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Flowers for colleagues to order in Kyiv

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5 990 грн.

25 scarlet high roses with decoration

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A bouquet with daisies is universal

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Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

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5 990 грн.

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25 red roses in a hat box

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An airy bouquet with hydrangeas

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Today, every able-bodied man most of his life working. Day by day performing their professional duties, we are with You every day are in close contact with his colleagues. With colleagues we meet in the morning with a hot Cup of coffee, having lunch, discussing the latest news, and together we go home at the end of the day. But not only strong friendships can unite us with colleagues, but also formal relations of the subordinate with the chief. Anyway, at work we meet a big part of the holidays. It can be the birthdays of co-workers, significant dates in Your organization for the new year evening or even a retirement. Occasions for gifts to your colleagues, a great many.

The choice of bouquet for colleagues

At all times the best gift was the flowers. Flowers for colleagues selected on the basis of his position or status. The more serious the post and above the role of an employee, the more impressive the bouquet he usually give. Employees men should give a more restrained bouquets, women preferred bright and flashy. In General, rich variety of color and composition create a cheerful atmosphere in the enterprise, diverting employees from the ordinary classes.

The most suitable colours in the preparation of a bouquet for a colleague are:

  • roses;
  • gerbera;
  • Lily;
  • peonies;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • Camellia.

For men, ideal for bouquets or Calla Lily delphiniums, preferably in a range of colors. Valid roses or lilies dark shades. Young girls will be happy with bouquet of tulips or daisies. More Mature or even elderly ladies prefer roses and chrysanthemums. Good gifts for women can also be potted flowers or plants. But it is only when You are sure that this man loves these flowers.

What colors should not give employees?

Your professional relations in the team should be strong and unequivocal. Built to break the long time contact with subordinates or superiors due to improperly-chosen bouquet can cost you the loss of a position or no work. So to compile a bouquet of flowers for colleagues should be approached carefully.

Here is a list of what not to do when preparing floral gift:

  • do not use the bouquet of flowers with a strong smell or much crumbling dust; Your colleagues may be allergic, which can lead to serious consequences;
  • do not give exotic and rare flowers, they may not like the counterpart;
  • give flowers in a handy package;
  • do not give too delicate bouquets of flowers, they are more suitable for informal and romantic relationships; You may be misunderstood;
  • don't use sequins, beads and other childish designs;
  • do not give painted unnatural colors of the plants.

If you do not know anything about the preferences of Your colleagues, try to know his favorite colors and composition.

The variants of flower arranging for colleagues

The design of the bouquet or package set the tone for the gift and first attracted attention during the presentation. Corporate bouquets to the men and women categorically don't have to include colorful decorations. Beads, feathers, an abundance of ribbons and noisy packs of sequins can greatly spoil the impression of even the most beautiful flowers.

Great packaging can be the basket of flowers. They are easily transported, can not injure a colleague spikes or ruin his suit with water from the wet stalks. Inside the basket there are usually water-soaked sponge. Because of this, this bouquet will not lose its beauty and freshness, even if Your colleague will be late for the workplace.

You can also use cardboard or plastic cartons for the design of the bouquet. This modern version flow colors also will not cause difficulties in storage and transportation. As usual the conservative packaging is better to use soft paper or netting draped satin ribbons.

The online flower shop 'Kvitochka'

Buy a bunch of colleagues in Kyiv inexpensively, You can visit the official website of the company flower 'Kvitochka'. -Online flower shop offers a huge range of always fresh flowers and a variety of design options of bouquets for every taste and budget. Using-the-clock delivery of flowers to Kyiv You will be able to surprise your friends and colleagues absolutely in any time.

With us order flowers to Kyiv has become easier and more accessible. The high quality of our bouquets will create a pleasant atmosphere at Your workplace, unite colleagues and strengthen corporate spirit of the company.

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