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Bouquets of flowers for the chief man buy delivery

A bright bouquet of peony roses and orchids

1 990 грн.

Bright bouquet with peony roses, tulips and orchids in purple tones.Our wor..

101 red rose 100 cm

4 990 грн.5 990 грн.

101 red rose 100 cm.Sometimes, to impress his beloved, or to beg forgivenes..

101 Tulip iris

3 390 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips and blue irises in quantity 101 piecesAesthetically..

101 white rose in a hatbox

3 390 грн.

101 white rose in a hatbox.Romantic gift - big rose bouquet for girls. With..

101 red rose height 60 cm

3 290 грн.3 970 грн.

101 red rose height 60 cm, diameter of 55/60.A huge bouquet of 101 red rose..

101 red rose "Red Naomi" 100 cm

4 990 грн.5 990 грн.

101 red rose "Red Naomi", height 100 cmThe magic of the red rose - symbol o..

21 red rose in hat box

1 190 грн.

21 red rose in a hat box. The height of the composition - 35 cm, diameter -..

101 Tulip pink-purple tones

3 690 грн.

Huge bright bouquet - 101 Tulip pink-purple tones. Height - 60 cm, diameter..

The Fire Of Love

2 690 грн.

The composition in this modern European style. Consists of 29 gorgeous red ..

101 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix

3 790 грн.

101 velvet rose varieties "Grand Prix". Height - 70 cm, diameter - 60.This ..

Contrast 251 bouquet rose

7 750 грн.

A contrast bouquet 251 Rosa, height - 70/80 cmGorgeous bouquets of roses re..

A bouquet of white roses 101 "white Naomi"

2 390 грн.2 990 грн.

A large bouquet of white roses in the amount of 101 units and a height of 5..

Basket of Spring flowers story

1 990 грн.

Basket with spring flowers. In the composition of tulips, irises, roses. Th..

White tulips 41 PCs

1 555 грн.1 895 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips in a modern package 41 PCs.41 a bouquet of white tu..

101 white rose "Avalanche", height: 60 cm

2 990 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche", height 60 cmBouquet white flowers always look a..

15 metre roses (freedom, Ecuador)

1 290 грн.1 675 грн.

15 meters of red roses (freedom, Ecuador).If you want to surprise your othe..

51 red rose height 60 cm

1 890 грн.2 590 грн.

51 red rose height 60 cm, diameter - 50.Rose, of all flowers the Queen,Shin..

Flower basket with irises

1 190 грн.

Flower basket with irises, roses, roses. Height - 30 cm, diameter - 30 cmFl..

101 multi-colored Tulip

3 690 грн.

101 multi-colored Tulip.There is an amazing the language of flowers is unde..

101 red roses height 70 cm

3 990 грн.

101 red rose's height 70 cm This is a stunning opportunity and a lack of bo..

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Bouquets for the head - a great addition to the gift or way to show respect to your leader. Most often, they are presented in different festivals and they have a number of differences, first of all, is that it's a gift for a stranger, for men as well as for dignitaries.

Special moments choice of bouquet for the chief

When selecting the composition need to observe a number of the fundamentals of business etiquette. Flowers for the chief men should be different from those presented to the chiefs, this point is also worth considering. Often buying flower arrangements do secretaries, so they should possess details about the choice.

The bouquet, which should present to the Director, has one main task - to demonstrate the power, the strong-willed leader to match its temperament, age and style of doing things. Professional florists will help to create such a composition, they know a lot of nuances. A bouquet for the boss to buy in Kiev, delivery in our online store, here offer ready-made options you only need to choose which will be ideal for your boss. Note that in the men's bouquet is inappropriate tender little buds, not suitable violets, lilies, daffodils. It needs to be composed of bright and large flowers on a long stem, suitable gladioli, carnations, roses, lilies, chrysanthemums.

The choice should also depend on the season, in the spring you can give hyacinths, crocuses, tulips, gerbera daisies are perfect in the summer and autumn chrysanthemums, winter often give greenhouse plants, primarily roses, as well as a variety of decorative greens. The online flower shop 'Kvitochka' allows you to choose the age of the person, if it is already a Mature man, an important conservative compositions that will be composed of roses, carnations, and if it was a young man, it is quite suitable arrangement of exotic plants.

When you select shade, you should consider that there should not be diversity. The color should be designed in the same tone should be rich and bright. Would look great in a shade of Burgundy, blue, yellow, but do not choose plants and pastel colours. If you have a discreet head, and it fits the calm colour of the flowers, if they are energetic people, it will look great bright shades.

Advantages of delivery

As for the size composition and its shape, usually elongated silhouette, looking up, decorations should be a minimal amount, it is better that were missing various small parts. It must demonstrate the attention, respect to the one to whom it is addressed. More impressive than a man for the position, the greater should be the option. However, this does not necessarily mean that it needs to be large, this can be a single flower is elaborately decorated, and decorated, and not a whole bunch of meter rose.

Hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv is one of the benefits of purchasing in the online store. This is a great way to save time for a trip to the floral interior, easier to order immediately to the office. It will take the courier to the Secretary, and then he will be handed over to the chief. Also you can get the order on your home address and come to work with a beautiful composition.

Courier delivery is distinguished by the fact that employees of Internet shop know exactly how to deliver him safely. If you yourself are going to deliver it, you can mash, you can not attach it in the car or spoil the appearance of public transport. Couriers will make sure that the bouquet gets to you in perfect condition. Order flowers to Kiev is a great way to pick up in the online store a suitable option that will completely meet all the parameters prescribed for a particular occasion or for a specific person.