings must be periodically nourished with new energy. And anything so does not promote a romantic atmosphere, pleasant surprises. The most simple and accessible way to demonstrate your feelings is presented in a gift bouquet of flowers. After all, when you love someone, you want to surround it with beauty, and what could be better donated to us by planet Earth floral diversity? Radiant freshness and natural fragrance, the gifts of nature, magic buds better than any words tell about how the roads your loved one. And ordered a bouquet of flowers, you not only demonstrate their love, affection, tenderness, but and send a wonderful surprise.

Your tender heart is overflowing with love and has already given a loved one. However, this is not a reason to stop showing their feelings. And heart made of flowers, made by experienced florist in our salon will help to tell about the secret. You can use any plant material.

heart of roses, the majestic Queens of all colors of the world. Fragrant roses, collected in such flower arrangements, it will be truly heartfelt gift. Your loved one will appreciate this sign of attention! Composed of dozens of pink, red, Burgundy or cream roses heart will be impressed with its splendor.

Heart of flowers very cute and unique at the same time look at the daisies, chrysanthemums, orchids, peonies. It can be mixed, creating a stylish an original composition. Importantly, clearly visible was the outline of the hearts of flowers. Using contrasting colors, you can optionally put a name, initials, date or other required symbols in the middle of the heart of flowers. Professional staff Internet-shop kvitochka.kiev.ua this task encountered repeatedly, and such original works can be seen in the section 'toys made of flowers'.

Technically, heart of flowers is of two kinds: a bouquet of sweetheart and composition, laid out in a special floral material that support plant life. There are some nuances. In the first case, the observed number of colors: the more, the better visible and does not change with time picture. Sometimes, to make this picture fix and decorate at the same time, around the bouquet there is a frame of twigs or other improvised material. Usually do heart of roses. It is certainly hard work, and not every expert can weave a strong and beautiful frame, it takes a lot of time, so You need to take care of timely order heart of roses. In the second case, note that the flowers are cut short, making the heart shape more understandable. However, a large number of flower height, you can leave and place a heart of flowers in an elegant wicker basket that will add a bit of effect and pomp, especially the heart of roses. All these subtleties must be discussed with the Manager when ordering.

Flower arrangement in heart shape made of flowers look Grand and very touching. So the bouquet in heart shape is ideal as a wedding gift to the happy couple. Add romance to the wedding ceremony and gave the young heart of roses. The combination of such romantic symbols with one of the most sensual of colors will be a win-win option. A better gift is hard to imagine – he could not be better emphasize the solemnity of the moment and maintain a loving attitude that prevails at the event.

At Your request heart of flowers can be complemented with Souvenirs, soft toys and chocolates, fruits or berries, which will make an excellent gift not only memorable, but also incredibly delicious! In any case, we make ordering flowers on time!